Last Call For Your Worst TV Commercial Nominees

As we announced earlier this week, Consumerist is out to find the worst commercials currently airing on TV. So far, the response has been overwhelming, but there’s still time to get your least-favorite ads nominated.

We’ll be taking nominations via e-mail through 11:59 p.m. ET Friday, Aug. 20, so get your poison pen out now before it’s too late.

To reiterate, there are only two qualifications that all nominees must meet (aside from being grating, overplayed and obnoxious):

1. The ad must be for a national brand. As funny as it is to watch craptastic local ads, we’re looking for commercials that annoy TV watchers nationwide.

2. The ad must have aired in 2010. Preference will be given to nominees that are still on the air, but if there’s a commercial that has only recently gone out of rotation that merits a demerit, we’ll consider it.

Once again, while the topic is open for debate and discussion in the comments, only those nominees mailed to with the subject “bad ad nominee” will be considered.