My Post Office Says It Won't Accept Packages From Other Zip Codes

A Postal Service worker told Chris he wasn’t allowed to send packages from that specific office because the return address was from a zip code other than the one where the office was located, and thus the location wouldn’t receive credit for the transaction.

He writes:

USPS says that prepaid return address must reflect PO package was dropped off at.

Interesting discussion at the [redacted], PA PO. The guy ( he was wearing a visitor badge) said that next time I prepay and print labels at home, they need to have the Wheatland zip code on the label or this branch won’t take them. I laughed, but he was serious. He said that they don’t get credit for the handling so they won’t take them. I argued my way past it today (three packages prepaid and on my work commute) but he was emphatic that next time he would refuse the packages.

Never had this problem before. I mail about a dozen packages a month.

We asked Dave Lewin of USPS whether there is a policy about where you were allowed to ship your package from, and he replied “No, of course not.”

He did say though that when it comes to commercial shipping it is a more complex situation, so there might be some different restrictions.

Have you had a Post Office rep deny your package because it was from a different zip code?

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