VIDEO: Forever 21 Security Puts Choke Hold On Deaf Customer

Clothing store Forever 21 is under fire today over a YouTube video showing a security guard for the store’s Hollywood Blvd. outlet wrestling a deaf customer to the ground and putting him into a choke hold on the sidewalk.

According to the person who posted the clip on YouTube:

Staff must have seen them do something to suspect them of stealing, but that doesn’t have any support or facts. Before I started filming. The Big Black dude in Jeans who mighta been a store detective jumps and tackles the large hispanic deaf guy. from there I remembered my new phone and turned on the camera,

There was who looked to be the manager of XXI that said to turn off the camera because they didn’t want to get exposed for harassing and dealing with a situation that turned sour.

From there, you get to see the turn of events and then in the aftermath, the sorting out of exactly what happen. From what I saw that you guys can’t, the deaf guy in the white shirt was apparently assuring the store with receipts for what he was carrying.


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  1. spencersonthemac says:

    The man is obviously not resisting, he’s trying to breathe. Plus, does a security guard have the right to detain a person in such a manor? When I was a security guard we would’ve been fired before that guy turned back to a normal color.

    • RvLeshrac says:

      Insofar as I am aware, no, no district in the entire country allows for a civilian to use physical force in the apprehension of a non-violent suspect.

      Hoping the lawsuit nets him 12 or 13 figures.

      • AustinTXProgrammer says:

        12 or 13? Common. 8 figures would set these guys up for life and send a powerful message. Even better, that guard needs to serve some time in jail.

        Lets not turn being a victim into the lottery though, that just makes us all look bad.

        • paul says:

          pet peeve: “Common” does not mean “Come On”.

          • godlyfrog says:

            Thank you for clarifying that for me. I actually read it as him misunderstanding 12 or 13 figures as being 12k or 13k and saying that an 8 figure reward was more likely.

            It’s not just a pet peeve when it prevents communication.

        • mythago says:

          This is not an eight-figure case.

        • ARP says:

          Well, if they were in tort refor states, they may not get that much. Be careful what you wish for.

        • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

          No, I’m saying 12-13 figures on this one.

          1) He’s deaf, which not only affords him the synpathy vote, but also increases the terribleness of the crime. A police officer would have dealt with a handi-capable person properly, and muscle guards are not educated on how to do so which is exactly why he shouldn’t have done this to begin with.
          2) There’s no part of the man’s job which even hints this is acceptable. No case law, no historical event, nothing. So this is negligence, which always gets more damages.
          3) There are two guards involve, which is $$$ for the person who did this, plus $ for the accessory.
          4) Common sense this is obviously not acceptable.
          5) This easily could have caused the man’s death
          6) He’s fucking deaf. That earns two votes in any court.

          I hope they garnish both those mens’ wages for life.

        • Radiating says:

          You are a moron, 5.4 × 10^12 is the yearly salary for all of America.

      • cjnewbs says:

        Are you fucking insane 12 figures is 100 Billion, or were you not tought *basic math at school.

    • ARP says:

      It’s obvious that both are deaf, as they’re not talking and trying to sign to them and pointing to their ears and mouths. The guy being choked is tapping him (lightly, I might add) to get them to stop. They weren’t trying to run, the seemed to be trying to reach for their bags to show receipts.

      I hope they get a ton of money.

      • varro says:

        I worked on Case No. 6 on this list (as well as No. 1) –

        No. 6 was a hard-of-hearing man who was yelled at by multiple police officers from multiple directions, and who was confused by them. Cops take him down and use force on him, dislocating his shoulder and causing cuts that became infected.

        $100,000 + attorneys’ fees. I’d say high 6 or low 7 figures for this, since there was an attempt at strangulating the guy.

    • sonneillon says:

      Also this is probably an ADA violation and ADA lawsuits allow for attorneys fees so there is a very good chance the deaf guy will get a free attorney.

      • sonneillon says:

        If I were in charge of forever 21 I would try to find the deaf guy and settle with him before he lawyers up. Offer him a 10k don’t sue us settlement.

        • FaustianSlip says:

          If some rent-a-cop with no legal power to physically detain me at all had grabbed me, dragged me to the floor and put me in a choke hold, keeping me there until I turned purple while I was frantically tapping at his arm, his head and anything else to try and get him to realize that I couldn’t breathe and showing him my receipt, while my friend was trying to tell his colleague that we’re deaf and can’t speak and onlookers are yelling that I’m choking and can’t breathe, I would laugh in the face of someone who offered me a measly ten grand to shut up and go away. Especially when I found out that someone got the whole thing on video, and it was already up on YouTube. I hope these guys take Forever XXI to the cleaners and go home with one massive payday.

          • sonneillon says:

            Perhaps. It depends on how long and how much you want to spend to fight it. Get 10k today or probably get 100k in 5 years.

          • ssnseawolf says:

            The security guard does have the legal power to detain, under specific criteria.

            While this was above and beyond anything reasonable, keep in mind that they are allowed to detain you for a reasonable amount of time using nondeadly force (read: enough time to check your receipt) and only if they suspect you of a crime.

            • drizzt380 says:

              Shopkeepers privilege is very specific. They can’t just suspect you of a crime. They need to have actually seen you take something.

              Some people may think the alarm going off is a grey area but I’m not sure how well that would hold up.

            • wild7s says:

              Mall Security does NOT have the authority to physically assault or unlawfully detain a citizen. They do NOT carry the same legal weight a police officer carries, nor are they paid or trained to make life or death decisions.

              In fact, if the security guard in question was injured while attempting to subdue a suspect, most employers have the right to deny claim and terminate employment. This is because they’re not allowed to do more than defend themselves and verbally command a suspect to return to the store.

              And depending on the state, they may not be legal to check the contents of his bag. (I think..) I know that it is illegal for anyone but an officer of the law to check the contents of a woman’s purse.

              BTW My friend was a bouncer for several years and they were only allowed to fight back. Then the club he worked for changed insurance companies and they were no longer allowed to fight back. Even if the drunk has a weapon, such as a broken bottle. They were to use defensive moves or keep their distance til the local authorities showed up. He quit shortly after that.

    • jurupa says:

      A security guard only has the right to detain someone in this manner if the person they are dealing with is being violent to them or to the people at the place he is assigned to. The problem with this video is it takes place when the guy was already on the ground. So we have no idea if the deaf guy was being violent or not.

      • pantheonoutcast says:

        The LAPD banned the use of the choke hold years ago. It is safe to assume that a store security guard without peace officer status or the powers of arrest in the same state is somehow granted a right that cops don’t have in detaining alleged criminals. I doubt the policies of Forever 21 security guards allow for anything greater than reasonable force – and only when faced with imminent threat. This man was not an imminent threat.

        • jurupa says:

          You say the guy is not a threat, and I agree. But we don’t know what happen before the two where on the ground. In general security guards can only use equal force on someone else as else they can be considered as the aggressor and be charged. The only time really they use the coke hold is if their life is in danger from someone. They can use it because unlike cops security guards are not restricted from using such moves.

          The problem with the video is it only shows the security guard and the deaf guy on the ground. We don’t know what happen before hand. Did the deaf guy escalate things when the security guard question him? Or did the security guard escalate things instead?

          • ssnseawolf says:

            The shopkeeper’s privilege to detain suspected shopkeepers extends only to reasonable, nondeadly force.

            This was both unreasonable and nndeadly. In this case, while IANAL, the shopkeeper was very far outside their rights.

            • jurupa says:

              That only applies if the shop keeper’s life is not in danger tho. Once your life is in danger that gets thrown out the window as you are fighting to stay alive. It only comes back into play once you remove the threat of your life being in danger. I agree the forced used here to detain someone for possible shoplifting (my guess is the cashier forgot to remove the security tag on an article of clothing).

            • Clyde Barrow says:

              You’re right and I also remember from my Torts class that a Shopkeeper cannot force or coerce a confession. If this is done, all bets are off and the accused can walk. And I don’t think it is a written rule, but if I remember, most courts will allow a Shopkeeper to detain someone up to 30 minutes. After that period, the detainee could possible sue based on False Imprisionment. I don’t know and I am not a lawyer but I wish some of them would begin posting comments because it would be cool to know what they could do. I need to know! lol.

              • CookiePuss says:

                Not even police should “force or coerce” a confession but it happens every day.

                And in all honesty, store security should never put their hands on anyone except to defend themselves. Shoplifting is usually a misdemeanor offense, and even if the value of stolen merchandise goes into felony territory it almost always gets downgraded and plead out.

                No reason to risk the shoplifter pulling out a gun or knife. If they know they’ve been caught when you approach them and they run, let em run. Thats what police, cameras, witnesses, and maybe a license plate is for.

      • Tomas says:

        What I suspect happened before the video starts:

        The two deaf gentlemen exit the store, and a security tag left on their PURCHASED merchandise sets off the exit alarms, which they do NOT hear.

        The Security Thugs yell at them to stop, and then attempt to restrain the deaf men when they do not obey their spoken demands.

        At that point the deaf men probably felt (rightfully) that they were being attacked by two huge black thugs, and fought back. Thug Number One in bluejeans takes one of the men to the ground as the man fights back, afraid for his life and probably thinking he is being mugged.

        Video starts.

        Those two thugs should be in jail for assault and battery at a MINIMUM.

        I hope the two deaf gentlemen have some excellent lawyers at their sides very quickly.

        (Myself being handicapped, I have NO sympathy for XXI or their out-of-control thugs.)

        • jurupa says:

          I don’t think it happen quite like that. I think what more happen is the metal detectors went off. But the brand/style/model that is being used has no lights on them so the deaf guy did not know they went off. One of the security guys approach them trying to detain them for shoplifting or at least to question them for it. Deaf guy tries to explain him self in sign language. The security guard miss takes the sing language as resisting him and things go down hill from there.

          I know it may seem like a cop-out or something, but not everyone is aware of sign language when its being used as its not like its a common handicap. But my guess is that was the spark that set off the whole thing and made the security guard go crazy.

          What other crimes should the security guard be charged with? Assault and battery are really the only crimes that I know of that the security guard can be charged with. The assault may be aggravated assault actually due to the choke hold.

    • runswithscissors says:

      See, if the guards had been armed, they could have just shot the two deaf guys in the back and then there wouldn’t have been this disturbing struggle.

      Felony Disobeying a Security Guard = INSTANT DEATH SENTENCE

    • KrispyKrink says:

      No. As a former Police Officer, not even I was allowed to use a choke hold on a suspect.

    • Archergal says:

      I know an employee who grabbed a customer’s arm and accidentally scratched him. He wasn’t shoplifting, but he’d been harassing her and bitching at her and causing a disturbance. She was trying to get him to leave the store.

      She was arrested for assault, lost her job, and was sued by the disruptive customer.

      I have no idea how store security people could get away with THIS.

    • Conformist138 says:

      Awhile back, we got the funniest security video of one of our guards dealing with a very drunk woman. She tried to jump on him and get him to have sex with her (not that it makes any difference, but this was outside on a downtown sidewalk). He couldn’t risk touching her to even make her let go. He shimmied out of his jacket and left her holding it and booked to a far end of the street before attempting to speak to her again. Literally, this woman was physically/sexually assaulting a guard, but if he had attempted to even use reasonable force to make her stop, he would have been fired. We are LESS free to act than an average citizen, most are forbidden from laying a finger on another person while we are in uniform, we can’t even act tough for fear of accusations of false imprisonment through intimidation.

      This is… downright sick.

    • Clyde Barrow says:

      Here is some sign language that I am certain “Forever 21” will understand, it is “my middle-finger pointing up for you!”

  2. UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

    I can’t see anything that could go wrong with this.

    Nothing at all.


  3. BadgerPudding says:

    Never seen clearer evidence of assault. Lock this security goon up for a good, long time. Unbelievable.

    • Pax says:

      This. This in oh, SO many ways.

      Huge civil settlement for the victim – and yes, I think a 10-figure settlement would be appropriate, 10% for the victim and the other 90% donated to court-approved nonprofit organisations that advocate for the hearing impaired.

      Followed by criminal charges against the security guard, the manager, and anyone else who aided or assisted them in any material way.

      Those are the results I think should happen.

      • CoachTabe says:

        A billion dollars? Gimme a break.

      • Dave says:

        So, in other words, whatever company that was unfortunate enough to have that dolt of a security guard working for them should be forced to subsidize the non-profits that aid the hearing impaired? What if the guy simply didn’t want to stop on the way out and just kept walking, like a lot of us would? I’m guessing the security guard would have been just as aggressive since, well, he’s that type of dolt. Extorting money from a company during an unfortunate circumstance such as this which ultimately comes down to the stupidity of a few human beings is wrong, in my opinion.

        Fire workers who played a role in the incident. Apologize. I have no problems with the courts awarding that guy a settlement, so long as the settlement is reasonable. A million dollars is not reasonable, in my opinion. Even $100k isn’t. I say that because I think most people would gladly go through the experience for that amount of money. When the amount gets to the point that the majority of people would actually avoid the situation- well, THEN I would say the amount is reasonable. Otherwise you end up with lottery-lawsuit-hungry people running around this country LOOKING for situations like this.

    • watchout5 says:

      I would disagree, I don’t think the guy’s place is behind bars, clearly he has the ability to make it out in the world, he’s not randomly violent he was just stupidly violent. I’m all for punishing him in some way, but I think correctional facilities are best left for people who actually pose a danger to society. The most dangerous thing about this man is that he took his job way to seriously, which is something our workforce needs, just not in the security division.

  4. iheartdm says:

    Wow. Damn that’s messed up.

  5. leftturnonred says:

    In before cops/security can do whatever they want to us, because their job is dangerous.

    • failurate says:

      And don’t forget, every one of them, every god damned one of them, is a HERO.

    • pantheonoutcast says:

      Stop. These animals aren’t cops – don’t put them in the same league. They’re two idiots who most likely couldn’t pass the police test and instead took jobs that allowed them to abuse the little power they have at a pre-teen’s clothing store.

      • jurupa says:

        Yes because every security guard wants to be a cop.

      • El_Fez says:

        You are absolutely correct. The cops are the animals with the guns.

        • pantheonoutcast says:

          Spoken like a criminal…

          • midniteslayr says:

            Whoa … way to pass judgement there. I agree with Mr. El_Fez, but only to an extent. Most cops ARE animals with guns. Having been treated like a subhuman many times by cops “just doing their job”, I know this to be true. I know that there are cops that are fantastic examples as well (mainly San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York cops), but there are far too many of the bad cops that the good ones get a bad wrap. However, the true classification *SHOULD BE* Cops are citizens with the ability to interpret the law and make it fair for everyone. Sadly, the ones who turn “bad” are the ones where the courts have found their interpretation wrong many, many, many times.

            • pantheonoutcast says:

              Sorry, but it’s been my experience that the people who have “issues” with the police are the people who engage in unsavory activities.

              There are 35,000 NY police officers and 2,000 Boston police officers (those are the only two American cities I’ve ever lived in). I’ve never witnessed or experienced anything negative when dealing with police officers from either of those cities.

              The only time I’ve ever felt any hatred towards any of them was when I was ticketed for not wearing my seatbelt *while backing up at .5 miles per hour while parking*. He was a power-tripping moron: I showed him NYC Dept of Ed ID, he said, “For a teacher, you’re not very smart.” I fought the ticket in court and won by default because Officer Mustache didn’t show up.

              It’s unfair, and sort of dumb, quite frankly, to say that “most” cops are animals with guns. You don’t know “most” cops, and you’ve probably only had one or two experiences with them. If you’ve had more encounters than that, chances are it’s *you* who are doing something wrong.

              • goodfellow_puck says:

                Police are humans too. There are bad and good cops. Just because they are police doesn’t mean they are above being criminals themselves. I’ve never had a problem and respect police, but I have family that work in the police dept and have told me many unbelievable acts of breaking the law by cops that they’ve seen first hand.

                So yeah, have respect, but don’t be unrealistic.

              • halfcuban says:

                Or you could examine the history of certain police departments. As indicated by the recent fiasco in Southern California where two seperate police agencies (Bell and Maywood) have come under fire for questionable hiring practices and corruption, certainly you can say those agencies were awful cops without having any direct experience with them. You can also examine the often times lengthy cases involving cop corruption in many major city police department’s, from the Ramparts Scandal in LA to the Knapp Commission which rampant and high-level corruption amongst the NYPD.

                In any case its too easy to dismiss things that there are “good cops and bad cops”. Police departments are nothing if not large bureaucracies, and their ability to do their job rises and falls on much more than simply finding people of strong moral fiber. Its the systems, policies, and checks and balances in place that assure that things are done properly and right. If NYPD is a better department today it is because of the people who complained about “asshole cops” that go tthe changes made to make sure things were done right.

          • herbie says:

            Uh, not necessarily. The only criminal thing I have ever done (that I’m aware of) is speeding. (Really. I don’t even pirate media.) And I also am of the opinion that the majority of cops are power-hungry goons. So, you might not agree, but the “you should only care if you have something to hide” thing is OLD.

      • Leksi Wit says:


      • Clyde Barrow says:

        Agreed. I respect cops, always have, their jobs are difficult. It ain’t always pretty, but we need them.

        As for these guards? They’re a joke. I hope all these folks get jail time.

      • leftturnonred says:

        I have foretold that you would come after me. The prophecy is fulfilled!

  6. greentech says:

    Yeah… I’m not one to jump to a law suit, but what a violent, humiliating end to what appears to be a misunderstanding on the part of the security. I hope someone who was witnessing all that called the police, and I really hope that footage led to assault charges. This makes me furious just to watch.

  7. aloria says:

    I don’t care if the deaf guy walked out of the store with $500 worth of miniskirts down his pants. How on earth is that an appropriate way for anyone, much less a mall security guard, to detain a person?

    • reishka says:

      ^ This. I saw this earlier and I can’t fathom how anyone could think that this is an appropriate way to detain ANYONE, deaf or hearing.

  8. 3rdUserName says:

    Greased up deaf guy wouldn’t have been able to be caught..

    But seriously, this is just wrong.. There is NO reason to choke a person like that for suspicion of shoplifting, this guy must have been the role model for Observe and Report

  9. Jesse says:

    Good thing this didn’t take place in Maryland. The videographer probably would have been arrested for violating wiretapping laws.

    • ARP says:

      Illinois says you can’t tape cops. I wonder if it applies to rent-a-cops.

      • AI says:

        Wow, what a horrible law, that should be unconstitutional. Taping our police is one of the only ways the public has to ensure the police don’t abuse their powers. Rodney King comes to mind.

        • tgrwillki says:

          The police in the rodney king situation were acquited, however.

          It resulted in the LA riots of 1992.

          • pantheonoutcast says:

            Also, Rodney King was a criminal with a BAC two and half times the legal limit who was evading the police because he was violating his parole for a previous armed robbery conviction.

            Two years after the entire incident, King was arrested twice more for felony hit and run, evading the police and DUI.

            • goodfellow_puck says:

              It’s not about whether King was a criminal or not, it was about excessive violence. We hold our police to a higher standard to that kind of brutality. Being a suspected or previously convicted criminal does not mean the police get to gang beat you senseless after they have you under control–even if they’d like to.

            • halfcuban says:

              Which I’m sure none of the police officer’s knew when they confronted him, unless someone managed to tag his plates while he was speeding. Possible, but unlikely. They also certainly didn’t know his BAC.

              More importantly its not apparent that the “power strokes”, as the commanding officer called them when he ordered the other officer’s to do them, got them any closer to their goal; namely arresting King. In fact he kept just getting up, despite at this point having been tased twice and suffering from lacerations on his face and elsewhere. If the point was to arrest him they should have been fired for failing to do that. The video is not only brutal, but almost amazing in its incompetence, with the cops appearing to be more concerned with swinging their nightsticks in a hilarious tee-ball fashion than actually arresting the guy. You mean to tell me about 6 cops couldn’t manage to get handcuffs on this guy and shove him in the back of a squad car? Please.

            • Bill610 says:

              Um, not to say anything particularly kind about Rodney King, but if the cops did to you what they did to King, you’d probably run from them too.

      • Xerloq says:

        Citation, please?

        • Xerloq says:

          Ok, so it appears that the Illinois “law” isn’t a law as such, but a particular (and recent) application of a two-party-consent law for recording combined with a lack of “no expectation of privacy in public” law in Illinois law.

          I can’t see how that application of the law would pass if it ever got to SCOTUS.

          • LandruBek says:

            When the statute supports these criminal charges, and case law backs them up, then that’s as unequivocally LAW as you’re going to find. And I completely disagree that Scotus would touch this — to me it is clearly a state matter.

            Which is not to deny that this is a horrendous outrage. The police work for you and me, and we should be able to document when they screw up.

        • ARP says:
  10. Tiandli says:

    Did the security guard use extra force because he thought the customer was ignoring him?

    • Wowbagger.the.Infinitely.Prolonged says:

      The penalty for daring to ignore a security guard is a choke hold?

    • Sculder says:

      Not that it justifies anything the security guard did, the poster of the video says in the video that it happened because the man might not have heard the security alarms go off when he exited the store.

  11. chefboyardee says:

    Forever 21 has security guards?

    Also, that store is pathetic, as are the people who shop there. I’m sorry, but grow up.

    • chefboyardee says:

      Oh, but before anyone jumps on me, I wasn’t making fun of the deaf person. I more mean the 40-somethings that actually try to stay “Forever 21”.

      I wholeheartedly hope this security guard and store manager get what they deserve. And a beating on top of it.

      • Keavy_Rain says:

        I think we can safely ignore the eighth amendment with these gentleman, as I’m fairly certain our forefathers would agree that this case warrants both cruel and unusual punishment.

        Seriously, though…Who in their right mind thinks that nearly killing someone is justifiable when it comes to protecting the property of a business? Oh, and right now under “Most Discussed” is the story about the disabled guy who got hustled out of $300. Apparently the world has something against the disabled.

    • Marshmelly says:

      I’m going to have to defend my love for Forever21. They have some great, fashionable clothes that are dirt cheap…and I’m a fan of that. Of course, I’m in my 20s, not my 40s…=)

      • DarthCoven says:

        I try to distract my wife every time we walk past a Forever 21. It is often along the lines of “oh hey look at that shiny thing over there!”

      • william says:

        I agree with Marshemelly!

        As long as they have cheap fashionable item on sale, they are free to choke whoever they want, including deaf people!



      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        I agree. Forever 21 is a lot of things… maybe a little too cheap and trashy trendy, but their staple items like tank tops last a really long time.

    • NarcolepticGirl says:

      Have you ever been in the store? It’s like any other clothing store at the mall.
      Jeans, pants, skirts… some stuff is a little “young” but it’s basically regular clothing.

  12. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    Rodney King!

  13. pantheonoutcast says:

    Why is no one helping that poor man? These people stood around and watched?

    If I saw that happening in front of me, I’d be sitting in jail that same night due to my subsequent response.

    • Marshmelly says:

      because the thing to do nowadays is to whip out your iphone and capture it on video with the hopes of becoming popular on the youtubez! duh…

      But it does look as though some people are trying to help…that big dude in the suit is totally not having any of that though.

      • theycallmeGinger says:

        I agree that most of the gawkers should be ashamed of themselves, but if this video didn’t exist, that “security guard” probably would get away with this and do it again.

        • kyle4 says:

          That reminds me of the movie Kick-Ass and this quote when a crowd of people are watching a guy get beaten.

          Guy- What is wrong with you, man? You rather die for some piece of sh*t that you don’t even know?
          Dave Lizewski: And three assholes, laying it in one guy while everyone else watches?
          [reaches for air]
          Dave Lizewski: And you wanna know what’s wrong with me? Yeah, I’d rather die… so bring it on!

      • halfcuban says:

        To a certain extent the video is more valuable than anything; its more ironclad than witness testimony and there is no doubt now as to how this will all end up. Like security cameras in stores, their preventative effect is far less useful than their ability to detail what exactly happened.

        I can’t remember where it was but I remember probably one of the first videos I ever saw of an incident like this a couple years ago, where an individual attempted to accost a woman in a parking lot of a convention center and was summarily hit in the face; later when the person claimed to have been assaulted someone brought out the video from their digital camera, and found, lo and behold, that the guy was the aggressor.

    • NarcolepticGirl says:

      Easy to say that.
      I thought I would, too.
      But then I put myself in their shoes and I probably would have assumed it was some undercover cop.

    • Wowbagger.the.Infinitely.Prolonged says:

      Exactly this. I’d be in jail, but it’d be worth it.

    • Hooray4Zoidberg says:

      Well to defend the bystanders for all they know the guy being choked might have just stabbed 3 people.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      It looked like a few of people, including the person recording this (he gets close enough to be rebuffed by the other guard), tried to interject. The person person who was signing even tried to pull the guard off of the man.

      But most people wont interfere with anyone who appears to have any kind of authority & most people won’t do anything if there are lots of other people around.

    • BacteriaEP says:

      It’s easy to know what is the right thing to do given the context that you are in right now. You’ve read the consumerist post, you’ve seen the video…

      Had you just walked up and saw this happening what would be your first instinct? I’m not saying it would necessarily be different for you, but for many people they could interpret it in any way.

      What if the guy had been violently resisting thus forcing security precautions?

      What if the guy, as somebody else said, just stabbed a few people?

      What if there were a fight and it had to be broken up?

      There’s just no way to know these kinds of things until you’re able to get the full picture which is why most people stay and see what is happening.

      I’m not justifying this security guard and I hope he pays the consequences for his actions, however, I also don’t blame the people for not lashing out against the security either. The creator of this video did the most logical and useful thing anybody else could have which is film the whole thing.

      • AI says:

        When a guy’s turning purple from a choke hold, and obviously tapping out, I’d definitely step in, even without knowing the history. But I’m 6’3″ so these 5’nothing mall cops don’t really intimidate me.

        • diggabledork says:

          The consistent tapping out was really offending my sensibilities for bystander intervention, I think that would have been the point at which I intervened.

      • pantheonoutcast says:

        Good situational awareness and common sense would have told me that these two aggressors were not undercover cops, that no crime had taken place, and that the two deaf men were not a threat to anyone.

        In New York, I would be completely and legally justified in using deadly force against the aggressor. This was LA, so the most I could have done legally was arrange a group aromatherapy session for all parties involved and then perhaps attempted to realign their chakras.

        • jurupa says:

          First off you are assuming no crime took place which in reality you have no clue if one did took place or not. Secondly if you did take part in this you may be charged with assault (a crime) with trying to help out the deaf person.

          • pantheonoutcast says:

            If a crime took place, his friend would be running, not pleading and intervening, and neither of them would be reaching for their shopping bags. And even if a crime took place, eg shoplifting, that doesn’t give the thug security guards the right to potentially kill another human being. They’re not cops, because media-fearful LA police would never use a banned method of restraint (the choke hold) against an alleged perpetrator – in broad daylight in front of so many witnesses, anyway. But it’s painfully clear from the video that these men were not shoplifters.

            Also, according to NY State Penal Code 35.30 (4)a:

            4. A private person acting on his or her own account…may use deadly physical force for
            such purpose when he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to:
            (a) Defend himself, herself or a *third person* from what he or she
            reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of deadly physical

            It would be my perception that the aggressor is using deadly force when he is placing a man in a choke hold to the point where he is turning purple and struggling for his life. I would be justified by the law in preventing that man’s death, by, at the very least, a show of force against the aggressor equal to the force being used against the victim.

            • jurupa says:

              Not all criminals run when they are caught. We don’t know what happen before the video was shot. The deaf guy may have actually been shoplifting and his friend may had no idea. My point is like before you have no idea nor knowledge of what led up to the security guard putting the deaf guy in a choke hold. If it was truly over shoplifting then the security guard use well above excessive force here.

              And just because something is legal in NY does not mean it is in California.

              • shangyle says:

                Even if the guy did somehow endanger the security guards, you are only allowed to use force equal to the perceived or actual threat. Once the threat is gone (IE. the guy is on the floor and no longer has the upper hand) that force is supposed to cease or be reduced.

                Basically, it doesn’t matter WHAT the guy did beforehand to cause the guard to react this way. If he pulled a gun and the guard disarmed him, he couldn’t keep choking him. If the guy got in his face and he pushes him away, that’s the most force he can apply.

                • jurupa says:

                  Equal force more only applies when your not dealing with a life threating situation. Security guards can use excessive force if their life is in danger. But must back it down once the threat has been dealt with. If they don’t they can be charged. Remember most security guards are civilians and not law enforcement. So security guards fall more under civilian “rule book” than anything else.

                  I am not excusing what the security guard did in the video. As what the security guard did was excessive and should be fired for what he did. Besides if you read pantheonoutcast post you should have notice he was talking about playing hero and thinking that if he did such a thing in California he will not be charged with a crime.

                  • Kryndar says:

                    Uh…….. I may be wrong but I think he was saying the in California he would have been MORE likely to be charged with a crimed than in NYC, I have no clue if this is the case, the time I got involed in a fight, as I mentioned above, I was actually told by the cops that I would have used MUCH more physical force thatn I did in preventing the fight. That being said I used none aside from getting inbetween people. As much as I disagree with them I still find it hard to override the childhood lessons of “never ever fight, even if there is no other option”.
                    Perhaps I am reading this wrong but that is the impression I got. In either case I would not say it is playing hero. If I came upon this situation I would hope that I would first question them as to “what the hell they were doing” and if I was not given an adiquate answer I hope I would get involved, not in harming the gaurd but I helping the guy to at least be able to breath. Buuuuuut again I have never been in a situation quite like this so while I can go on about what I hope I would do I don’t know what I would acutally do.

                    (I apoligise if this is a bit unreadable, I just got back from a bar earlier tonight.)

                  • pantheonoutcast says:

                    Your reading comprehension skills are nearly surpassed by your knowledge of the law.

        • theycallmeGinger says:

          Intervening doesn’t always have to be physical. At the very least, that big of a mob can yell and encroach enough to convince the guard to lighten up. I myself would have been in those guys’ faces, proclaiming loudly that I was dialing 9-1-1 to report assault.

        • jefeloco says:

          Yep, security guy would have been missing an ear at the very least if this happened in front of me. Sec guy ATTACKED A FUCKING DEAF GUY! Detaining him with hand cuffs or ties is one thing but choke holds should be left to the professionals who are trained and assume the liability of such maneuvers.

          I am nice to security guys until they start acting like douches, then the gloves are off. They are citizens representing the financial interest of a company and have no right to do this to anyone, deaf, blind or stupid.

        • cjnewbs says:

          Your first paragraph makes no sense what do undercover cops have to do with this?

          • pantheonoutcast says:

            Someone mentioned further down in the thread that it was possible that the two aggressors were undercover cops. It is clear that they are not.

      • FredKlein says:

        Had you just walked up and saw this happening what would be your first instinct?

        To tell the guy holding him “What the $&#*!?! He can’t breathe! Let him go! You’re choking him!”
        Then, I’d whip out my phone and start taking pictures and/or video.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        I’ll admit that I would have no idea what to do, and there’s no way I could physically intervene. I’m tough, but I’m not a big or incredibly strong. And I’m a girl, so even though I can sound angry as all hell, I’m still not going to match that big dude for size.

        Honestly, I would have called the police.

      • shangyle says:

        At the minimum my first instinct would be to call 911. I would also consider throwing something heavy at the guy’s head. Less chance of injury to me, likely to do a bit of damage, and it’s possible no one may know who threw it. But that’s just speculation. I would HAVE to do something to help, though definitely not going to rush in there. Mobs are scary scary things to be in and I wouldn’t want to be the one escalating the situation. Still, I would feel like throwing something, doing ANYTHING to get the guy to think for a second about what he is doing.

        Also, can I just please clarify that assault is the threat of violence or injury, battery is the actual physical act? I know, lame pet peeve, but assault and battery is much worse than just assault and I hope the guys get charged with it.

    • paul says:

      Good thing it didn’t occur in Latham, Massachusetts

    • smo0 says:

      This is an amazing study.

      “The bystander effect or Genovese syndrome is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases where individuals do not offer help in an emergency situation when other people are present. The probability of help has in the past been thought to be inversely proportional to the number of bystanders; in other words, the greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that any one of them will help.”

      Basically if there are 10 people around, they each feel a 10% responsibility to helping the person, likely based on the assumption that, ” ah someone’s has got this.”

      Where as one person will feel 100% of the responsibility, but it still doesn’t make them do anything.

      Another thing is, they may have felt the person in question was, in fact, guilty of “something” therefore, not get themselves involved for any number of reasons.

      • pantheonoutcast says:

        I’ve been involved in three different situations in which I intervened in altercations between complete strangers. One of them left me hospitalized with a broken nose, and another with a knife wound in my arm. All three times the aggressors were subdued and later arrested and the victims (who were all women in all three cases) protected from further harm.

        Defenseless people need defending, and when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

        • zaku2s274 says:

          Yeah, another case of, “Where are the cops when we need them?”

        • cwlodarczyk says:

          Thanks for one of the only shreds of humanity I’ve seen on the internet lately. Let me buy you a beer if you’re ever in Denver.

        • Kryndar says:

          Oooooh eeesh. The one time i’ve had a chance to try to stop a fight I was, in all honesty, kind of drunk, well not kind of, very drunk, it was Canada day, but I still tried. I was the one, out of maybe like 15, at least, people there who actively tried to stop it, although not in the best way possible, again, Canada day. But the agressor, both the them and the defender being cuffed when I left, actually told me something along the lines of don’t feel bad you tried to help. Contrary to normal situations though this was a really tough woman attacking a guy for being an idiot and making, from what I recall sexist remarks. She was over reacting though. I got between them and ended up with a black eye, didn’t throw a punch myself. I can only imagine what she would have done to him if I hadn’t gotten involved.

    • Knippschild says:

      It’s a well-documented psychological phenomenon called Bystander Apathy.

      You’re not apathetic in the literal “i don’t give a crap” sense, but you’re in a big crowd and don’t want to make yourself stand out and often fear repercussions against yourself (whether they be legal or physical) for intervening in a situation you’re not entirely familiar with or perfect strangers you have no formed emotional attachment to.

      Sure, if you see your best friend getting beaten up by thugs, you’re probably going to run the hell in there and deck the scrawniest guy.

      Fact of the matter lies, though many people (myself included) would want to jump in there and rescue that poor man.. once you’re in that situation in a group of people, your thoughts might change.

      I’m 5’5″ 145 lbs. I wouldn’t fare so well against that roided-looking chokehold expert.

      • zaku2s274 says:

        Yeah, without understanding what exactly happened to invoke the close quarter combat specialist that Forever 21 hired to be a security guard to attack the deaf person, you can not just assume that it would be right to jump in there to save him. I am not promoting cowardice, but I’m just saying that people should not become involved in these types of situations because it could result in something much bigger.

    • goodfellow_puck says:

      I’m going to guess that in addition to the Bystander Effect, that most there assumed the man in the suit had some authority on the situation (ie this man was stealing and we’re stopping him) and that has a lot of effect on what people will do to intervene.

      Personally, at first I wouldn’t know if something had happened to where there was a violent act or theft, etc and wouldn’t act right away. Once I saw more of the one man simply tapping and the other obviously distressed and trying to communicate, then I would be yelling and telling the men to stop.

      I would not get involved physically because there is no way I could compare to either of those men. At least, not in a situation where it’s “just” a choke hold. If one man were taking a weapon or punching/kicking the other, then I’d probably go get a weapon of my own…but I guess we never know how we’ll react until we’re in the moment. Some people just freeze I imagine.

    • dakeypoo says:

      I could only imagine if it were me. Someone I don’t know tackles me and puts me in a choke hold when I have done nothing wrong. I can’t breathe..I reach down to my right side, pull out my concealed .380 and shoot the person in the head.

      This security guard is lucky that the victim was not legally armed.

    • brinks says:

      My 120 lbs. wouldn’t make a dent in that security guard, but if you could kick his ass, I’d make sure everyone stopped taping.

      • Doubts42 says:

        with 2 steps in you could apply almost all of that 120lbs, plus the acceleration at the point of your foot into a force that at the very least would make the guy let go of the man he is strangling.

        Though I can’t say for sure I would have gotten involved. I know I wouldn’t if i walked up just as that video started. Not knowing what had happened before I go there I wouldn’t want to try to judge the actions. Now if i saw that idiot grab the guy with no violent act on the part of the deaf guy beforehand then yeah there would be a permanent nike swoosh on the guy’s forehead.

  14. slim150 says:

    i hope they get sued. that will teach em for making me show my ID on credit card purchases.

  15. Consumeristing says:

    This being Youtube, you guys should read the comments. They’re HILARIOUS!

  16. BuyerOfGoods3 says:

    Wow. Yet another Abuse of Power story. I just read a story in my local online-paper that a Park Ranger (yes, Park Ranger, not a Policeman) shot a Dog in the face. What? Yeah. It barked at him, didn’t attack or anything.

    Since when is Violence the First response to deterring violence? Hope the guy is OK.

    • dangerp says:

      A park ranger IS a cop. They just happen to patrol remote areas. In many remote areas, they are the primary law enforcement. They have to go through the same training as police, plus additional training on game/wildlife etc.

      • RvLeshrac says:

        I’m leery of any story that says the cop “…shot the dog for just barking at him…” – I can’t think of any pet owner who would say “Yes, my dog was going for his throat, this was a legitimate use of force.” For one thing, that would set the owner up for massive criminal penalties.

        • RogerX says:

          Careful now. There are dozens of these stories a month, chronicles at

          Some may be questionable, but many are along the lines of cop comes out looking for a suspect, starts wandering through a neighbor’s yard, and shoot a beagle who comes barking over to investigate the stranger.

      • Noadi says:

        I think you are confusing park rangers with game wardens. At least in Maine, game wardens are law enforcement, park rangers are not.

        • SChance says:

          In the National Parks, some rangers are law enforcement, some are not. Protip: If a park ranger carrying a gun asks you to do something – do it, as he is a Federal law enforcement officer.

      • jason in boston says:

        Agreed. Also, in many states, a Park Ranger has much more authority and jurisdiction than regular or even state police.

        When I was stationed in Ballston Spa, NY we had our “get to know the locals” briefings. Most Navy guys have fast cars or bikes and can outrun the police (and do so on occasion). During that briefing, the CMC basically said: never, ever run from the park rangers. They can chase you anywhere and will. They have better vehicles than you, and they will arrest you. These guys aren’t townie cops, they are the real deal.

        The CMC was right. I thought state troopers had nothing to do except lift weights and sleep. Apparently the Park Rangers fight bear in their free time. Those guys were scary when I got pulled over in one of the parks.

    • FaustianSlip says:

      Good on the older guy in the glasses who walked over when he saw what was going on and kept telling the second guard, “He’s deaf! He can’t hear you!” Personally, I would’ve been on my phone to the police. Is it even legal for them to slap handcuffs on the guy the way they did? When I worked at Best Buy, I seem to remember the rules for detaining anyone for shoplifting to be extremely rigid- they couldn’t (and shouldn’t) put hands on anyone; you had to catch the person in the act, ask them to step into an office and call the police. You sure as hell couldn’t go throwing someone in a choke hold and drag them around on the floor, especially once they’d left the store. If the guy was already out on public property, how was any of that even remotely legal? I’m pretty stunned by the whole thing.

      • jurupa says:

        It is legal for a security guard to put on hand cuffs on a person. But I believe its only when the person is being violent and it is to restrain them until the cops come. By the way security guards have to get a permit to use and have hand cuffs in California.

    • wheeitsme says:

      Hah! I used to work in a National Park for the concessionaire. One Halloween we had a scariest costume contest. It came down between Death Incarnate and a Park Ranger. The deciding question? Which would make you more scared if they showed up at your door at 2am. The Ranger won – hands down.

    • dakeypoo says:

      I could only imagine if it were me. Someone I don’t know tackles me and puts me in a choke hold when I have done nothing wrong. I can’t breathe..I reach down to my right side, pull out my concealed .380 and shoot, the person in the head.

      This security guard is lucky that the victim was not legally armed.

  17. Skellbasher says:

    I’m not a litigious person, but I hope that they sue the living hell out of those arrogant bastards who think that’s appropriate behavior.

    It’s a disgusting act by itself, and made 10 times worse because the guy was deaf.

    My stomach is still turning.

  18. octowussy says:

    Splitting hairs: it’s a front headlock, not a chokehold.

  19. kyle4 says:

    I hope that asshole gets locked away for a long, long time. He also deserves to get sued for his powertrip as well. Too bad the crowd didn’t all jump in.

    • TuxedoCartman says:

      That’s what I was wondering. I know it’s big talk sitting in front of a keyboard and all, but if I saw something like this… where the person is obviously turning purple and panicking, and obviously deaf… I’d have to plant a running kick to the security guard’s head. Like someone pointed out earlier, it doesn’t matter if he shoplifted half the store, a mall-cop doesn’t have the right to choke a man to death.

      • halfcuban says:

        As someone whose worked in inpatient mental hospitals, I’ve come to the conclusion response time is a matter of being prepared for it and expecting it. There were certainly situations in hospitals where I moved much more quickly and responded faster than I think I ever would have on the outside; honestly because I was kind of half-expecting it while I worked there and whenever I was on the floor. I think if I were to see similar behavior outside of work I would have frozen up like everyone else because it would have taken me off guard so much.

  20. watch me eat says:

    For sure these security guards should be fired and arrested for assault. If the manager of this store saw what was going on and did not intervene, he/she should be canned too

    From digg:

    You can contact their press officer here:

    Kirstin Nagle
    Forever 21, Inc.

  21. nodaybuttoday says:

    The video is so hard to watch, I feel so bad for these two individuals. I hope they make a lot of money suing these idiots.

  22. axiomatic says:

    Wow WAAAAAAYYYYYY over the top. Fire everyone involved. Seriously. That was one of the worst offenses of security overload I have ever seen. The security guard needs jail time ASAP.

    • Clyde Barrow says:

      Agreed. I am burning up inside watching this and I would love to hear from an attorney on what they think. As for me? This don’t fly with me and having martial arts and boxing experience since the late 80s, that security guard would have been brought down in five seconds by me. That is the only thing that would have been in my mind; snap, punch, kick, punch, down and out. And if that other “big brutha” would have tried to stop me, well he would have joined his buddy on the ground. This kind of crap is why I advocate learning some self-defense, boxing, and martial arts so you can protect yourself from these numbnuts. You can’t expect a cop to be around when you need them at every minute. These rent-a-cops are a joke; wanna-be hero types and I hope all these dudes involved are fired.

  23. Wowbagger.the.Infinitely.Prolonged says:

    Terrifying. He can’t breathe, can’t communicate with the person who is hurting him, and can’t even see half the time what is going on around him. Unless he actually was shoplifting he would have had no warning before the physical assault. As a mistake it’s pretty hienous. Being Deaf meant not hearing the stupid alarm or the guy yelling at you. So basically, he was choked and pinned to the floor without any warning.

  24. Bizdady says:

    Talk about excessive force, poor guy just trying to breathe. Plus you keep seeing his poor friend in the white sweatshirt try to point out that hes deaf.

  25. coren says:

    …yeah, those deaf guys are gonna be (deservedly) rich. Damn.

  26. ludwigk says:

    This is beyond ridiculous. Forever 21 deserves all the bad press they receive from this video. Manager on duty should get canned, along with any staff and security involved. The customer, even if he did steal something, deserves a monster settlement as well.

  27. TimothyT says:

    During all the scuffling in the beginning of this reminded me of a three stooges routine. Aside from that, this is quite sad.

  28. TehQ says:

    What an asshole thug. He was probably trying to show off to all the teen bopper girls that work there. Hope they throw his ass in jail so he can see what its like to fight with someone who can fight back.

  29. TehQ says:

    What an asshole thug. He was probably trying to show off to all the teen bopper girls that work there. Hope they throw his ass in jail so he can see what its like to fight with someone who can fight back.

  30. MamaBug says:

    This is outrageous. I am sharing this, have written to Forever 21, and will never shop there (i’m in my 20s).
    Watching this made flames come out of the side of my face.

  31. BadgerPudding says:

    Not only is the security guard a criminal, he is a first-class moron to continue his assault with what looks to be at least 3 people filming him.

  32. pcPhr34k says:

    You can see they guy trying to “tap out” as his face starts turning purple. It was then I started getting pissed. Couldn’t watch it after that.

  33. herbie says:

    It really makes me wonder about the kind of people who want to work as security. You know F21 is going to say that this violates their guidelines, blahblahblah, and it well may, so what on earth possessed this guy to attack someone so violently? What kind of person thinks that is okay to do, for pay or otherwise? I guess my point is – this guy must be disturbed in some way. This is not rational behavior. It’s not even self-preservation! It’s out-of-control rage.

    • JMILLER says:

      Well there are two theories, guys who wanted to be cops, and couldn’t, and men with small genitals. Or possibly both.

    • ArgusRun says:

      I work with security a lot and maintain our own departments. There are three types. One are retired cops. In general, they have seen worse than a mere shoplifter and are quick thinking. They are used to using their authority and not physical force to get compliance. Good security guards and supervisors.

      There are the youngsters who are using it as a stepping stone or a part time job as they apply for the police force or they are waiting to enlist. Or have just finished a stint in the armed forces. This is a temporary job for them. They are young and eager to learn and get out. Good security guards.

      Then there are those who crave the sense of power, but are not disciplined enough for the armed forces and were not qualified for the police force. You give them a uniform and a mandate to keep order and they lose their shit. This is all they will ever be qualified for and face it they shouldn’t be in this position to begin with. You are feeding an unstable person’s need for power. These make crappy security guards.

      There are exceptions to the rules of course, but a general look at a multi unit security force will give you this general breakdown.

      • herbie says:

        Huh, that is interesting! Thanks.

      • Conformist138 says:

        You forgot one type: Retired guy NOT from a security or legal background. These guys are often hired directly as supervisors in low-key, low-risk settings. They are just a hair better than the power hungry jerks. These dudes aren’t violent, but they are incompetent and come with an “I’m older and know best even though you’ve got more experience in this industry” kind of attitude.

        My company hires them because no one else will take a supervisor position for only $0.50/hr more than a regular guard. They make our lives miserable.

  34. idx says:

    If homeboy knew some BJJ, this would have been a much more entertaining video.

  35. Travtastic says:

    Even if the guy was walking out of the store with armloads of clothing that still had activated security tags, I don’t see how this is anything but criminal assault.

    A reasonable response for ‘loss prevention’ is a video camera and a call to the cops. The absolute only reason to use physical violence in a fucking mall is if someone is in imminent danger of physical harm.

    And according to the above logic, someone should absolutely have field goal kicked the face off of the security guard.

  36. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    This is what management/corporate is worried about when they make policies saying that employees can’t physically stop suspected shoplifters. It isn’t about wanting their employees to be wimps, it’s about preventing their employees from acting like thugs.

    So how are these guys not fired yet? We’ve heard about people get fired for doing less to actual shoplifters and these guys did way more than enough to be arrested for assault.

  37. theycallmeGinger says:

    This is really horrible to watch — I had to stop the video. But I saw enough to know that excessive force was used inappropriately. It doesn’t matter that the man was deaf or that he didn’t even steal anything. What matters is the amount of power this security guard thought he should have when detaining a suspect. Over a possible stolen item? Disgusting.

  38. ellemdee says:

    I’m waiting for the update to this post where Forever 21 is “taking it seriously”.

  39. Alvis says:

    The horror!

    Sorry, wrong aspect ratios make me sick to my stomach.

  40. ARP says:

    He wouldn’t have been treated that way if he had done what they told him. Isn’t that excuse that Law and Order types use for any police action gone wrong (e.g. Taser deaths)?

    • pantheonoutcast says:

      This is a $7 an hour, high school drop out security guard throwing down on a deaf guy.

      Not remotely the same.

      • TuxedoCartman says:

        Actually, if you keep up on the increasing number of stories of cops acting like jack-booted thugs rather than law enforcement professionals… nah, looks about the same.

  41. bobosgirl says:

    Here you go folks-

    Let corporate know how you feel. I just did. I will never spend another cent in their stores, and with 4 girls 10 to 22, my ex and I have spent a good chunk in the last few years. I hope those 2 men use the video to sue the ever lovin’ pants off Forever 21.

  42. aja175 says:

    I’m about the last person to say sue the bastard, but sue the bastard and his employer.

  43. badnewsblair says:

    Please make sure this story gets updated.

  44. Bizdady says:

    Forever 21 finally responded to this via twitter/face book

    “Forever 21 Fans: We too are troubled by the video. We are investigating this matter and will take action once we have the full story —

    • georgi55 says:

      Holy crap, power of the internet, imagine just 2, 3 years ago, no company would have responded so quick.

    • marlathetourist says:

      Good thing they are taking it seriously.

    • brinks says:

      Best comment on their Facebook page:

      “You guys should sponsor UFC. Your in-store training program is cranking out some pretty good fighters.

      Love your clothes, hate your security and lack of accountability/responsiveness on this issue.”

  45. JMILLER says:

    Can I just ask for the last time. If somebody is choking me out and you are there. PUT DOWN YOUR CAMERA AND STOP HIM.
    Yes it is nice to have video proof, but not a single person stopped this? I have jumped in on assaults in the past, and would again. If the guy was clearly a security guard he has NO LEGAL RIGHT, to EVER assault anybody.

    • JuanHunt says:

      When in such a situation, make a fist and hit the guy performing the choke hold as hard as you can in the ear. Repeat as necessary. While he holds his bleeding ear, kick repeatedly in the kidneys, both left and right, until compliance is restored.

  46. feistydonut says:

    I’d like to think that at some point before the headlock was over the security guard realized that 1. the guy is deaf and 2. my life is over.

  47. JMILLER says:

    1. The “security officer” and his accomplice (the one stopping his friend from helping) should be immediately arrested.
    2. They should PERSONALLY be sued as well.
    3. Forever 21, should get out their checkbook and start writing a check and put a one and follow it with zeros until the deaf guys say stop, or as long as this animal choked him.
    4. The “manager” should be fired as well, and possibly arrested too.

    Finally, it really pisses me off people won;t help somebody being choked in that situation. I guarantee the mob can beat those two fat ass black guys anytime. Realize the power and quit watching and start helping.

    • Naramie says:

      In cases like this most people aren’t sure what is going on, they just want to see. With that uncertainty I doubt many people are going to jump into a situation like that where they don’t know why security is involved. May be they arrested a robber or some guy who was flashing little kids. Everyone wants to be the guy who jumps to save some innocent person who is being wronged but you may also be involving yourself with a serious crime under false pretenses. A judge wouldn’t care if you tried to save some “innocent” guy from being choked, if later on it was revealed that the “innocent” guy was a robber. He’d throw you in the slammer as an accomplice.

      • JMILLER says:

        Actually you are wrong. Unless the person was a police officer, the security officer is nobody. HE HAS NO AUTHORITY, under the law. Even if the guy stole a million dollars, the “security guard” does not have a right to choke or detain him. They can call the police, but physically they are not allowed to use ANY force.
        This is not debatable. The fact is, most people live their lives afraid to stand up for what is right. They accept this behavior because “at least its not me”. Grow a set of balls and help people who are being attacked.
        How do YOU know the “security guard” was not trying to kill the guy for no reason? So you think it is acceptable to stand around and watch? How about if your wife, daughter or mother is being raped? Should we all just say, its none off our business?

  48. BadgerPudding says:

    If you are upset by this, remember that Target is trying to put a choke hold on the rights of millions of Americans through campaign contributions.

    Don’t forget to join the boycott this weekend.

  49. JuanHunt says:

    Local mall security guard killed a teenager with this same tactic. Mall paid millions. Security guard convicted of manslaughter.

    Under no circumstances can a private security person use such restraint techniques. Maybe Forever( Paying a Deaf guy) $21million will be a good lesson for other retailers

  50. Griking says:

    I’m reserving judgment until after I know what really happened here. Sure this doesn’t look good but for all we know the deaf guy could have been violent before filming started.

  51. WorksatDollarRentaCar says:

    I heard this also from someone that claimed to know the security guard

    1. Security had been watching them for a while and they were DEFINITELY shoplifting. They have the shoplifting on tape.
    2. As they were leaving the store, the guard politely asked them to walk back in to look at their bags.
    3. The shoplifter took a swing at the guard and fought back. The guard TRIED to let go several times, but he kept fighting back.
    4. The shoplifter was HIGH on crystal meth, which explains why he was so violent in his reaction.
    5. The shoplifter is currently in jail charged with assault and robbery.

    • BadgerPudding says:

      Yeah, I also heard your mom is a whore from some random guy.

    • LinebackerU says:

      That security guard has pretty keen senses if he was able to tell by…smelling?…the guy that he was on crystal meth.

      Further, even if any of that were true, there are ways to detain a person without strangling him. There’s a fine line between “a sleeper hold” and “death from strangulation”.

    • TuxedoCartman says:

      Yeah, because you can CLEARLY see in the video how much the guy was fighting back every time the security guard let go.

      From Webster’s…

      fighting back (verb)- 1: laying on the ground in as submissive position as possible, begging to just be left alone. 2: trying to exercise your civil right to oxygen.

    • william says:


      Assuming what you reported is true, the security guard could still be charged with assault because it was “unreasonable force”, not to mention he’s not even law enforcement. That fact is not changed even if the guy IS shoplifting.

      Look, just because someone committed a crime (shoplifting) does not give you permission to perform a crime on him (assault).

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      2. As they were leaving the store, the guard politely asked them to walk back in to look at their bags.


    • william says:

      oops, meant to reply to WorksatDollarRentaCar, not JMILLER, mistake on my part

    • iParadox{InLove} says:

      Yeah and I also heard from a guy that knew a guy that heard from another guy that heard from his mom that heard from her grandma that heard from her 2-year dead cat that sources that you cited are always accurate and not just people talking out of their ass.

    • pantheonoutcast says:

      Was the person you heard it from a complete an utter bloody moron? I mean, you’ll at least consider that possibility, yes?

    • Skid Malfoy says:

      I actually heard something similar, and the two deaf guys were cyborgs who had come to kill some dude last name of Conner, O’Connor, or something. Maybe the security guard is the dude and an hero.

    • Johnny Rotten says:

      Complete BS.

  52. zacwax says:

    I’m just glad that justice was served

  53. freeformed says:

    Wow, I am surprised how few people got involved. I would have been in their face, even if it meant me taking the assault in place of the poor guy.

  54. Cicadymn says:

    From what I’ve seen in the video and read in the article I’ve been able to piece together a certain timeline.

    1. Deaf guy came in to shop
    2. Shopped, purchased, and headed out
    3. Deaf Guy opened the door
    4. Security guard took him to the floor
    5. Everybody walked the Dinosaur

  55. brinks says:

    Most of us have had the experience of being checked out by some teenager on her second day of work who forgets to take the sensor tag off, thus making the alarm go off as you exit. This is the kind of thing that happens ALL THE TIME in retail, and it’s more often an employee error than actual shoplifting.

    That’s absolutely unnecessary behavior by the security guard. Even if the guy actually did steal something, behavior like that is not warranted over a $20 shirt. He’s lucky he didn’t kill the guy like the CVS employee did a few months back.

    He needs to be in jail and the company needs to pay.

    • Bog says:

      If the guy in question did not shoplift then he has one hell of a case to sue.

      If as the guy as some of the allegations state, was shoplifting then I do think that the take-down was warranted.

      • drizzt380 says:

        The problem is this could be considered unreasonable force.

        Some police officers aren’t even allowed to use that kind of maneuver because of how dangerous it can be.

      • brinks says:

        I have zero tolerance and no sympathy for shoplifting. However, the guy’s face was PURPLE. The guard was way out of line using that much/that kind of force.

  56. hmburgers says:

    The guy in the choke hold is almost completely purple when he’s able to flip over a bit… I’d be surprised if he was able to get away w/o injuries and maybe some neck issues.

    …and his friend looks like he might be mentally challenged…

    Seriously this is pretty ridiculous… these guards way overreacted…

    • Conformist138 says:

      The friend is his brother and is also deaf. Depending on the exact circumstances, being deaf can come with balance and coordination problems since the inner ear is important for keeping us upright and moving in a straight line. Everything about how he walked, held his arms, and the sound of his voice (what I could hear of it) had me yelling at the video, “Holy crap, can’t you tell this man does not hear you? He is so obviously deaf, Helen Keller would have picked up on it from a mile away!”

  57. EverCynicalTHX says:

    It sure looks like improper actions on the part of security…but since this is some unknown video from some unknown guy with a somewhat oddball youtube channel, with no discernible date, time and location and the audio has parts cut out I’ll wait for actual details before forming an opinion.

    • Dalsnsetters says:

      Wait…what? You’re going to wait for more information? Even if the guy WAS a shoplifter, even the cops are NOT allowed to use that kind of a hold and a security guard sure as SHIT doesn’t have that authority.

  58. cashxx says:

    The security guard is trying to detain him and he is fighting back from what I am seeing in the video. The security guy is doing his job. The public is having a fit because the person is labeled as a deaf person. The person should have complied at first and probably none of that would have happened….you can clearly see the guy fighting the security officer and then once the guard gets him under control and handcuffed then everything is fine. He should have complied in the beginning, instead he chose to not comply.

    • TuxedoCartman says:

      Go familiarize yourself with the human body’s reactions to being cut off from oxygen, then come back and lecture us on how he was clearly resisting in the video. Choking and drowning are two of the only things that cut off our mind’s control of our body; you instinctively flail, fight, or do whatever you have to to get air again.

      This man was turning purple. If he knifed the guard in all of this, I’d still cut him a break (no pun intended.)

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      The public is having a fit because the person is labeled as a deaf person.

      Clearly you have not read any of the comments nor did you watch the same video as everyone else did.

    • iParadox{InLove} says:

      The body’s natural reaction when cut off from oxygen is to fight to breathe. I’ve had someone hold me under the water in a pool before and your natural reaction is to fight for a breathe, even if it means inhaling water. You are just an ass and probably a security guard that likes to pick on people.

    • ill informed says:

      “labeled” as a deaf person?

    • BelleSade says:

      The fact that you think that a physical disability is the same thing as a “label” proves that you’re too ignorant to even be worth a decent reply to.

    • pantheonoutcast says:

      It is obvious that you have never been in such a situation. The deaf man is not “fighting back” in the slightest – he is struggling to breathe.

      Furthermore, a citizen does not have to “comply” with a store security guard – especially since that guard is not even in the store at the time. This took place on the sidewalk outside. The security guard has no powers of arrest, and can only respond to a threat of imminent danger with reasonable force during the course of his job. This is not reasonable.

    • ARP says:

      Yes, lightly tapping the security guard to indicate he cannot breathe shows how violent he’s being. Or is it him trying to indicate he’s deaf and signing is showing his violent nature.

      So under your theory, if anyone asserts authority over you for whatever reason is justified in doing whatever they want to you because you’re not being 100% compliant?

    • DD_838 says:

      You are an asshole. You also have no idea what your talking about. I wonder if you would be spewing the same nonsense if it were your grandmother they assaulted?

    • brinks says:

      I have no sympathy for people who don’t comply with law enforcement, or, I guess, any security guard who makes a reasonable request. Take out the outrage factor because it was a deaf guy, and you still have the same thing: THE GUY WAS FIGHTING BECAUSE HE COULDN’T BREATHE. You can see him turn purple. He wasn’t resisting being detained, he was resisting NOT BEING KILLED.

    • ovalseven says:

      May we “clearly label” you as something?

    • cecilsaxon says:

      You are a special kind of stupid. If someone had been accosting me and trying to choke me to death I would have stuck my fingers so deep in his eye sockets I would be scratching the back of his skull. What a tool the rent a cop security guard was. I hope they sue these buggers for everything they possibly can AND file assault charges,

    • Conformist138 says:

      Take away the guy being deaf, take away the friend trying to prove his innocence, and even take away the fact that he couldn’t breathe. Assume he shoplifted about $1,000 worth of stuff and gave the guard the finger. That doesn’t change one big glaring problem in your assertion that he “deserved” to get what he got: Security guards have zero right to grab you like that. It is a violation even of a citizen’s arrest to use force like that to protect some stuff. For any citizen, you cannot choke people because “Well, that is worth some money over there, and they shouldn’t have it.” A long time ago we decided that even the rights of a criminal are more valuable than some overpriced jeans.

      Not to mention, if I were deaf and someone tackled me and someone tried indicating I was deaf, I would assume a guard would release me enough to sort it all out. That this man was just refusing to let go would, if I were in that situation, make me think I was going to be murdered in front of a crowd of curious shoppers. If the tap-out didn’t work and the pleas of my friend didn’t work, well, I’d be trying to aim my foot at the guard’s head or something. Scratch him, flail, anything. The second I got a breath, I’d be screaming for my life. I wouldn’t think “Ah, stop resisting the nice man in charge”

    • Dalsnsetters says:

      In his capacity as a security guard, he is just that: a security guard. He has no law enforcement credentials. He has no more power (and no less) than you or I or that guy over there. And he sure as SHIT doesn’t have the right to choke someone till they turn purple.

      Frigging idiot.

  59. iParadox{InLove} says:

    I have about 20 friends that shop at Forever 21 and I’m forwarding this to them in the hopes that they never shop there ever again! This is just plain wrong! You can obviously see the man is just trying to breathe, the security guard and the man in the suit (manager?) should have charges brought against them. This is not how you treat a human being, much less a disabled human being!

  60. backinpgh says:

    I can’t believe that not a DAY went by while this security guard was working that someone actually explained to him what he was supposed to do in the event that someone was suspected of shoplifting! How does this happen?!

  61. 420greg says:

    This happened three days ago and there are only 5 stories in Google news.
    Looks like it is not getting the coverage it needs. Hoe being on consumerist will stir the outrage.
    The government need to make an announcement that only membership stores can check your receipt and put an end to this non sense.

    I for one am tired of being treated like criminal every time I leave a store.

  62. BelleSade says:

    My fiancé is hearing impaired (he wears hearing aids) and was absolutely disgusted by how these two guys were treated. Being a close advocate of the deaf & hard of hearing, he couldn’t believe how dense the staff were in being unable to communicate, or even attempt to communicate, when one of the suspects (the guy in white) was clearly trying to tell the manager “he’s deaf, he can’t hear you, he doesn’t know what’s going on and he’s freaking out.”

    The article mentions that the metal detector went off and thats when they were physically apprehended (in a completely illegal manner). The metal detectors DON’T HAVE any flashing lights or any means other than sound to indicate that they detect metallic objects. The customers were deaf, so they could not have possibly known.

    I hope they sue the hell out of this store!

  63. cjnewbs says:

    It always annoys me when people bring disability into an argument like this. From the evidence on the video the security guard handled this completely the wrong way, and as they were deaf it should not have affected it in the slightest.

  64. smo0 says:

    I have friends who are bouncers and security guards… here in Nevada AND in California, it is considered assault to put anyone in a headlock… even if they are threatening you with a weapon.
    Anyone meaning, if you are the security guard – it’s illegal for you to do so… I’ll try to locate the rulings on this… people have been fired and sued over this… mostly because of the irreparable injury and brain damage that can occur from this….. the fact that it might have been unwarranted and the gentleman was deaf just adds to the world of shift this is gonna rain down.

  65. sharki3232 says:

    WTF? That was totally disproportionate. I would definitely file suit if I was him, especially if he can proof he wasn’t shop lifting.

  66. sharki3232 says:

    KTLA, the local CW affiliate, has the video on their website so it is making the rounds.

  67. Mr.Grieves says:

    What a dick. The guy was clearly tapping for at least a minute and was looking like he gave up, but the guard held the choke hold. Dick.

  68. oldwiz65 says: the security guard is an employee of Forever 21? That means the store is responsible for what he does. I’m sure a decent lawyer would have a field day with this. You have criminal assault and a store that doesn’t seem to mind. Not to mention the great publicity for Forever 21 once people pick it up on YouTube. I understand sign perfectly well and I would have screamed at the guard at least. Then I would have observed exactly what happened and when the police showed up told them exactly what happened and advised the deaf person to sue the store. Most stores don’t give a shit about shoplifters and are quite happy if their security people beat them to the ground; they probably gave the security guard a raise and a bonus. I once was stopped coming out of (another retailer) cause the sales person had forgotten to remove the stupid security clip. I politely went back in, showed them my receipt, and then returned the item giving my reason as “I purchased the item, however I cannot remove it from the store so it is useless to me.” They got the manager and I stuck to my reasoning and they reluctantly refunded my money.

  69. Invalid_User_Name says:

    So attempted murder is now the appropriate punishment, meted out by a “security guard” no less, for shoplifting? What’s it say about us when STUFF becomes more important than one’s personal safety or dignity?

    LA DA? Are you seeing this?

  70. crtjer says:

    This hits home. I have a friend who is deaf and people not understanding that he is deaf even with signals or pointing to his ears is still not understood. Oddly enough he has run into people who thought being deaf was the same as being blind. All should be fired in this situation and also for not paying any attention to that deaf guy trying to explain by using hand motions. I will be writing to Forever 21 for this crap.

  71. physics2010 says:

    Oh god that was horrible to watch. I don’t mean the deaf guy getting choked out and his idiot companion that wasn’t doing anything to calm the situation, I’m saying the camera or the video conversion was sickening.

  72. The Marionette says:

    Ugh unfortunately I wasn’t there otherwise I’d help that deaf guy regardless if I would’ve went to jail. It’s painfully obvious he’s deaf (or at least has some sort of handicap) and even if not the person (which i’m assuming of course) that was with him was at least deaf and maybe the other guy was his translator.

  73. lyllydd says:

    It was pretty clear that the the victim’s buddy – the guy in the shorts — was trying to communicate in sign language. There was more than one security guard there, at least one of them should have been trained to recognize it. There are enough deaf patrons at most malls to warrant it.
    Oh, yeah, assault, violating the Americans with Disabilities act, discrimination, hell, I bet even the bystanders could get these bastiges on harassment charges if they really wanted to.
    I smell criminal charges, civil lawsuits, and a nice boycott. Anybody else smell security guard barbecue?

  74. ARVash says:

    Next time make it company policy to actually train your workers properly, and let them know the consequences of choke-holding a blind man; it’s not just termination, it should be jail time. I never shopped at forever 21, but i’ll be damned if I ever will. If this is their version of a tight ship, then they’ve got blindfolds on.

  75. danbartlett says:

    Clear assault. Period. Security guard needs to lose his job and be charged with a variety of crimes. Although…I’m thinking I might head to LA and visit this store for a nice payday.

  76. Memtex784 says:

    There going to get fired and probably work for the TSA afterwards.

  77. Rocket80 says:

    Consumerist, if you ever do anything for me please follow up and stay tuned to this story. These thugs need to be punished, this tilts me so much.

  78. kompeitou says:

    So what if a bystander seeing this security guy choking the deaf guy tried to help the deaf guy? Say, like pull the security guard off the deaf guy? Choke the security guy until he lets the deaf guy go?

    I see this video and I’m thinking I would want to jump in and help the deaf guy by getting the security guard off him. Would I be going to jail too?

    I see all those bystanders around and only a couple people seem to do anything… its like, WTF.

  79. Jennifer423 says:

    Headline is wrong, that’s the XXL security, doubt those guys were buying teen girl clothes.

  80. chocolate1234 says:

    This video makes me really sad. I really hope the man makes a LOT of money off of Forever 21. Nobody deserves to be treated like that.

    • e065702 says:

      The deaf guy was arrested for stealing.

      He was not permanently injuted.

      He deserves NOTHING except comply with the punishment meted out to him by the appropriate courts.

  81. yankinwaoz says:

    Why was this story never mentioned in the LA Times?

  82. DowneMixedBoi says:

    WOW, This is so SAD

  83. shangyle says:

    The YouTube guy has a follow up video on his site.

    Apparently the choke-hold victim HAS been charged with assault and shoplifting. Not sure exactly how that happened since the LAPD claims they received no calls to the scene…

  84. mrfantomhawk says:

    that is flat out assault, and wrongful imprisonment

  85. dyzlexiK says:

    From KPLA:
    “HOLLYWOOD — A video posted on YouTube which shows a violent arrest of a deaf man is sparking outrage.

    The video allegedly shows security guards at the Forever 21 store on Hollywood Boulevard tackling and choking a deaf man after he failed to stop when an alarm sounded as he exited the store.

    His friend, who is also deaf, tries repeatedly to show the guard the receipt for the purchase (and tries to communicate using sign language), but he’s not able to stop them from roughing up his friend.

    LAPD officials identify the deaf male suspect as Alejandro Rea, and say merchandise from the store was found in his bag.

    Rea was arrested and charged with robbery and shoplifting. He is being held in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility on $55,000 bail.”

    So he was shoplifting apparently, but nothing in the article about the guard?

  86. MrMan09 says:

    Wow… taking it seriously…
    1 tweet in the middle of their sales pitches…
    ooh and a twitpic to explain themselves.

    “We will take action once we have the full story.”

    Ummm there can not be anything at all that allows a rent-a-cop to put a choke hold on someone.
    I wonder how much of this was caused by the deaf man not “respecting his authoritah” because he couldn’t hear the commands.

    If the loose into is to be believed, the man who was choked is in jail on 55k bond. 5k for 1 charge and 50k for another. Charged with “robbery and shoplifting” but I have also seen reports of charges for assault.

    They could have stolen everything in the store, there is no excuse for the store security behaving this way. I think its also nice they try to drive away the people filming them, makes you wonder if someone thought oh… this might look bad, maybe we went a little overboard.

    And then we have to wonder what the store did while they held these men and forced them to open their bags and present their paperwork. Would be nice if a receipt happened to vanish so they can say see he is a dirty shoplifter, we were ok with what we did. They did take the bags away from them and kept them from them for several minutes.

    This is just disgusting

  87. NickelMD says:

    The fucking asshole that assaulted the deaf man should be jailed for a VERY LONG TIME.

  88. Willnet says:

    This is going to piss everyone off but..

    These dudes are pretty soft. They might have been stealing they might not have. But when a guard puts you in a hold that means stop moving. Remember when you were a kid and your bro/sis/dad/bully would choke/torture you until you stopped resisting? This dude blatantly tries to “reason” but continues to move around and pretty much makes himself panic. When you panic you choke yourself. The guard is in control the whole time. He is not really hurting the guy. The only way the guy would get hurt is from resisting and hurting himself. You can see him slowly shifting positions until the guy gets tired and gives up. He even shifts position when people start yelling “you’re choking him!”. Its obvious he is just pacifying the situation. Its like everyone just wants to start shit just to cause a ruckus. Like the cyborg in the road vest. I do agree that this is no behavior for a guard at forever 21. He went way overboard. The dude probably does combatives training in the gym and forgot that 90% of the dudes prancing around in the city don’t even know how to throw a punch. I say a little sensitivity training and maybe a pay cut or something. Maybe a formal apology. Or even better, the roid guy could give the deaf guy free training on self defense. Enough with this suing and crap. People just sue (I’m saying in this case only!) for money. You’re not fooling me. You all just want money so you can buy more toys for your obese cat and will fight for your “cause” till the end to get it. If all the money went to something like fixing the issue, where the victim gets only enough for med bill etc., the victim would be like “meh”. This guard may be a ego-roid-maniac, but he is human and is not all that “criminal”. He should be punished, and the deaf guy should get some compensation, but not to the extent it ruins roid guys life and gives deaf guy zillions of dollars for life.

    • MrMan09 says:

      One little problem…
      with no uniform and no way for them to hear him identify himself as a security guard you now need to think how would I react if a large man just grabbed me and took me to the ground?

      Because you can hear and see if after the fact you understand that he is a very stupid loss prevention person who is going to be looking for a new job. To someone unable to hear, he is a crazy man who just grabbed me and he is choking me.

      • Willnet says:

        I have no idea how this all started. The video starts a little late. Maybe deaf guy got sassy with a beiber edition switchblade? Or maybe roid dude did just wrastle this guy to the ground for being unresponsive when asked to “return the merchandise or I will choke the pants off you”, which in turn he did..

    • pantheonoutcast says:

      When you were in school, you used to get a lot of papers back from the teachers that said, “See me after class,” didn’t you?

    • mrfantomhawk says:

      dude, Security guards are not allowed to put their hands on you period. What he did was assault. All a security guard can do if shoplifting is suspected is take his information, and call the police. This is flat out assault. It doesnt matter that he was choking him …the right way as you would say it. He can get in trouble for simply grabbing his arm to tightly.

      Bottom line, he’s not a cop, he never should have touched the guy

  89. watchout5 says:

    Everyone knows the best way to get a deaf guy talking is to choke him. Even if he did shoplift, was it really worth losing everything for? There’s no question this guy is going down, either directly because of this indecent or because his behavior suggests he doesn’t know the proper way to detain someone. In many circumstances, and seemingly in this one too, rent-a-cops do not have this authority, and specific to the choking, he has no right. You could try to come back with a “well maybe he was being violent” but like, look at that guy’s gut, I don’t mean to judge but I’m guessing he’s not going to be threatening much with that keg.

  90. Marlin says:
    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      Why does the article put scare quotes around the word deaf? Do they think the men were faking being deaf?

  91. kelbear says:

    It’s about this time that I would stomp those guards into the ground.

  92. MerlynNY says:

    That security guard should not only lose his job, but face criminal charges for what he did. Unless the deaf guy whipped out a weapon and threatened the guard, then maybe I could find reason for the choke hold, but this is completely unacceptable. Funny that the guy who’s providing security, should be the one behind bars for it.

  93. MrsLopsided says:
    Police said one of the men apprehended by the security guards, Alejandro Rea, was charged with robbery, but did not say what he stole. He had a prior record but officials also did not say what for. Rea posted bail believed to be $50,000 and was released Monday.

  94. e065702 says:

    He was arrested and charged with robbery and shoplifting. He is being held in on $55,000 bail.

    Sorry, no sympathy at all for him if he actually shoplifted. He wasn’t permanently injured, he did not even go to the hospital. He was restrained for stealing.

    If he did shoplift the he is a crook, a POS scumbag that decided it was o.k. for him to take something he had no right to.

    I say right on to the security guard and the store. If Forever 21 succumbs to blackmail and pays this guy off I will make it a point not to never shop there for any reason.

    This guy deserves nothing for his embarassment. If he had been permanently injured then MAYBE we can discuss the stores liability but since he was only embarassed then too bad so sad.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      He was arrested and charged with robbery and shoplifting.
      Being arrested != being guilty.

      He wasn’t permanently injured…
      Thankfully, most of us don’t think it’s OK to do everything up to permanent injury for non-violent crimes. Furthermore, it’s clear from the video that the guard did not care if he killed this man, much less injured him.

      If he did shoplift the he is a crook…

      And if he didn’t? You never seem to consider that part. Will you still be cheering for the overzealous guard if it turns out that the man he nearly choked to death is innocent?

  95. pot_roast says:

    Still going to wait until the whole story comes out before passing judgment. We’re taking everything reported in the video as fact. Remember the Rodney King video? We have no idea what happened before this guy started filming. Another website reports that the guy in the black shirt had assaulted the security guard prior to being detained. A news report says that one of them actually was arrested for theft. GLAD is mad because the situation was handled poorly (it was) … wrong place at the wrong time. People fake medical conditions when confronted by law enforcement frequently (seriously.. we get 911 calls for ‘diabetic emergency, detained by PD’ twice a month and it’s almost always someone trying to get out of being arrested), and security guards aren’t required to know every language out there. This guy happened to be deaf but the outcome could have been the same if he spoke another language only.

  96. jeffile says:

    How do you say in sign language. “I don’t know what happened but I do know I now own this store”?

  97. ConsumerPop says:

    This is just….wow.

  98. donssword says:

    I hope they sue the crap out of the store and the security company–their actions were disgusting.

  99. Not Given says:

    I hope the guard does jail time for assault and battery, loses his job and the store get sued for at least $100,000 and is required by the court to retrain their entire security department.

  100. Clyde Barrow says:

    Well right now Kirstin Nagle is drinking her afternoon tea, contemplating her next move.

  101. Clyde Barrow says:

    Kirstin Nagle is at this moment have her afternoon tea contemplating her next move; “should I wear blue or yellow for the TV news crew? Mmmmm”.

  102. millertime1211 says:

    Lesson of the day….DON’T STEAL! A choke-out it nothing, in some countries his hand would have been cut off. More people need a lesson learned like this, if he hadn’t decided that he was above the law in paying for merchandise than the guard wouldn’t have decided he was above the law in not choking him out. Karma….sucks sometimes doesn’t it!

  103. regis42 says:

    “KTLA will have more after the Raider’s game”? Is this old, or has football season totally snuck up on me?

  104. beccasmom4321 says:

    OK, So your saying it’s wrong Why? He was supposedly steeling. Because he’s deaf he gets to go home scotch free? That doesn’t make any sense!
    Any other person caught steeling would get the same thing. Why should he be treated any different.
    Yes, I feel bad for him, I feel bad because he’s deaf. I feel badly for anyone who’s hearing impaired, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be captured for something that he did wrong.
    Sorry, but he was just doing his job to catch the guy.