Book Car Rentals Early, But Then Keep Checking For Pricedrops

Here’s a strategy for saving money on your next car rental.

3 weeks in advance, Edgar of reserved a car for a friend at $482.89. But as the day got closer, he kept checking the price online and it actually kept dropping, all the way down to $260.81. Then, one day before the rental, it shot back up to $414.91

So it looks like the strategy is to book early, using all the coupons and discounts you find, and then keep checking to see if the price falls. If it goes down, cancel the old one and snag the new one. It’s all just online reservations, they don’t charge your card until you actually show up, so there’s no harm in canceling and making new reservations a few times over.

Last Minute Car Renters Benefit from Hidden Price Drops [Mouseprint]

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