Ryanair Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing Over Spilled Tea

Perhaps the flight attendants at cheapo airline Ryanair could take a lesson from that Wendy’s training video about how to serve hot beverages; one of their planes was forced to make an emergency landing on Tuesday after a passenger scalded herself with some spilled tea.

The Ryanair flight was en route from Liverpool to Poznan, Poland, when the 56-year-old woman spilled a hot cup of tea on herself. Rather than continue on to Poland, the plane landed in Bremen, Germany, where the woman was treated at the airport for scalding and subsequently released.

Meanwhile, the plane she’d been on continued its flight sans her and her scalded leg. She ended up riding the train the rest of the way.

We’re surprised Ryanair didn’t charge her a Scalding Fee.

Cup of tea forces jet to make emergency landing [Reuters]

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