Use Toshl To Manually Track Your Expenses

The Toshl app lets you swiftly input and track your spending. Just enter a price, tap a tag, and tap save. Blamo, done.

Toshl also gives you cool graphs and stats, and lets you sync your data with their site so you can access it even on another device.

It’s a good option for those uncomfortable with giving places like Mint your credit card and banking information, and/or you want to have total granular control over all your tags and spending categories.

The app is available on iPhone, Android, and Nokia Maemo. The free version has just about all the features you need, but there is also a $19.95/year version with better graphs and exporting options.

Thanks to commenter damageinc for pointing out this app in the comments on our “What Apps Do You Use To Be A Smarter Consumer?” post.

Toshl [Official Site]

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