The Craziest Homeowners Association Bylaws

Deep inside, most homeowners despise their homeowners associations for their arbitrary rules and uncanny ability to send out nasty letters for the tiniest violations.

The Week rounds up the silliest rules to which homeowners subject themselves, including:

*Restrictions on how many rose bushes in the front yard.

*Forcing roofs to be constructed with shingles that perfectly match the neighboring homes.

*Disallowing the posting of “for sale” sings.

*Fining pet owners for walking their small dogs through a condo complex lobby rather than carrying them.

Because homeowners sign agreements that let HOAs put liens on their houses if they fail to comply, rule enforcement and appeals can get nasty.

What’s the worst dust-up you ever encountered with an HOA?

Top 7 insane homeowners association rules [The Week]
(Thanks, David!)