Blockbuster Chases GameFly, Offers Game Rentals By Mail

Yesterday we noted that Blockbuster was launching a new DVD-by-mail rental service (which Netflix promptly one-upped by announcing a new streaming agreement), and today we’re getting tips from people that the beleaguered brick and mortar movie rental company is throwing games into the offer as well. FastCompany notes that GameFly offers around 7,000 game titles compared to Blockbuster’s library of 3,000 titles. On the other hand, Blockbuster’s rental plans start at $9/mo compared to GameFly’s $16/mo (both for one disc at a time).

GameFly’s CEO, David Hodess, told the magazine:

I’ve known about this for about two minutes, but I can’t think of one thing we’d do differently. The honest truth is that ever since we started the company, we’ve built it as if we had a major competitor. Until Blockbuster can do a better job with games than GameFly, everybody should subscribe to our service.

“Netflix and GameFly Beware: Blockbuster Adds Games to By-Mail Service “ [FastCompany]

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