McDonald's Employee Robs Place Of Work Twice, Still Keeps Showing Up To Work

It takes balls to rob the McDonald’s you’ve been working at for months. It takes balls of steel to do it twice in one month. And it takes balls of steel the size of large boulders to keep showing up for work afterward. Alas, your big mouth will ultimately get you and your massive balls arrested for armed robbery.

On June 29, an 18-year-old employee at a McDonald’s in Hialeah, FL, wore a mask and used a BB gun to rob the fast food eatery. He repeated the stunt a few weeks later on July 30. Between the two heists, he made off with around $7,000 in cash from the safe.

In spite of his newfound wealth, the teen terror kept on showing up for work at the McDonald’s.

According to police, some of his co-workers began to suspect the young man was the one behind the hamburglaries. He eventually revealed to one colleague that he’d robbed the McDonald’s.

Among the charges the former fast foodie faces are: armed robbery, aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

At least he didn’t wear a girdle on his face during the robbery or complain to his boss about the disappointing haul.

Hialeah police say employee robbed McDonald’s twice [Miami Herald]

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