Last Chance To Take Advantage Of Tax-Free Back-To-School Shopping In 6 States

While most states’ summer sales-tax holidays have come and gone, shoppers in six states — Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts and Texas — still have a chance to take advantage of tax-exempt shopping on a variety of things from clothing to school supplies.

Here are the states whose sales tax holidays are either ongoing or haven’t started yet.

Click on the name of each state for more detailed information.

Connecticut: August 15-21. Clothing and footwear less than $300 exempt.

Florida: August 13-15. Clothing, books and school supplies exempt (up to certain dollar amounts).

Illinois: Now through Aug. 15. Clothing, footwear and school supplies less than $100 exempt.

Maryland: Now through Aug. 14. Clothing and footwear $100 or less exempt.

Massachusetts: Aug. 14-15. Most retail products under $2,500 exempt. (Click link for full details)

Texas: August 20-22. Clothing, footwear, backpacks and school supplies less than $100.

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