The Post Office Wants You To Know They Caught The Thief Who Stole Your Shirt

Someone at the post office poached the Villainous Victorian Velociraptor Matt had ordered from Shirt.Woot. Woot sent Matt a new Velociraptor shirt and he figured that was that. Not so! He recently received a remarkably detailed letter from the post office’s Inspector General, complete with an added surprise.

Matt writes:

I thought I’d write to inform about some suprisingly good customer service from USPS. I had ordered a woot shirt about 2 and a half months ago that apparently got lost in the mail system. I called Fedex and got a message a few days later how they had no idea where it was and to call the shipper and have them re-send. Well I did just that and Woot’s great customer service sent me a replacement. Today I check the mail and I have a big manilla envelope from the USPS Inspector’s Office in my mailbox. Apparently people really love the Villainous Victorian Velociraptor (I know they couldn’t see inside the woot bag, but it’s still a great shirt). I’m suprised I ever heard anything again about the shirt. See attached photos for letter from the US Postal Inspector.

USPS Win.jpg