Ryanair Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing Over Spilled Tea

Perhaps the flight attendants at cheapo airline Ryanair could take a lesson from that Wendy’s training video about how to serve hot beverages; one of their planes was forced to make an emergency landing on Tuesday after a passenger scalded herself with some spilled tea.

The Ryanair flight was en route from Liverpool to Poznan, Poland, when the 56-year-old woman spilled a hot cup of tea on herself. Rather than continue on to Poland, the plane landed in Bremen, Germany, where the woman was treated at the airport for scalding and subsequently released.

Meanwhile, the plane she’d been on continued its flight sans her and her scalded leg. She ended up riding the train the rest of the way.

We’re surprised Ryanair didn’t charge her a Scalding Fee.

Cup of tea forces jet to make emergency landing [Reuters]


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  1. Taed says:

    “We’re surprised Ryanair didn’t charge her a Scalding Fee.”

    They did try to charge her that; that’s why she took the train the rest of the way as she refused to pay it.

    She arrived to discover that they had charged her credit card anyway.

  2. CookiePuss says:

    Oh boy. It won’t be long before hot beverages are banned from planes if that happens on a US airline. First they ban my beloved nail clippers and now coffee will be the next to go. I need to put a private jet on my new %0 introductory APR credit card soon.

    • AllanG54 says:

      Why do you need to clip your nails on a plane? That must be annoying as hell for the people around you.

      • CookiePuss says:

        I aim my nail clippings for the soup bowl of a person sitting in my general vicinity, kills the time. I just blame the guy behind me if someone sees the flying fingernail and enjoy the in flight show.

    • jimmyhl says:

      I don’t know if you’re joking or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if carriers stopped serving hot drinks because of this.

  3. CaptCynic says:

    Is it just me, or does drinking a scalding hot beverage on an airplane sound like a bad idea… too bad the TSA won’t let me practice knife juggling on a commuter flight.

    • tbax929 says:

      I often take coffee onto a flight – especially if it’s a horrible early-morning flight. You just have to be careful.

  4. DariusC says:

    “We’re surprised Ryanair didn’t charge her a Scalding Fee.”

    Too soon, Chris, Too soon…

  5. fatediesel says:

    I refuse to believe Ryanair is a real airline. I think it’s a company the media made up just to have stories like this. I’ve never read a positive story about Ryanair, they are all crazy stories about fees they want to charge or stories like the one yesterday about a girl being kicked off a plane for not buying an extra ticket for her violin.

    • sumocat says:

      Actually, some of the crazy stories, like charging money to use the toilet, are deliberately leaked by Ryanair as cheap publicity. I’m not saying this tea story is fake, but I suspect Ryanair made an effort to circulate it and stories like it. I’ve never flown Ryanair, but I suspect part of the airlines’ appeal is that they are upfront about trying to screw customers.

      • ganmerlad says:

        There is no appeal to the airline aside from that they are cheap (before you consider all the extra charges). I have flown them, and it was horrible. It wasn’t my idea but it was the easiest way to get from A to B and back again. Seats are in a fixed position, no seat pockets, snotty stewardesses, overpriced food drinks — higher prices than any other airline I have taken, and the worst landing I have ever experienced. People screamed. (Either their pilots are inexperienced, overworked or both) I don’t think O’Leary makes up ideas like pay toilets for the publicity. If it hadn’t been made clear that he’d likely end up in court, there would be pay toilets. I have seen illustrations of the ‘standing harnesses’ he would like to put on his planes. Again though, that is against air safety regulations, so that won’t happen either. Put nothing past the man when it comes to what he is willing to do for the bottom line.

    • simonr27 says:

      ohh there real… I saw the planes at Heathrow last month.

    • Anaxamenes says:

      You would be surprised at how far people will go to get the cheapest possible anything, and then complain about it.

  6. poolejc says:

    This just in…The TEA party movement has reached Germany. We’re not sure but we think some things may have gotten lost in translation.

  7. bkasrel says:

    “We’re surprised Ryanair didn’t charge her a Scalding Fee.”

    Hey, did a little deeper… bet you ten pounds Ryanair charged the whole rest of the plane an emergency landing and take off fee… why charge the single passenger when you can ding a plane full of captive bystanders :-)

  8. Cyniconvention says:

    Hot drinks really get some folks going.

    I’m more amused that it took place outside of the US.

  9. Bodger says:

    Don’t cry over spilled milk;
    Don’t fly over spilled tea;
    Don’t try Ryanair for obvious reasons…

    And no, they didn’t charge the Scalding Fee, implemented just today, but they did charge her on-file credit card for the Landing for Medical Treatment Fee and the Continuing to Poland by Train Fee and the Try To Get Your Luggage Back If You Dare Fee.

  10. Warren - aka The Piddler on the Roof says:

    Rub yogurt on it. Seriously.

    • webweazel says:

      Actually, I got burned once by a drop of frying grease hitting my thigh. My relative ran and got a tube of minty paste toothpaste and rubbed some on. Left it alone for about 1/2 hour. Didn’t even leave a MARK. No red spot, no nothing. Home remedies rock!

  11. Caveat says:

    Once again way to much anti-consumer bias. Ryanair broke the European airline oligopoly by the EU government and finally allowed lower income passengers to fly at a reasonable price. So what if they charge extra for services such as use of the toilets? For the short inter-European flights people can hold it in or be willing to pay the few extra bucks. Someone has to be paid to clean and empty the toilets, but why should everyone pay if they have the good sense of using the airport restrooms before and/or after the flights?

    What is really below the belt in this article is first the reference to the Wendy video. This incident has NOTHING to do with how Ryanair served the tea. The woman spilled it on herself. Accidents happen and you can’t blame Ryanair or its staff. I am sure it cost them quite a bit in landing fees and fuel to land in Bremen to ensure that her medical condition would be addressed. Nobody is going to reimburse them for that.

    Second, there is no justification with the line “We’re surprised Ryanair didn’t charge her a Scalding Fee.”

    • petermv says:

      Sorry if not liking Ryanair makes me anti-consumer. They are the worst airline to fly and good luck to the people who fly with them. They are getting exactly what they deserve.

      As to separating out all costs, sorry but checking in IS required of everyone, and of course there is a fee for that. Explain that one.

      Ryanair is theatre of the absurd and proves that people will do anything if they think they are getting a low price.

    • The_IT_Crone says:

      Some of us have digestive diseases and it isn’t our fault if we need to go to the bathroom. We might go before AND after a flight, and still need to go during.

      • shepd says:

        Yes, but in Europe, you would pay at the airport both times. Which explains why Ryanair wants to put in pay toilets. Because in that case, everyone would hold it at the airport and wait to use the free one in the plane.

        Since you’d be paying before and after, you wouldn’t be upset paying to use it on the plane, either.

        Not saying I like pay toilets, just saying it’s a culture difference that people who live in places where pay toilets are considered wrong understandably don’t get. It’s a little like how people in Europe think it’s weird/wrong that you’d have to show your Visa card to the doctor, or that you’d get a bill in the mail after going to hospital. It’s just a different paradigm.

  12. parv says:

    I consider the scalded passenger lucky as I rarely had received water hot enough to brew tea, let alone burn a finger; it had been warm at best (on United, possibly on American too).

    • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

      Do they charge for hot water on RA? I imagine there would b a tea bag fee but not sure about water.