My Computer Has Vanished Into The Best Buy Black Hole

Rebecca has some sort of Geek Squad protection plan for her computer, so when it needed some fixing, she brought it in for repair. Little did she know when she dropped of her computer that fateful day, that she might never see her PC alive again.

Here’s how Rebecca tells it:

They of course told me it needed to be sent out and it would take 3-4 weeks to come back. I said that was fine but asked if they could send it to the store in Florida since I would be back at school by the time it was fixed so I wouldn’t be able to pick it up from the Connecticut store where I had originally dropped it off.

They told me this would be no problem.

3 weeks later I get an automated call from Best Buy’s 1-800 number telling my computer is ready to be picked up. I go to the Florida store where I thought it would be and they told me it was sent to the Connecticut store. They told me they would “overnight” the package to their store which would take about 4-5 days.

This was on Friday. On Monday I called to see if my computer came in yet, and they told me it hadn’t been delivered yet. On Wednesday I called again and the person told me they had no idea where the computer was. This was after being on hold for about 20 mins.

He then asked if it was okay to put me on hold while he helped a customer that was in the store. I informed him this would not be okay because he needed to figure out where my computer was and when or if it was being delivered to the store.

A manager finally got on the line after about another 15 mins and figured out that the computer had never been shipped from the store in Connecticut, but assured me it was being overnighted that day and so it would take another 4-5 days for the store to receive it.

He also informed me he would send me the tracking number as soon as he had it.

It’s now been another two days with no further word on where in the universe her computer might be.

First off, can anyone out there with Best Buy experience tells us all why it would take 4-5 days to “overnight” something?

Second, where do you put her odds at ever seeing her computer again?

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