Dell Accused Of Cutting And Pasting Text, Withholding Emails, In Defective 11.8 Million PCs Suit

Dell is accused of providing altered and incomplete emails from among its top execs, the latest turn in a lawsuit that alleges the computer maker of selling and then covering up 11.8 defective PCs.

Thursday plaintiff A.I.T. said Dell was withholding evidence, giving up only a “talking points memo” that was sent to founder Mr. Dell and then chief exec Kevin Rollins. Other emails they turned over in discovery appeared to have been cut and pasted, according to an affidavit filed by a digital forensics expert.

Dell disputed the claims and planned to file their response soon. “We take all court orders and our obligations to comply with them very seriously,” a Dell spokesman told NYT.

Dell Accused of Concealing Evidence in PC Suit [NYT] (Thanks to Stannous!)


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  1. c!tizen says:

    As someone who use to work for said retarded company, I can tell you that “Copy and Paste” is considered an advanced level function for most of those guys, although they love the “Delete” key.

  2. Audi_addict says:

    “Covering up 11.8 defective PCs” So what about the other two-tens of the PC?

  3. chucklesjh says:

    I was wondering how you could have four-fifths of a computer. I always knew Dell half-assed everything, I guess that’s the closest they ever came to full-assed.

  4. Tim in Wyoming says:

    All that matters is they said something that contained… “very seriously”

  5. mythago says:

    According to the article, they provided copies of the emails rather than the underlying email files themselves, and they produced virtually no emails between the executives.

    I don’t get why companies do this. If you’re going to dick around with a discovery order why make it OBVIOUS that you’re dicking around?

    • ArcanaJ says:

      They’re all Dan Backslide?

    • Peer to Peer Nachos says:

      Because the executives that are doing the dicking around are convinced they’re smarter than anybody else. So there’s no way anyone could possibly catch them.

      • mythago says:

        True. But you’d think their lawyers would gently sit them down and say “Dude, no.” If only because they don’t wanna get sanctioned.

        • jurupa says:

          And who is paying them?

          • mythago says:

            The people paying them are not going to be much help against sanctions from the Court or a State Bar investigation. And the people paying them will throw a snit fit and blame them if the court sanctions Dell.

    • jurupa says:

      To make things harder for the other side and to try and make the other side give up and/or run out of money.

  6. Sheogorath says:

    It’s good to see they’re taking it seriously.

  7. duxup says:

    Considering they initially refused to replace even their own lawyer’s defective Dells I wonder what kind of defense they will be able to muster.

  8. NotEd says:

    Well the original artiucle says the issue was with OptiPlex business PCs, which is disappointing.
    I had hoped it would cover my POS Dimension XPS Gen 3 Desktop that has caused hassles for years.

  9. Outrun1986 says:

    Hoping for a class action lawsuit, because my old Dell 4700 succumbed to bad caps which was the major issue talked about here, I already threw the computer away but still have all the purchase information in my dell account.

  10. grapedog says:

    For 3 years I worked for Dell, I worked at one of their sales kiosks at a mall in Raleigh, NC, years ago now. The pay was great, the benefits were decent and the job was fun. I really loved that job. It’s sad to hear that it’s gone so far downhill.

  11. thereject says:

    abit of proof reading ? its 11.8 million faulty PCs over three years

  12. Griking says:

    I hope that all the readers that claimed that HP was the worst computer maker ever in those other threads reads this.

    So what brand are we supposed to buy?

  13. smo0 says:

    I have a dell.. I’ve had to reformat this bitch twice and have the motherboard replaced because the battery wouldn’t charge and the display wouldn’t blink on… I bought it in 2007…. I wonder if it’s a part of this.

  14. MomInTraining says:

    I worked at a company that had about 15 of these in a training room. We had a three year warranty on them and had to have new motherboards in about 7 of them. It all makes more sense now!