Parents Who Named Kid "Adolph Hitler" Lose Custody Battle

The child, Adolph Hitler Campbell, and his siblings, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbel and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbel, named for Schutzstaffel head Heinrich Himmler, who first came to our attention after ShopRite refused to make him a cake with Adolph’s name on it – though, according to the original news article, Walmart had no problem with the request – will remain wards of the state, an appeals court has ruled.

From the BBC:

The panel found that the parents, who both suffer from unspecified physical and psychological disabilities, had “recklessly created a risk of serious injury to their children by failing to protect the children from harm and failing to acknowledge and treat their disabilities”.

The judges also noted that Deborah Campbell had recently passed a letter to a neighbour saying her husband had threatened “to have me killed or kill me himself”.

The children’s father, Heath Campbell, told the Associated Press last year that he believed they were taken into foster care because of their names.

Heath, you’re probably right. I think naming your kids “Adolph Hitler Campbell” and “JoyceLynn Aryan Nation” is evidence enough that you have a serious psychological disability and shouldn’t be raising anything except your sippy cup to ask for more meds.

UPDATE: More info from ABC, they’re reporting that 4-year old Adolph curses people off and “frequently” threatens to kill them, and that both parents were abused as children. The husband also reportedly once gave his wife a note threatening to kill her. Cake for everyone!

US court denies parents custody of Hitler and sisters [BBC]
New Jersey Couple Loses Custody of Son Named Adolf Hitler [ABC]

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