Why Is Dish Network Billing Me For Someone Else's Account?

Liza tells Consumerist that she signed up for Dish Network about a month ago, but ultimately didn’t keep the service because she couldn’t get reception. She still got the privilege of paying for the service, though, since someone put her billing information down for a different customer’s account.

So about 3-4 weeks ago we decided to ditch our cable provider and get Dish Network as they were having great deals on some of their big packages. So we ordered, had a guy come over and all that, then found out we can’t get it because the satellite won’t pick up any signal from the only place it can be positioned. See I’m in an apartment currently and the manager decided he wants no satellites on the roof.

So yea, we didn’t get the service. But now 3-4 weeks later here we are and I noticed in a bank statement that I was billed for the service, which I’m not even getting! So I call in about it, get transferred 4 times because they all want my account number for the service, which since I don’t have the service I do not have an account number, and finally someone sort of seems to know what’s going on.

It appears that the person working for them that ran my credit information later on used it for someone else’s account.

She said that my information and card was being used for someone else’s service. They wouldn’t give a name or any info on it, just said that I had to call my bank and have the card terminated otherwise there’s nothing they can do and my bank account will continue to get billed for someone else’s service. Is that a load of BS or what?

So now I have to put a hold on my bank account and get a new card, which is just a huge hassle! Seems really ridiculous that they would protect whoever stole the information and won’t give any names, and would even tell me that they won’t stop their service and that unless I terminate my own bank card I’ll have to continue to pay for THEIR Dish Network service.

I was just writing in to let you guys know about this and maybe get some advice on what I should do? Thanks for your time!

While it makes sense that Liza can’t call up and make changes to an unknown stranger’s service, it doesn’t make sense that she can’t have her billing information removed from an account it’s not supposed to be on. We’ve gathered some executive customer service contacts for Dish Network: give them a call and see if they can resolve this mess.


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