Mall Skin Care Kiosk Hustles Mentally Disabled Man For $300, Refuses To Refund

Audrey’s mentally disabled uncle was snookered by a mall skin care kiosk worker into buying $300 worth of product he doesn’t need. When his niece found out, the kiosk refused to do a refund saying it was “against policy.” Now her special needs uncle has only $40 left to live on for the week and the kiosk manager is ducking her calls.

Audrey writes:

I’m not sure if anyone can help us out, but I figured it was worth a shot!

My uncle is physically 25, he’s never been properly evaluated, but it’s obvious he’s highly functioning, autistic.

He’s a wonderful and smart boy, but also just that, a child.

About 6 years ago, he wanted to take on more responsibility, and help my Grandmother out (his main caregiver) after my Grandfather passed, so he got a job. He works a few hours each week as a bag boy and sometimes cashier at a local grocer.

Well, we went to the mall the other day, per usual he was told where to meet us and when, one hour at the entrance. He’s a creature of habit, always goes to the same stores, the same route and meets back at the exact time you tell him too.

And this time was no different, except once I got up to him to ask him what he got, I noticed that next to his usual FYE bag of Pokemon games and Walden books purchase of Garfield comics, he had a cloth bag the read “Organic skin care.”

The problem started there, I gathered his receipt and learned that he was hussled to the the tune of 300 dollars (292.87 to be exact) by a man running a skin care kiosk. He swindled him out of his hard earned money and got him to buy a nail shine kit, body butter, toner etc. He sold this all to my uncle, someone I have to motherly remind to brush his teeth and take a bath. He has no interest in skin care obviously.

I went back and spoke with the sales clerk, who continued to insult us by telling me it was my fault that my uncle was alone, while I do understand if I want him fully protected I need to be right with him, I just stupidly assumed he wouldn’t be taken advantage of by a grown man AND at one of the most uptight wealthy malls ever. No refund was made, he stuck by the store policy rather then a moral one.

I was given a number to call to get in touch with the manager over him, I’ve yet to get so much as a “We’re looking into it” all I get is voice mail.

Obviously there is a lot more to this story and I will be more then happy to write it all out if
it seems like something you can pick up.

Thus far I’ve called daily, left 3 messages on her voice mail, contacted two news stations and once I’m done writing this I’ll contact more and the BBB.

This isn’t even about the fact that his account had less then 40 bucks left for him to live on for the week, this is about the mentally disabled being taken advantage of and victimized, someone, everyone needs to know what sort of dirt bags are employed at this mall and what sort of ones are managing them.

They’re just hoping you’ll go away. Don’t. Continue to pursue the manager. Perhaps you can look her up and see if there’s any other contact info for her you can find? Also, the mall has the power to revoke the stall’s lease. I would suggest contacting the mall management and telling them about this store’s abominable behavior. Familiarize yourself with the threat of public humiliation tactics I wrote about in “How To Kick A Scammy Car Dealer In The Nuts.” Everyone has got a leverage point.

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