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  1. pop top says:

    School bus figure-8s and trailer racing tonight. Lovely little hummingbird fest tomorrow. Interesting weekend is interesting.

    • cash_da_pibble says:

      I’m hoping to head to the beach with the puppeh this weekend.
      Not sure what weather to hope for.
      A nice day means the beach will be crowded, and that means less long-lead time for Cash.
      But a mucky day means Cash and I will have the beach to ourselves.

      Maybe I’ll just go to the beach that has that looooong hike to get in. No one’s ever out there.

  2. raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

    Okay … need to hit Costco today, we used up the last of the eggs on breakfast this morning. It seems like we always have to make two or three trips to Costco over the course of a weekend; there is always *something* we forget!

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Because eggs cost too much at the grocery store?

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        Maybe raydeebug needs a lot of eggs…

        • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

          Still, it’s a $1.06 a dozen at my grocery store. Costco is maybe $0.88 a dozen? I’m not sure.

          But given Costco are fewer and further between, he might lose money on the gas just to get his 18 cents savings.

          • lilyHaze says:

            I buy organic eggs (not an organic fiend, but do it for dairy) at Costco. They’re $6 for 2 dozen. Everywhere else starts at $4-5 for 1 dozen.

            Non-organic eggs are cheaper there, but they are also on sale a lot at supermarkets.

  3. axhandler1 says:

    The dog picture is a nice change of pace. Weekend should be fun, my friend is up from New Orleans and we’re heading into the city tonight for some drinking, probably St. Mark’s Place. Also I get out of work at 12:30 today because we have our summer office party. Whoo! What is everyone else up to this weekend?

  4. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Cute puppies? Unheardof!

    It’s a scandal!! It’s an outrage!!

    Where are my kittens?!

    • ArcanaJ says:

      There’s one right here, demanding to be let out again even though I just let him in, right after he demanded to be let out!

      Gimme an address, I’ll slap some postage on his fuzzy backside, stick him in the mail and he’s all yours.

    • Joseph S Ragman says:

      Cute puppeh is cute !!!

  5. nocar says:

    That’s one ugly cat!

  6. Dustbunny says:

    So I’ve lost 10 lbs. over the last 3 weeks. Many more to go, but it’s a start! I’ve been trying to eat more fruit, which is hard for me because I mainly like it when it’s baked into a delicious pastry. Sadly I’ve found most conventionally grown fruit doesn’t have much flavor. Especially apples & plums. Seems like you have to buy more expen$ive organic fruit in order to find some that actually has a taste.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Do you like cheese? One of my favorite snacks (and a good way to eat less-than sweet fruit) is to pair fruit with a sharp cheese. The sharpness of the cheese will make the fruit you’re eating seem a lot sweeter. And even though cheese has a lot of fat, a good sharp cheese will add more than enough flavor for a lot of fruit. Once in a while, I’ll eat an apple, banana, and some grapes with a very small portion of really sharp cheese for lunch or dinner. The key is to eat a very small nibble of cheese with a large chunk of fruit. The sharp flavor more than compensates for the small size of the bite.

      • SkokieGuy says:

        Yea – sharing diet tips. My mission is 35 lbs before the holidays.

        I share your cheeselove, it is my downfall.

        One way I have a ‘skinny’ meal it sliced hardboiled egg, tomatoes (from my own garden!), thin slice of good cheese, and either a whole wheat cracker, or try on slices of daikon instead of crackers. Adds fiber, nutrients and very low calorie (the daikon part).

        Even though I get my cheese fix, 6 or so of these and I’m reasonably full without guilt inducing levels of calories.

        I also am a big fan of Greek or Mediterranean yogurt (you can find some with only 2% sugar) instead of mayo / cream cheese / sour cream. It’s quite thick (sour cream consistency and really good. Not all brands have active culture, so read labels.

        • HogwartsProfessor says:


          My mission is as much as I can knock off in the next two weeks!

        • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

          and when you can’t get greek yogurt [didn’t make it to trader joe’s this week] you can strain plain dannon/store brand with a coffee filter or paper towel in a strainer over a container to catch the liquid. i did that last night to make my tzatziki sauce

      • Dustbunny says:

        Mmmmm….cheese! Love it, but I doubt I have the willpower to buy a hunk of cheese & then only eat 1 small piece. Lack of willpower for anything delicious is my downfall. I’ve decided I like veggies better than fruit, so I’ve been snacking on those, with any flavor of low-fat hummus from Trader Joe’s. I hate the sour taste of plain yogurt & it seems the only way to disguise it is to add fattening stuff.

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          One small piece? Ha! I ate about ten cubes last night! But I made sure to take small bites of cheese and big bites of fruit.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      I highly recommend frozen fruit to make smoothies. They, like veggies, often times have better nutritional values because they are frozen at the peak of freshness.

      Also, you can make guilt-free smoothies. Just add OJ or apple juice to lubricant!

      You can also warm them for hot fruit, which some enjoy, alone or in oatmeal.

    • SkokieGuy says:

      I am trying to lose too, started diet Monday, down 4 lbs – wooho!

      Not that smoothies aren’t yummie, but try guilt-free ‘ice cream’ – for real. Not only is this possibly the world’s easiest recipe, but it is really good.

      I have some in my freezer right now, made with coconut, chocolate chips and a splash of vanilla. Everyone I’ve let have some has loved it.

      I feel guilty about not feeling guilty about eating ice cream while dieting.

    • evnmorlo says:

      It’s not really apple season yet, so that might be your problem. Only thing good now is peaches. Or frozen berries like Loias suggests.

    • Dustbunny says:

      Forgot to add, I’ve had a sweet tooth ever since I can remember, but I cut out most sugar from my diet 3 weeks ago. I’m using Splenda to sweeten my coffee because it’s the only artificial sweetener that doesn’t have a weird aftertaste to me. This week someone @ work brought in a 2 lb. box of See’s chocolate. Normally I would have been all over that, but I had 1 piece & found that was all I needed to satisfy me.

      • theycallmeGinger says:

        Sweet tooth here too. I was put on a restrictive diet for other medical reasons, but sugar was one component to be cut out (along with anything “old” — cheese, vinegar, alcohol, etc.). I just got used to saying no to everything and built a diet around only fruit, vegetables and meat — no sauces or other toppings. I lost a ton of weight.

        Your comment hit a few notes with me. See’s Chocolates — a big favorite with my SO! And if you really “need” hard-core sweets, they make some excellent sugar-free candy these days. They do the trick if eaten in extreme moderation (not healthy by any means). And yes, fruit tastes like cardboard these days. If you can, try to buy local (farmer’s markets?). I’m lucky enough to have an generous organic farmer as a neighbor.

    • Daemon Xar says:

      You’re probably not getting good, locally grown, seasonally-appropriate fruit. I grew up in an orchard town and got thoroughly hooked on good local fruit. Unfortunately, it’s only available at certain times of the year (different for each fruit).

      No idea where you live, but try to find the right fruit (farmers markets are best, because they’ll have the local fruit that’s in season). Winters are a bleak time for fruit, but even in January and February I can find decent cold-stored apples and pears in the Northwest.

      And I would note that I tend to find conventional fruit more flavorful out-of-season than organic. I avoid organic fruit unless it’s currently being picked (or a winter-type pear, and the appropriate two months after picking season).

      • Dustbunny says:

        I live in Portland, which is — ironically — the epicenter of farmer’s markets. I just haven’t had time to go to any this summer. But I found some yummy organic plums, nectarines & cherries at Trader Joes. I think the whole agri-industrial biz is geared toward growing fruit that looks good & can be transported long distances, not whether it tastes good :(

        • Daemon Xar says:

          TJ’s isn’t bad, especially in-season when they’re buying local, but I’d check out the Farmer’s market on PSU’s campus–when I last lived in Portland (2007), they had great fresh fruit. A lot of great, non-mass market heirloom fruits (varieties of apples, pears, peaches, cherries, etc.) come out of the Hood River Valley and the Dalles, which are close enough that the farmer’s markets usually have one or two stands of their fruit.

          If you have the opportunity/time, I really suggest driving out to Hood River and visiting Alice’s Orchard–they have the best selection and best quality I’ve ever encountered, and the staff will be able to tell you about the ten or twelve varieties of each kind of fruit they have and can make recommendations to suit your needs (baking, eating, storing, etc.). It’s a bit too late for most berries, but you can probably still find raspberries, early peaches, and maybe even early apples like Gravensteins. In a month or so you’ll be able to get Jonagold apples too, which will make your day.

  7. hotdogsunrise says:

    Awww! Now that is a cute pup. What beautiful, expressive eyes.

    • Dustbunny says:

      I would give that pup anything it wants. I’m a sucker for those sweet puppy-dog eyes.

  8. partofme says:

    I took Amtrak for the first time this week. It was a fairly short trip, so it was alright. Most notable differences from air travel: no baggage issues or security issues, but it definitely seemed less organized and fluid, procedure-wise. I boarded at a big central station with multiple gates and lines going different places. There were no nice big boards with information for different trains (no gate numbers, time updates, etc.) Their system for putting people on certain trains for different destinations made sense, but there was no direction to get people in the right place quickly. Stand in line… finally get to somebody… “oh, you need to go on to the next line”… “thanks.” Finally, there is definitely a …different… level of professionalism exhibited by the employees. Now that I know how they do things, I’m definitely willing to take them again, but they’re a very different travel experience.

    • TheMonkeyKing says:

      I felt that way trying to find my train at the Madison Square Garden terminal. I guess if you take the same train over and over it becomes a routine. But as a first timer I had to find my train without being runover by those trying to catch theirs.

  9. SkokieGuy says:

    Happy weekend everyone. Hey Laura, how are top posts determine? There are less than 60 comments on the 24 hour fitness story, but over 200 on the Target Angers Gay Some Gay Customers.

    Is it total clicks, total comments, editor’s choice?

    Not complaining, just curious.

    • MamaBug says:

      I’m curious too – last week didn’t include the 400+ comments from the breastfeeding article.

    • ArcanaJ says:

      I think it might be the posts where the least amount of blood was shed in the comments. But that’s just a guess.

    • Laura Northrup says:

      Total pageviews. Nothing to do with comments, at least not directly.

      • SkokieGuy says:

        Ah, thank you Laura, curiosity satisfied.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        I think I’ve been bumping those numbers. For some reason, in IE 8, you don’t get the most updated comments. I have to click on the thread and refresh to get all of the comments.

  10. katstermonster says:

    Yayyyyyyy cute puppy!!!

    I’m making cake in my rice cooker tonight (many thanks to Kimmishkim for inspiring me to buy a rice cooker and apply it in this fashion) in preparation for a pseudo-bachelorette party tomorrow, the latter half of which my roomie and I are hosting. The bachelorette is not a typical bride and doesn’t want the usual penis straws and bar hopping (which is fine by me!), so we’re going to the beach in the morning, then just ordering food and hanging out later in the evening. Oh, and eating delicious cake. This cake is not a lie!!!!

    • katstermonster says:

      Whoops, Kimaroo. :)

    • SkokieGuy says:

      I love my rice cooker, but cake? Recipe link pls!!!!!!

      • katstermonster says:

        I think your rice cooker needs to have a cake setting for this to be possible. :- Kimaroo said her directions said to use no more than 700 grams of cake mix, about 2/3 of the box. I’m gonna split the mix in half and make two layers for a layer cake.

        I actually can’t find much info online, unfortunately…my cooker came with a manual that has a cake recipe in it, perhaps yours does as well?

        • SkokieGuy says:

          I am a guy, reading the instruction manual is cheating.

          No, seriously, mine didn’t talk about cake.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      That sounds like the PERFECT bachelorette party. I too would hate the other kind. I’ve outgrown all that drunken debauchery.

      You all are making me want a rice cooker really bad!

  11. MamaBug says:

    fun link to share: composite sketches vs. actual criminal caught. It’s weird how off some of these are, and some are very close.

    sorry if this is a double post, internet’s being wonky.

    • MamaBug says:

      personally, some look like caricatures to me, while I wonder how #8 went from a black-looking man to Ricky Martin.

  12. TheMonkeyKing says:

    This weekend is Tomatopalooza! Woo!

  13. NarcolepticGirl says:

    So… tell me something about yourself…

  14. ArcanaJ says:

    Someone (and I’m not saying who, but she’s wearing my pajamas) turns 45 on Sunday.

  15. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    pre owned kittehs on sale tomorrow only

    tomorrow is round two of disassembling the a/c ducts to find the blockage.
    i failed miserably at it last weekend.

    • JulesNoctambule says:

      Want that Mason kitty! Clare had such a bad week that I don’t think I can put her through the strain of a new sibling still, no matter how adorable and cuddly.

  16. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Open Thread!!!!!

    I have to take the kitteh to the vet tomorrow for her shots. THAT should be fun. Ugh. First I have to catch her (she’s an outside cat), then stuff her into her carrier (which she hates) and then listen to her bawl the whole time and then ignore me for two days when we return. Then I have to mow. Ah, lovely weekend.

    But in two weeks, I’ll be SEEIN’ MAH HONEYBUNCH!!! YEAAAAHH!!!!

    • pop top says:

      Keep your kitty indoors, that will solve the “capture” problem. :D

      • ArcanaJ says:

        Nope, that just means you have to go on safari to get them out from under the bed, which can take hours and can damage more than a person’s dignity. Ask me how I know!

        • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

          under the bed? try inside the bed. fostering semi feral kittens taught me how easy it is for a feline to rip open the underneath of the box spring and hide out inside it.

      • HogwartsProfessor says:

        No, she won’t come in. She wasn’t socialized as a kitten because her mother hid her. I’m the only person she tolerates as it is, and it took me months to tame her down. When there is a tornado warning, though, I do drag her butt in whether she likes it or not. She doesn’t need to be out in the middle of a twister. She just sits under the chair and bawls until I let her out again.

        I wish she would.

  17. dragonfire81 says:

    I’ve noticed that companies and other places I do business with have no respect for my time and have apparently decided it’s worth nothing.

    I had an appointment at a government office earlier this week for 8:45 am, I was not seen until nearly 10:20. I understand that an appointment time is usually more of an estimate of when you’ll be seen but I think it’s realistic enough to assume I’ll be seen no later than 30 to 40 minutes past the time on the card. I had to reschedule a few things after what I expected to take no more 2 hours ended up taking well over 3. Not once did I even get an apology for being made to wait for so long.

    At a doctor’s office recently I had to wait one hour to see a doctor…AFTER I had entered an exam room. Again I had to rearrange my schedule to accommodate for the extended wait. I did complain about it to the doctor and the nurse but they both brushed me off. I wonder he would have felt if I told him he would have to wait an hour before I would allow him to see me?

    This seems to be common when I complain about being made to wait. I usually get some tired excuse: “We’re understaffed” / “I apologize for the inconvenience” / “Sorry there’s nothing we can do” and when I ask for any kind of compensation I am flatly refused.

    At a home improvement store not long ago, I was there for 90 minutes trying to get an issue sorted out. The majority of these 90 minutes were spent waiting for a manager who always seemed to have more important things to do than speak with me. Whenever I asked what was talking so long, I got: “he’s on a break right now” / “He’s busy with another customer” / “He’s in a meeting” When I finally got speaking to him, he did manage to resolve the issue but when I asked for compensation due to the extended wait, he said the only thing he could give me was an apology.

    • Dustbunny says:

      What? Were you sitting in the doctor’s exam room already undressed, the whole time!?? I would have poked my head out the door & ask if they forgot about me. Can you find another doctor? I understand emergencies come up, but I would expect one of the staff to explain the delay & apologize for it.

      • dragonfire81 says:

        I wasn’t undressed lol. I don’t do that unless specifically directed to and since I wasn’t. I didn’t.

      • Not Given says:

        That’s nothing, they left MIL in the exam room and went to lunch.

  18. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    Doggie! Consumerist still discriminates in favor of cats, though.

  19. Zach, your favorite liberal Texan politics-and-news junkie/Doctor Who super-fan says:

    I wish the US would switch to metric (completely and exclusively) so badly; we should have done it long ago. In 1902, proposed legislation to only use metric was defeated by one vote in Congress. One. Over 100 years pass, and we’re still using inches and pounds.

    Would the political polarization in this country on this issue destroy it? (“We need to better integrate into the global economy for future prosperity. Every other country IN THE WORLD uses it, save for the lovely Liberia and Myanmar,” vs “NO! It’s un-American! Spawn of the devil!”) People don’t realize how metric we are. Everything for sale is labeled using dual units (of course, after the switch, metric will be the only thing used), we get liters of soda and water at the store, your doctor weighs you in kilos, and your medicine’s measured in grams.

    The biggest roadblock for many would be using Celsius, but even that’s not difficult to change over to. 10° is 50°, 20° is 68°, and 30° is 86°; every one degree increase in Celsius is roughly a two degree increase in Fahrenheit. For myself, after an adjustment period of maybe a week, I found learning and using Celsius as easy as I did Fahrenheit (as in, it became intuitive for me). I don’t need to convert; I just know what it feels like now. Same thing goes with all variants of a meter–centi-, kilo-, et cetera (people don’t complain about yards, half-inches, or miles, do they?), and (kilo)grams.

    Plus, at first, people will think they’re driving faster and weigh less. Just what this country needs. ;)

    But like I said, sadly, political polarization will probably prevent conversion to metric. Nevertheless, I am determined to keep trying.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      We are so behind in some ways. We don’t have a rail system that’s worth a damn either (when compared to Europe, that is).