High-Paying Jobs You Can Get With Two-Year Degrees

It’s always tantalizing to fantasize about a career change, but only so many people can be astronauts or Yankees outfielders, so it’s more reasonable to think about going back to school and getting a more reasonable job.

Yahoo compiles several gigs you can get with two-year community college degrees. Here are some jobs on the list, with average hourly wages:

*Loan officer ($30.39) — Whenever you feel bad for turning people away from financing they need to buy their dream home, take heart that you’re doing your part to save what’s left of the economy.

*Diagnostic medical sonography ($30.60) — Wrangle the ultrasound equipment that checks up on babies’ development and reassure parents the measurements reveal their little ones will grow up to be pro athletes who moonlight as Nobel prize-winning singer/songwriters.

*Nursing ($31.99) — Yahoo says the market for nurses is expected to grow by 22 percent in the next 8 years. The future is no longer in plastics, but bedpans.

*Nuclear technician ($32.07) — If it’s good enough for Homer Simpson, it’s good enough for you. Sorta scary this only requires a two-year degree, no?

If you’ve pulled out of the workforce to go back to school, tell us your plans.

Earn $30 or More an Hour with These Two-Year Degrees

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