Get A Movie Ticket For Only $4

Groupon is running a deal where you can get a movie ticket voucher for only $4 through Fandango.

You have 3 days left to jump on the deal. Look up your theater on first to make sure they’re partnered (though over 16,000 are). The voucher can be used on any movie, except for 3D and IMAX ones, through Feb. 28, 2011

The deal is only good for 1 ticket and require signing up for a Fandango account.

What’s Groupon you ask? It’s a site that hooks up with businesses and creates these coupon deals that only go active (and you only get charged) after a minimum threshold of people commit to buying them. Because Groupon eliminates much of the risk for the company, they’re able to get some pretty eye-popping deals.

$4 Movie Ticket on (Up to $12 Value) [Groupon via SlickDeals]


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  1. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Would be great except for signing up with Fandango.

    Do you have to pick a movie dates/time at purchase, or is it for vouchers?

  2. Michael Belisle says:

    Here in College Station, Texas, where a new theatre caused ticket prices to collapse, that’ll save me $1.

  3. El Matarife says:

    Do you have any other sites like Groupon that you suggest? I use Groupon and BuyWithMe.

    • d0nkss says:

      I actually used before I used groupon. It has the same type of deals based on location and I have gotten movie tickets for 6 dollars each there.

    • LisaLisa says:

      LivingSocial, Tippr are two other popular ones here in Boston.

  4. Chuchundra says:

    Is Groupon legit? I keep seeing ads for them, but they won’t show me any deals unless I sign up.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Groupon is legit. A few weeks ago it partnered with Gap for a really good deal.

    • Merujo says:

      Groupon rocks, as does LivingSocial and Tippr. I just signed up for BuyWithMe and FreshGuide. I’ve saved a lot of money on stuff ($10 for $35 to spend at a hardware store, $18 for $185 of emergency computer repair, etc.) Good dang stuff. Here in DC, of course, there are coupons for plenty of dumb stuff, too, like overpriced cupcakes (can’t wait for that mania to die) or pole-dancing lessons, but in the mix, good and useful things.

    • RandomHookup says:
    • edosan says:

      I’ve purchased a couple of things through Groupon and it was a really good deal.

    • CaptainSemantics says:

      +1 for Groupon endorsements. I love me some Groupon, and they have a really decent iPhone app. If you’re in Atlanta or NYC, there’s also ScoutMob. They both make me very happy.

    • caradrake says:

      You do not have to sign up. Instead of entering your email, look at the top of the page and there should be a clickable link that will take you to your area’s groupon.

    • dpeters11 says:

      Absolutely legit, but you usually can’t use a deal the same day you get it. Has to be at least the next day. If not enough people join a Groupon, no charge.

  5. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    Be aware that Fandango has two sides to its operation – it posts movie listings and it also provides online ticketing. Just because you can see your theater’s listings does not mean Fandango provides online ticketing from that theater. Only some AMC theaters go through, for instance. The AMC Georgetown in DC uses Fandango, but not some of the others. The one in Tysons doesn’t.

    To find whether your theater participates in Fandango’s online ticketing, find the theater you want, click on a movie you want to see, click “buy tickets” then it’ll bring you to a central listing of all of your area’s theaters – and then you’ll see some of them marked with a “Online Ticketing Not Available for this Theater.”

  6. d0nkss says:

    I got the email for this yesterday because I have a Fandango account already. Once it got onto Slickdeals the orders really started pouring in. Thats the Slickdeals effect. There is a limit of 1 ticket per account but there are easy ways around it if anyone wants to try. First, you can use a different cc on one account to get another ticket. Second, you can make multiple accounts and then also use different cc’s to get more tickets.
    If anyone has a gmail account there is an easy trick to get multiple tickets. They way it works is that,,, etc.. are all aliases for your gmail account. You can use each as a different account in groupon but will all send to your one gmail address.

    • absentmindedjwc says:

      hey, was built as a way to save the users money, if you want to try and game the system by creating more than one email address and buying a bunch of them, go for it…. but there is no guarantee the merchant (or in this case: Fandango) is going to let you redeem them, and actively trying to game the system may result in you spending a lot more than you would have at full price, since the customer service team will see what you are doing and may or may not refund you.

      I have been here for years, and users with your mentality have been appearing more and more as of late. The whole point of this site is to help consumers, not to screw over companies. It is probably limited to one for a reason, why game the system and ruin it for everyone else.

  7. Southern says:

    Yeah, we have several theaters here in Houston where the NORMAL price is only $3.50, and even the local TinselTown is $4 before 6pm.. Ticket prices have really dropped recently.

    • MSUHitman says:

      I was it was like that in St. Louis. Matinee prices are $7.25, with normal price at $9.50. Also matinee time is before 6 p.m. M-Th, before 4 p.m. on F-Su.

      Thanks Consumerist as I avoid Slickdeals like the plague. I guess I’ll go see Scott Pilgrim with this. First movie I’ll have seen in a theatre since Watchmen.

    • Droford says:

      Tix here are 8 bucks for Matinees and 10.50 for after 6pm. Probably because there isn’t another theatre within 35 miles..really sucks.

  8. SecretAgentWoman says:

    Bummer Rave theatres only use

  9. dvddesign says:

    1 per person? That’s not really a deal guys… I usually buy at least two tickets.

    • Traveshamockery says:

      You must have a pretty great job if saving 25-40% on a purchase of two tickets is not a good deal to you.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      If you usually buy two tickets, that implies that you either have someone to go to the movies with or you just buy two tickets and pretend. So why not just have the other person sign up and buy a ticket?

      • Jevia says:

        For me, I don’t think I want to sign up my entire family (and my kids don’t have their own email, credit card, etc.). Its good for one person, or maybe a couple, but starts to be a hassle for a family (especially when I can go to Costco).

  10. jessjj347 says:

    The deal says that it will work for up to $12, but when I check the code in Fandango, it’s actually $14, fyi.

  11. kimmie says:

    Last time I tried for a free movie ticket through GroupOn, it was sponsored by kgbdeals, which has a history of not delivering on their deals and walking away with your money.

  12. dg says:

    Who cares? It’s $4.00 for pay per view – I can stay home, better stereo, better picture, no ads before the show while we wait to fire it up, better popcorn, can drink boozahol during the show, can pause, don’t have people texting during it, can rewind, can skip all those nonsenscial warnings and previews, don’t have to drive to/from the place and find parking, no accounts to create, no spam to deal with, no fine print….