Xbox Assumes Women Contacting Them Must Be Doing It For Their "Sons"

When a woman emailed Xbox support about downgrading her Xbox LIVE Gold account to Silver, they sent her back a form letter that assumed she was contacting them on behalf of her son, even though she doesn’t have a son and never made mention of one at all. Hey Microsoft! Ever hear of GIRL GAMERS?

Here’s what they sent her:

Hello [redacted],

Thank you for using XBOX Customer Support online! I am [redacted] and I will be
helping you today with this issue.

As I understand, when your son tries to sign in to Xbox LIVE, [redacted]

I know how disappointing it is when your son cannot enjoy the Xbox Live service
due to this matter.

On her blog, the woman wrote, “I would love to cancel my account outright, but I kind of like not losing all my achievement points.”

Xbox Fail. [[Insert Pop Culture Reference]] (Thanks to @SusanEsparza!)

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