How To Block Specific @holes From Emailing You

If there’s a special someone who makes your stomach churn when you see a new email from him pop up in your inbox, you’re probably looking for a way to stop him from harassing you.

Lifehacker comes through with a handy how-to guide that teaches you to route your accounts through Gmail, then pinpoint and block the offender.

The trick involves manipulating the filter settings. Here’s the money quote from the guide:

Near the search box at the top of the page use the link to ‘Create a Filter.’ This opens the ‘Filters’ tab in the Settings dashboard. Select ‘Create a Filter.’ In the From: box add the offending email address. If the offending party has multiple email accounts enter each in the From: box separated by an OR in caps.

The guide also gives you a detailed how-to on how to send a canned response to your No. 1 fan that informs him his message has been returned unopened.

How to Block Abusive or Unfriendly Email [Lifehacker]