NYC Wants A Grocery Store, Goldman Sachs Wants A Glorious Ballroom

Some New York City locals feel that they were promised a grocery store and maybe a hardware store when Goldman Sachs was approved to buy a building in their neighborhood, and are extremely upset to find out they’re getting a trio of restaurants from Danny Meyer, a ballroom and a conference center.

The glorious ballroom and restaurants will be replacing a DSW, a gym and a pizza place.

“It appears that Goldman has no intention of replacing this retail tenant with one more attractive to the community,” said a long-term area resident at a meeting of the area’s community board last week, according to the Telegraph.

“This loss of space seems to break the promise made to our community,” when Goldman originally got permission to purchase the building four years ago, the man added.

Goldman responded to the article by saying that not every retailer brought into the project would be expensive.

“This building is for public use, not just for Goldman use,” said their spokesperson.

Goldman Sachs faces public anger over plan to replace shops with designer restaurants near HQ [Telegraph]

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