Which Transaction Is Faster For Small Purchases: Cash Or Credit?

Since we began writing about credit card companies now allowing merchants to require minimum purchases for credit transactions, we’ve received feedback from readers in both the comments and in the tipline about how credit cards are faster and more efficient than cash. At the same time, there are those who swear by cash when it comes to making purchases of only a few dollars. So which is it?

The main advantage to credit cards in terms of expediency is that the customer doesn’t have to fumble around for their wallet, count out the dollars and cents, hand to the cashier, who then has to count again and make change if necessary.

Those on the pro-cash side seem to have had numerous bad experiences with card processing equipment that is slow or malfunctioning. And then there are the stores that require signatures on credit card purchases, which some say makes the line move more slowly than just paying in cash.

Where do you come down on this debate?

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