Kids Fly (Permission) Free On Southwest

In a story that’s just begging to be optioned as a Home Alone movie, a trio of Florida kids, the oldest age 15, managed to pay cash for tickets and fly to Tennessee without getting permission from their parents. The kids were able to make their own way without being any members of Southwest’s staff interceding.

The ankle-biters wanted to visit Dollywood, but reconsidered the wisdom of their adventure when they arrived in Nashville and learned they were still hundreds of miles away from their destination and called their parents to bail them out.

ABC News says the kids exploited a procedural loophole:

The Transportation Safety Administration wrote that “kids under 18 don’t need to show an ID” so the children were let through without one. Southwest told “Good Morning America” that “two of the passengers were over the age of 12, and therefore could travel without a parent.”

Remember, parents: If you think there’s a chance your kids will run off on their own, teach them to make clever contraptions that will thwart hapless criminals who try to bother them the whole movie.

Kids Fly Solo To Nasville, Parents Want Answers [ABC News via AOL]
(Thanks, NORMLgirl!)