Faking Seizures For Free Food Doesn't Just Make You An Ass, It Will Land You In Jail

There are those who believe we’re all growing more jaded and less willing to help our fellow man. That’s not hard to believe when you read about a jackass like the Baltimore man who repeatedly faked seizures in order to get out of paying his restaurant bills.

The 43-year-old man was recently sentenced to 18 months behind bars for a string of fake seizures that not only took advantage of the goodwill of others, but also wasted the time, energy and resources of the emergency response teams who were called to deal with his chicanery.

The “seizures” took place at numerous Baltimore area eateries between late April and late July. “In each case, when [the faker] did not have funds to cover the restaurant bill, he feigned a seizure that required the presence of medical personnel,” reads a statement from prosecutors.

On May 11 and 12, the faker pulled this stunt at two separate restaurants and both times ended up at the Johns Hopkins emergency room, only to be released several hours later.

He was ultimately arrested when a police officer responding to an emergency call recognized him from a previous incident.

Man Sentenced For Faking Seizures At Restaurants [WBALTV.com]

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