Puppy Game Features Ill-Advised Phallic Puzzle Shapes

The Barnes and Noble website says that the Golden Puppies 500 piece shaped puzzle has “surprise shapes hidden within.” Indeed it does.

Martin who sent this in said, “A friend of mine and his wife recently received a yellow Labrador puppy puzzle from his sister-in-law as a congratulations for their new yellow lab puppy. They laid the puzzle pieces out on the dining room table and were somewhat surprised at what they saw. I could describe this with words but I figure pictures will be better.”


shapedpuzzle2.jpg“As you can see, a couple of these puzzle pieces are not in the shape one would expect from a puppy puzzle or a puzzle from Barnes and Noble. While no one involved was offended,” said Martin, “I hope you all find this as humorous as we did.”

Apparently, these pieces in particular are of a dog sitting down.

Golden Puppies 500 Piece Shaped Puzzle [Barnes And Noble]

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