Man Sues Whole Foods Over Exploding Green Tea

Some people drink tea to put a little spark into their day, but a Nashville man got explosions instead. He’s suing Starbucks and Whole Foods after bottles of Tazo green tea exploded twice in his possession. One time the bottle shattered in his hand, and another it blew up in his shopping cart. On one of the occasions, shards of glass damaged tendons in his hand that required two surgeries.

According to the Nashville City Paper, the victim/plaintiff says the hand injury has stifled his ability to work as a jeweler. He’s seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

From the City paper story:

The complaint says concerned Whole Foods employees gathered around and investigated the incident, with one commenting, “That’s really strange.”

If a drink has ever exploded on you, let’s hear about the punitive damages the beverages inflicted on you.

City Properties Lawsuit: Whole Foods sells exploding Tazo [Nashville City Paper]
(Thanks, Christy!)

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