Get Hard-To-Find Customer Service Numbers With PhoneTell

PhoneTell is adding hundreds of difficult to find customer service numbers to its free call-management app for Android. The new feature goes live next Monday, August 16th.



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  1. NightSteel says:

    Dial Zero is another great Android app. I think it was mentioned on Consumerist recently. Contains the phone codes you need to break out of the IVR and reach a live person at many companies.

    • phallusu says:

      what phone codes? like dial ‘0’ press 1 for customer service speak the word customer service those type of break outs?

  2. dragonfire81 says:

    Why in the hell would you make a customer service number HARD to find??

  3. LD says:

    Its already in the Market.

  4. sableenees says:

    The title of this post needs hyphens. Unless PhoneTell requires you to “get hard” before you use it.

  5. BrooklynKnight says:

    I’ll be impressed if they find a number for facebook…

  6. Flawd says:

    This app seems to request a large amount of access.

    Why does it need to:
    Modify my calendar events?
    Email guests?
    Get my GPS location?
    Get my Gmail authentication?
    Save access point name settings?
    Kill processes?

    In my opinion, an application like this should only need to have internet access and the ability to make phone calls. Won’t be downloading….

    • Flawd says:

      Just as a contrast, this is what “Dial Zero” requests:

      “coarse” location only based on my network, not GPS (I’m guessing for ads?)
      Internet access
      Call phone numbers
      Check phone state for current calls
      Network state (see if there’s service to make a call, I think)

  7. PhoneTell says:

    @Flawd, perhaps you judge us too quickly? Several of those features are part of the search features and incoming call management. We’re way more than just a dialer.

    We actually don’t need access to a few of those things. We’re not the ones that list what the app has access to, that is done by the Android Operating system–the Android market just reproduces it. We haven’t found a mechanism for changing or correcting this.

    And hey @BrooklynKnight you’re right. We have a lot of secret numbers but we don’t have them all. I checked, we don’t have one for Facebook yet. What we have, we share.

  8. phallusu says:

    seems almost as complicated as trying to find some of those numbers they allege are so difficult to find but already available-the title is totally misleading too when you go to sight it is NOTHING but an ad for the entire service which makes NO meniton of this app