Erase Yourself From The Internet

Need to escape from a stalker or clean up your online identity before a potential or current employer finds out that you have a personality? Here’s instructions on how to delete yourself from the internet, everything from erasing your profile from Facebook to “unGoogling” yourself.

How to Delete Yourself from the Internet [WikiHow]


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  1. smo0 says:


  2. zandar says:

    I like how it makes sure to mention clearing your web browser history. lol.

  3. danmac says:

    This reminds me of The Net, where Sandra Bullock’s identity is “erased” by info terrorists hell-bent on…something related to info. It was only a so-so movie when it was released, but like a fine wine, it’s aged into a delicious vinegar. Everything is so outdated now that it’s like walking through a bizarre museum of wonderful…wonders.

    • pop top says:

      Or the movie Hackers; with the virtual Internet and the ability to add traffic tickets and arrest warrants to people’s police files. Hilarious.

      • danmac says:

        Hackers has the added bonus of a topless young Angelina Jolie.

        • Kryndar says:

          Am I crazy or does it seem like actresses have more nude scenes earlier in their career but men only get them after they have been around for a while.

      • Hooray4Zoidberg says:

        Best part of Hackers is when they’re all geeking out about Jolie’s laptop over its P2 266mhz, 32megs of RAM and 28.8 modem.

      • colorisnteverything says:

        I randomly watched this because it was on when I was recovering from surgery. Too funny! I love the terrible graphics!

    • golddog says:

      If everyone had the Gatekeeper System to begin with, their info would have been protected already.

      Jeff Gregg

  4. sadconsumer says:

    I’d like to delete my account from this website but they don’t have that option in our account info. I am sick of these sites that don’t allow you to delete accounts.

    • teh says:

      Huh, you’re right. I’d think the consumerist (of all places) should allow you to completely delete your account without jumping through too many hoops.

  5. sjb says:

    Delete flash cookies – CCleaner

  6. giax says:


    “Close your personal sites. If you have created sites on the internet, you will need to remove them completely. Some of the sites you might have include:

    If you have created anything of professional interest, AND it’s in your name, why would you delete it? If I find something work related googling your name, I’ll be more likely to hire you.
    And if you blog with an online name, unless you disclose it in your resume (and why would you, unless it were relevant?) how would I find it or think it was you?

    “Delete search engine returns that feature you. Search engines cache old sites, pages, information, etc., including mentions of you. You will need to contact search engines direct for the trickier removals that return you when searched. Be aware that removing yourself from some search engines online is fairly detailed work, some involving paperwork in the real world, such as sending faxes, etc., to confirm your real identity”

    You’ll end up in the special cases database with each search engine, with way more details about you than they had before.

    If you have a very common name such as Smith or Lopez, why bother? Hide among the hundreds with your first name and last name. And if you want to keep some online presence, don’t use it with your own name. And for things that aren’t related to your job and you know they may not be relevant about you in twenty years, why on earth would you ever have used your public name to start with?

    • sjb says:

      Some sites might not let you delete yourself but you can corrupt the information that they have about you. Change your profile: change your email to some temporary throw away email account. Change various profile settings to bogus values, change icons, tag lines.
      Do not shop online.
      Do not use sites that require a password.

      even if you do not use the internet, you still have information leaking into it. Just shopping at a normal store and using a credit card is a problem. The same system that stores uses to process you card inside the store is also is connected to the internet.

  7. apasserby says:

    I have a friend who has recently discovered a Facebook page that she didn’t create. It displays her name and has a photo of her. For reasons I can’t explain she needs this to vanish or it could be detrimental to her career should it contain anything negative. We have tried every email and password combination used by her for the past few years. All are rejected. How can the page(s) be removed? And yes, we have contacted Facebook but they are unwilling to help.

    • Calgal says:

      Same thing happened to me. Freaked me out!

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      a few years ago i found a myspace page created by an ex with my picture, a derogatory screen name and some false info. it was a mostly blank profile and the false info was stuff like incorrect astrological sign and such, nothing damaging. but man was it a pain and a half to get removed.

    • My Head Hurts says:

      Report them dead. Google for the link, I did it when consumerist suggested it as a prank. Took less than a day.

    • Suck my big toe says:

      How did you even contact Facebook?? I thought they didn’t have a service department except their lame “help” page.

  8. deadandy says:

    I’m sorry, but a lot of this article is incredibly vague and useless. “Contact the search engines”?

    It is sometimes impossible to remove or delete your history due to copyright issues. If you contribute content somewhere where the site gets to copyright your material, you can’t just ask them to take it down. They own it. For example, I have written and been paid for two articles on Cracked under my real name. They wouldn’t take them down because they paid for them and own the copyrights.

    Additionally, if you contribute to a site like Wikipedia, you are automatically and irrevocably licensing your contributions to CC-BY-SA 3.0 and the GFDL. You haven’t the legal right to remove it or ask that it be removed.

  9. oddnoc says:

    Two words: Wayback Machine.

  10. golddog says:

    That article is useless. Everyone knows you need to start a Fight Club whose members are comprised of key employees at key Internet companies in different cities. Once your membership hits critical mass, you start Operation Mayhem and destroy all the server farms at the same time (and don’t forget the floppy back ups) and the world gets reset.

    Just think of the possibilities…you could be instead of!

    P.S.: Nice call on the cornflower blue shirt on the gnome…

    • operator207 says:

      Been there done that. How do you think the “internet bubble” burst? It didn’t work, but was fun while it lasted.

  11. brinks says:

    How is my eBay account going to affect my future employment prospects?

  12. Not Given says:

    Maybe you could make a virus that worked like a spider, it could scour the interwebs looking for your information and replacing it with false data.

  13. BytheSea says:

    This is all common sense stuff and doesn’t tell you anything helpful, like how to do it fast or how to get rid of content from websites that have been abandoned for years.

  14. Suck my big toe says:

    Facebook won’t let me delete my profile without erasing a page I set up for a non-profit organization! Their help section is a joke. I know quality customer service has been dropping at a rapid pace over the last few years but to have no human customer service is ridiculous!
    I hate FB but all of my friends are on there. I’d love to have every FB user boycott FB until they got help for their consumers! @$$#$%@$#^#@%$