Blockbuster Charges Me For Membership I Didn't Want, Won't Refund My Money

Chris tried Blockbuster’s rent-by-mail trial period and says he was mistakenly charged for the final three DVDs, which he had returned. He didn’t notice the screw-up for months, then once he finally got Blockbuster to reverse the charges he was billed $43 for months of a membership he never used.

Unable to get Blockbuster to take back the charges, Chris writes:

Now, I should have caught these immediately. I don’t always pay the most attention to my bank statements, and so in that regard, I’m somewhat to blame. However, Blockbuster should not have charged me for these two months – I was on a free trial. The agent I spoke to first about this matter claimed the trial was meant to be for three weeks. But Blockbuster never informed me of this, and in fact told me in the confirmation it would be for three months. Further, it doesn’t seem like they should be able to change the terms of the trial after the fact – but maybe I’m mistaken. Anyway, when I asked him for a refund, he said that Blockbuster can only give refunds within one
business day. Since I had gotten a charge reversed that was almost two months old (three in fact!) I knew that was untrue – but it was the end of their day at the call center so I called back the next day.

This agent claimed that there was a one week refund period – but one that only applied to monthly membership charges. Two agents, two different stories. I asked for a supervisor, and he told me that Blockbuster would not issue a refund, and I should contact my bank and get them to charge it back. Why they would want to charge it back, I don’t know.

I contacted my credit union, and they explained they only gave 60 days from the original charge – and I was almost six months out, but that they would investigate and get back to me, as sometimes they extend the window to six months in special circumstances – this eventually resulted in nothing. However, during the beginning of February, I spoke with an agent at Blockbuster who said that I wasn’t the only one to have this three week/three month, mistakenly charged problem, and that he would open an issue for me and I should hear back in about 60 days. Every time I’ve called back since, it’s been one excuse after another – they meant 60 business days, the agent is on vacation, no one can find his notes, Blockbuster doesn’t have that process (and for all I know they don’t and he just wanted me off the phone) etc. etc. I’ve opened a BBB claim, but at this point, do I have any other recourse? I know I took way too long escalating and I should have paid better attention, but that doesn’t make it OK that Blockbuster lied and is keeping my money.

Do you think Chris is entitled to get his money back? If so, how should he go about pursuing a refund?

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