Notorious Alleged Stolen Credit Card Data Reseller Arrested, But His Promo Cartoon Remains

An alleged big-time old-school credit card data reseller was arrested in France and extradited to America after Department of Justice investigators arranged to buy some credit card data off him via ICQ. His reign as king jerk may have ended, but the flash cartoon he used to promote his netherworldly services is still online (NSFW).

The cartoon positions uses broadly sketched national stereotypes to position credit card data theft as a way for international miscreants to buy the fast cars, electronics, and loose women of their dreams and get one over on stupid Americans, as depicted by a spurs-wearing Texan, and Condoleezza Rice (whose eyes fall out of her head) and an uncomfortable George Bush (who shoots himself in the head). Over an American flag, the words, “We are all your sons, America” appear, followed by a commie-hatted gold-toothed Russian wearing a necklace with a giant gold Euro on it who points a finger at the reader. “BadB wants you!” say the titles.

You know something is wrong about the war on credit card fraud when a stolen credit card data reseller has his own ad campaign.

Alleged Carder ‘BadB’ Busted in France — Watch His Cartoon [Threat Level]


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  1. dolemite says:

    Wait, I WISH my credit card balances were 0. I’m confused.

    Now, if that were my checking account, we’d have problems.

  2. DaveTKoenig says:

    Well, THAT song will be stuck in my head for the next year.

  3. Megalomania says:

    And now, he’ll get to stay in an American prison and be the loose woman! Well, certainly loose as opposed to tight anyway…

  4. bendee says:

    The big news here is that ICQ is still around. I would’ve thought AOL shut it down years ago…

    • DH405 says:

      It was sold, I believe, to a Russian corporation.

      • paul says:

        Yes, ICQ is still very big in Russia. I believe it still uses the AOL protocol (and you may still be able to login to your ICQ account and chat with ICQ contacts on AOL Instant Messenger).

  5. NashuaConsumerist says:

    It’s odd, I feel guilty for liking the cartoon…. It’s funny and fairly well done.

  6. dangerp says:

    Slight correction, the message over the flag is “We all your sons”, which is only slightly more confusing.

  7. badb! says:

    Hey that guy stole my goddamn name!

  8. Conformist138 says:

    I like how the Texan is standing in front of some big mansion. Cuz, you know, when I think of the average American with a credit card, I think of millionaires in spurs.

  9. HappyFunTimes says:

    People still use ICQ? I thought that went the way of AOL chatrooms and mIRC. Who knew!