Recent Recall Roundup

The world is a dangerous place. Or at least it seems that way when you read the latest recalls from the CPSC. Inside: play pens, pacifiers, minibikes, dehumidifiers, and decorative torches that are trying their best to kill you.

Babies and Children
Portable Playard Tent by Tots in Mind
Antonio Flores Pacifiers – choking hazard
Circus World Wireless Video Baby Monitor – overheating and burn hazard
P. Graham Dunn Toy Rattles – choking hazard
Little People Play ‘n Go Campsite – choking hazard
Pottery Barn Kids Madeline Bunk Beds – entrapment hazard
Nap Nanny Recliners – entrapment, suffocation, and fall hazards

Great Value chicken nuggets (foreign objects)

Baja Motorsports Mini Bikes and Go-Carts – fire, burn, and sudden acceleration hazard.

Household and Furniture
Atico International USA Recalls Bamboo Torches – laceration hazard
Smith+Noble Roman and Roller Shades – strangulation hazard
Goldstar and Comfort-Aire Dehumidifiers – fire hazard
Tuesday Morning Belle Vanity Benches – can suddenly collapse
Bed Bath & Beyond Solar Lighted Cantilever Umbrellas – May collapse on user

Brine VIP Lacrosse Gloves – lead paint


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  1. Beeker26 says:

    It absolutely amazes me how many baby products come up for recalls every year.

  2. keepher says:

    I need to do some investigating to see just how many of those products came out of China.

    • Grabraham says:

      update us when you figure it out! Since like 90 percent of the things sold in the US that are not on this recall list were also made in China I am not sure what the investigation will prove ;)

      • keepher says:

        That’s why the products don’t make it in to my house. I was going to pick up a pair of scissors. I checked six different manufacturers, all were either made in China or Pakistan. I’m just one person but if more joined in with me to start a tidal wave of refusing to purchase these products then someone is bound to listen.

    • Kuchen says:

      If you click on the links above to the CPSC site, it gives the place of manufacture for each item.

    • Rachacha says:

      It would also be interesting to see where they were DESIGNED. The manufacturers in China are often times manufacturing to specification, it is simply the cheap labor that makes manufacturing in China attractive. If the manufacturer receives a cr@ppy design that was designed in the US, or Germany or [insert your favorite country here], and the Chineese factory makes the product to the exact specifications, who is really at fault?

      • keepher says:

        Actually about six months ago I read a report on what happens to products made in China once they pass the manufacturing specs. They begin to degrade it, slowly but surely they reduce the quality until just before they hit the fail designation. That’s why products that were not a problem when first introduced now are trying to burn down people’s houses new out of the box months later.

  3. BuyerOfGoods3 says:

    Gloves: Vietnam
    Baja vehicle: China,
    Umbrellas (BB&B): China
    Benches: China
    Dehumidifier: China
    Roller Shades: China, Mexico and United States
    _______________________Yeah, safe to say I bet the rest share a link to MFG’s in China.

  4. BuyerOfGoods3 says:

    Wow. I used to crawl up and out of my playpen as a child — but that’s because my parents tied a BLANKET to it… not a… plastic hook with which to strangulate me.
    Portable Playard Tent by Tots in Mind-
    Christ! “The boy was found hanging with his neck entrapped between the playard frame and the metal base rod of the tent that had been partially tied by pieces of nylon rope and partially attached by clips. The tent was tied to the playard because the child was able to pop off the clips. Apparently, the child became entrapped while attempting to climb out of the playard. In three other incidents, children were able to remove one or more clips and place their necks between the tent and the playard. The children were not injured. “

  5. shepd says:

    I doubt those pacifiers are being sold to parents for babies. They look like standard rave fare…