Apple Debuts Overhauled Line Of iPods

As many predicted, Apple used its much-anticipated press event today to show off the latest development in their iPod devices. And though some had hoped Big Chief Fanboy Steve Jobs would be unveiling a new version of the iPod, it was really just updates — ranging from the blah to the significant — to the existing line.

The runt of the litter, the iPod Shuffle, regained the buttons it had previously lost in its most recent, misguided iteration. The 2GB device now handles around 15 hours of music with a battery that should last users that same length of time. It will sell for $49 and be available in 5 colors.

Moving on up, there’s the iPod Nano, which loses its classic iPod button interface in place of a tiny touch screen. The Nano has also turned square on us. The revamped device will sell at $149 for 8GB and $179 for 16GB and will be available in 6 colors.

And then there’s the iPod Touch. Many had predicted that the Touch redesign would choose to echo the look of the iPhone 4. Instead, the device has maintained its general look while getting slimmer and adding a front-facing camera, which will let you take advantage of the phone sex-friendly Face Time feature over your WiFi connection.

The iPod Touch battery will supposedly last 40 hours, and the player is also getting the same Apple A4 chip that’s in the iPhone. The 8GB version will set you back $229; the 32GB edition is $299 and 64GB will cost you $399.


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  1. jaazzman says:

    Cue anti Apple responses….NOW.

    • Dunkelzahn says:

      Usually the Anti-Apple people are up in arms on the OS and Systems, not so much the devices. I, being a PC fanboy, currently have an iPhone in my pocket. Not saying I don’t want to switch to something else, just saying I’m open minded about devices.

      Cept the iPad. Something just pisses me off about it.

      • user765 says:

        It is pretty pathetic that an electronic device can piss you and so many other people off. Just don’t buy it or use it if it’s not for you.

        • Dunkelzahn says:

          I don’t and won’t, but I, along with every person out there who thinks the same way, am entitled to my opinion. If you don’t like it, brush it off and don’t read it.

          That line was more for humor than anything. Don’t be so angst-driven.

        • Conformist138 says:

          but unanswered questions can be so agrivating… like, why? and… Why??? Most importantly, WHY?!?!? It’s not a phone, it’s not an ipod, it’s not a laptop, it doesn’t fit in your pocket, it can’t be held as comfortably as a book, and it doesn’t stand up on it’s own… so, again… for the love of god, what is it that people love about that thing?

          it’s like they wanted it to be everything and in the end it’s nothing.

    • BridgetPentheus says:

      Is this a consumer site or an ad site?

  2. notovny says:

    And after ten years, the Classic is dead.

    • Amnesiac85 says:

      I bought one of the new Classics in January. 160 GB, and I love it.

      But yeah, it’s mainly because I have a massive music/TV collection and enjoy having a bulk of it with me at all times. I can see how that’s not for everyone.

    • Lollerface says:

      Nooooooooooooooooo! Classic is still my favorite! How am I going to carry 90 GBs of music with me now?

    • leprechaunshawn says:

      I’ve got the first generation iPod w/video and it’s still going strong.

      • howie_in_az says:

        I’ve got a 30gb iPod Photo that sits under the passenger seat in my car, happily playing music during my commute. An iPod car connector was the best thing I ever bought.

        • leprechaunshawn says:

          My situation is basically the same thing. We just bought a new car and it has a cable in the glove box that integrates the iPod to the stereo so that I can control the iPod through the radio buttons. I have a similar but aftermarket setup in my other car. It’s amazing how well an iPod will actually hold up when not abused.

    • El_Fez says:

      Where does it say that the classic is discontinued? They don’t say one way or the other – of course I’ve not RTFA yet, so I might have missed something. . . .

    • Stiv says:

      Man, somebody tell Apple quick, because they’re still selling it in the Apple Store!!!! OMGWTF?

    • Battlehork says:

      They’re still selling it. Really though, the only thing they can do with it at this point is increase the storage capacity.

    • notovny says:

      No official announcement that it’s gone, but also no mention of it in a presentation that announced changes to the “entire iPod line” either.

      Hmm. I stand corrected.

    • cheesebubble says:

      I’m happy to know that others have love for the oft-forgotten Classic too. I won’t be releasing it from my grasp until they up the gigabytage on the Touch and/or the iPhone.

  3. JMH says:

    I like the look of the new Nano. A square touch screen seems like a pretty good use of real estate for displaying album covers.

    • Rachacha says:

      But terrible if you want to watch a movie or look at photos (which I guess is why they removed those features), and it seems like it would be awkward to hold (although granted, I have not seen one in person, so I am only going by the photos I have seen here).

      • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

        It seems that the nano is now a screened version of the shuffle. The video player and camera are gone.

        • Jack Doe says:

          So what’s the point? I could get an older model which is more feature rich and less expensive. Good going Apple.

          • Dyscord says:

            But you won’t be able to touch it! People want to touch things!

            Yeah, I agree. I prefer last year’s nano to this. It loses the camera, video player, and photo capability, but it’s at the same price?

  4. chaesar says:

    just in time for….Labor Day!

  5. toddkravos says:

    did they dump the camera/camcorder and FM abilities in the new nano?

  6. Cyniconvention says:

    iPod Nano Teenytouch. Hehe. Previous Gen. Touches will be dirt cheap in lieu of scene “angled over the head” photos.

  7. framitz says:

    Grandma always said that if you can’t say something nice then say nothing at all.

    I got nothing.

    I did pay less than 1/2 the price for a very, very nice PMP device with FM tuner, recording, video playback and other features that is not Apple.

  8. Buckus says:

    Good for them for going back to the controls on the box for the shuffle.

  9. Supes says:

    The iPod Touch remains the king…. no music player can beat it in terms of ability to watch movies, surf the internet (via wifi), play games, etc. Just serves so many purposes, all without a monthly subscription like with phones.

    As far as a pure music player, though, the Nano and Shuffle still leave much to be desired, and have no features I can’t find elsewhere for much cheaper. I’ll stick with my Sansa.

    • bitslammer says:

      I’m sorry but I can’t see how anyone can actually find watching movies on a screen that tiny enjoyable. Surfing..maybe, but many sites still don’t accommodate mobile devices well. As a handheld game device I see some real value.

      Tt would be a nice thing to essentially be able to merge my NintendoDS and iPod 80GB into 1 device. Those are 2 must haves when on long flights. Nothing like having all my music and being able to play some Chess to pass the time.

      • Supes says:

        Oh it’s not ideal, but it’s still by far the biggest screen of any portable media player (not including tablets, which can’t fit in your pocket). Much better than the old iPod Videos and such.

        • TacoChuck says:

          How about the Samsung Galaxy S which not only is bigger but supports a lot more video formats so you don’t have to convert everything to play on your device?

      • lihtox says:

        It’s a matter of taste. I almost never watch TV or movies without doing something else anyway (don’t know why; guess watching movies feels too idle for me), so a tiny screen is just fine: I listen to the dialogue, I glance at the screen now and then in case I can’t tell what’s going on, and I’m good. I love having the new Netflix app on my iPod touch because I can curl up in bed with a good TV show, something I might not have time to watch otherwise.

      • Dyscord says:

        The PSP has a beautiful screen for when it comes to watching movies IMO. it’s just a pain getting the movies ONTO the device if you dont buy UMD.

        • SonarTech52 says:

          True, Just use Handbrake or PSPVideo and queue them up while you sleep, they’ll be done in the morning.

    • SonarTech52 says:

      I’ll stick with my PSP…

      Music, Video, Games, Pictures, Internet, and Remote Play

    • dyzlexiK says:

      ZuneHD? You know, the one that had that size screen and features before the iPhone/iPod did?

      Not a fanboy, but there ARE alternatives in the world. You shouldn’t make such bold statements.

  10. thrashanddestroy says:

    And the world lets out one big collective “meh.”

    Not that I was expecting much. The big rumor was a front-facing camera for the touch, and that’s what we got. I’m surprised there was no higher capacity than a 64g released, really. That and the fact that they didn’t redesign the touch to match the iPhone 4, seeing as how they like to keep their products all nice and uniform.

    I’ll keep my 160g classic, all the room I could need and more. I’ll leave the fancy apps and features to my phone.

  11. dwtomek says:

    And that Nano redesign has finally pushed me to dumping Apple. Thanks for not adding anything I personally want Apple, now I can say goodbye to the catastrophe that iTunes is.

    • Evil_Otto would rather pay taxes than make someone else rich says:

      Because it’s all about what YOU want, isn’t it?

    • jaazzman says:

      Send Steve an email. Maybe next time he’ll create a new iPod catered to YOUR needs.

    • Stiv says:

      Heh. Why did you even wait?

    • banmojo says:

      I agree about iTunes. What a piece of bloatty shite that one is. Has always been restrictive in an obstrusive manner. used the Winamp interface with my ipods, but my iPhone requires itunes, and I hate it hate it hate it sooooooo effing much.

      There’s simply NO reason to make iTunes so obtrusively restrictive except to protect DRM/RIAA/etc, and why does Apple, which sells the hardware, do such a thing? They have no legal reason to do so, as far as I’m aware. Let US, the CONSUMER, make our own collective mind up whether we want such restrictions on our hardware and computer interface for same. Make it something we can opt in/out of at will.

      Why hasn’t there been a lawsuit addressing this yet? Class action, much?

  12. InsomniacZombie says:

    I really hope they don’t phase out the Classic iPod (if mine ever bites the dust) because I would never go for a Nano or a Shuffle because I like the size of my Classic and I don’t like relying on touch-screens. That said – $299 for a 32GB Touch or $299 for a 160GB Classic. Is a touch screen really worth sacrificing 128GB?

    I don’t think so.

    • evilmregg says:

      I am in total agreement. I don’t need apps, I just want to play my music. Give me the iPod Classic, plz.

    • RayanneGraff says:

      For scenesters it is.

    • madanthony says:

      I’ve got an 80 gig classic which I use for the gym. I like having all my music available in case I feel like hearing something, and I like that it’s durable.

      I’ve got an iPhone for everything else, but it doesn’t have enough storage space or durability to use for working out. Plus I can leave my classic in one of the cubbys and not have to worry about it getting stolen.

    • levenhopper says:

      I do a lot of running…the moving parts in the HD of the Classic wouldn’t be too good for me.

    • P=mv says:

      I agree. As long as they continue to make the iPod classic they have me as a customer.

  13. lalaland13 says:

    Was thinking of upgrading my third-generation iPod nano (it’s the fat one) in the next few months, but the new design just looks like a glorified Shuffle. No thanks. Good news is, maybe the prior generation of Nanos will be on sale somewhere.

  14. Rocket says:

    I don’t like the design of the iPod nano.

  15. sgtyukon says:

    I have an MP3 player that’s not an iPod. As an MP3 player, I’d prefer the features of the iPod, but I bought this one specifically because it has an AM radio in it. I don’t really need an FM radio, although this device has one, because I can listen to the MP3’s for music. Where I live, however, I do need an AM radio to listen to baseball games.

    • RayanneGraff says:

      What kind is it? I’ve been looking for a PMP with an AM radio forever.

    • Outrun1986 says:

      Wow, you actually found one with an AM radio, please share which one it is.

      Alternatively, you can get a pocket sized AM radio for around a buck these days, I got one made in the 1970’s by Sears that has excellent reception at a yard sale for around 25 cents so I can listen to a football or hockey game on the go. It also fits in my pocket and is about the size of an iPod touch.

  16. Rocket says:

    Why did they make the iPod touch thinner? My iPod touch 2G is thin enough. Actually, it’s too thin, I had to get a case for it just so I could hold it.

  17. diasdiem says:

    iPod mini was my favorite. It fit in my hand just right.

  18. Coelacanth says:

    Great, any thought of upgrading my iPod nano suddenly vanished out the window… It looks aesthetically unpleasing.

  19. Pax says:

    … so, the new Nano has a touch screen, and a completely square shape?


    I hope I don’t need any new accessories for my 2G Nano. It’s already hard to find stuff for it.

    Otherwise, I’ve got no problems with any of them. If I ever need to replace my iPod Nano (RED), I’ll be getting a full-on iTouch anyway, for the apps. :)

  20. quads says:

    blah is right

  21. Outrun1986 says:

    Ok I think the touch update is worth it, there is a front camera for facetime, and a back camera that can record HD Video. The back camera can also take still photos, albeit low quality. Regardless it will be good enough to use the camera function of apps and you will be able to scan barcodes with it and other such functions.

    The video camera means that this device has killed the flip video market, a flip video costs like $200 or $229 or something like that. For the $299 model you get a lot more storage than a flip and you can edit and make movies right on the device, not to mention upload them to youtube instantly right from the device.

    I was looking for a flip video replacement, so I will be getting this, since it offers a ton more value than the flip, especially when you consider all the features this device packs.

  22. mandy_Reeves says:

    aw man! I just got an 8GB touch in March! 30 bucks more I’d have had a camera too dammit!

  23. lihtox says:

    Having no buttons on an mp3 player is a bad idea. I have an iPod Touch, and one of my biggest annoyances with it is that I can’t pause music without pulling it out of my pocket and looking at the screen, unless I have the special earbuds with controller that cost $30. (And I go through several pairs of earbuds a year.) If they would only add an extra button on the case just for stopping and starting music, it would be fine– and maybe they’ve done that with the nano, I can’t tell. I’m glad they put the buttons back on the Shuffle: it looks good.

    (Otherwise, though, the Touch is pretty awesome.)

  24. edicius is an acquired taste says:

    It’s amazing how much BS Steve Jobs spews out and how the Apple sheep believe every word of it.

    Per Engadget, he claims that the iPod Touch (as a handheld gaming device) has ‘outsold Nintendo and Sony combined’.

    The DS alone has sold 137 million units. iOS units (which include iPhones and not just iPod Touches) number only 120 million units sold. Which means, if he’s referring to just the iPod Touch, it’s going to be a significantly lower number, bringing the total even further away from Nintendo’s 137 million. Add Sony in there and it just makes Jobs look like a total fool. I’d like to see how he spins that one.

    Maybe “You’re adding it wrong”?

  25. Adam says:

    I would have bought a new touch if they had chose to echo the looks of the new iphone. I’ll wait.

  26. err says:

    I think at this point there is not much more that can be done to these players other than increase the capacity for the same price. It appears Apple may soon be struggling to justify the significant price difference of thier multimedia players, especially since the other alternatives are getting so much better and cost so much less.

    Apple fanboys excluded, of course.

  27. trixare4kids says:

    I was given an iPod Shuffle a few months ago as a birthday present. I love having a tiny thing for my runs and my old shuffle finally went kaput. I was dismayed to find out that there were NO controls on the Shuffle itself, only the headphones. Well, I don’t like to use earbuds because they hurt! I didn’t want to spend lots of extra money on headphones that were compatible AND comfortable, I wanted to use the headphones I already had. Also the controls were kludgy and I just could never remember how many clicks for forward or back and I ended up being very frustrated.

    I ended up selling it on craigslist for super cheap and bought a totally different brand of MP3 player.

    So yeah, kludgy controls on the earbuds only was a horrible horrible design idea and I’m glad they are going back to having controls on the device itself.