Possibly The Best Review Of Wendy's, Or Anything, Ever

Although Zagat says Wendy’s makes the third-best burger of American fast food chains, this Google review may convince you that the House That Dave Built belongs at the top of the heap. Runt of the Web claims to have found this somewhere on Google but its source link comes up empty.

Note the expert use of colloquial slang to get to the essence of the brilliance of Wendy’s chicken nuggets, as well as the succinct yet telling evaluation of the staff’s professionalism.

The thing is, I just know one of our readers can top this. So have at it in the comments. Review Wendy’s, one of its competitors, Dutch Boy Paint or whatever you like. It’s all about the delivery, enthusiasm and most importantly, mean girl evaluation skillz.

A Review of Wendy’s [Runt of the Web via The Best Article Every Day]

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