iTunes Season Pass Customers Hope To See Sunday's "Mad Men" Sometime This Week

Are you an iTunes customer who bought a season pass to Mad Men? Have you not been able to download Sunday’s episode yet? Lulu hasn’t, and neither have a lot of other customers. Apple is doing a poor job of supporting customers who have ditched cable, but still want to pay for content.

Lulu writes:

I purchased a season pass for Mad Men on Sunday expecting the first episode to be available on Monday, but it is still not showing in my queue on Wednesday evening. An email I sent to iTunes on Monday has gone unanswered. If the review section for the show is any indication there are quite a few people having this same problem.

Indeed. One reviewer wrote on Monday:

Why have no episodes been posted? I’m trying to do the right thing and not steal content. The first episode has already aired on TV and has already been spoiled for me by the massive coverage it has gotten. I don’t want to spend a week reading about a show that I paid for and can’t watch.

While Apple’s support pages steer customers toward e-mailing to resolve season pass issues, try making Apple call you so you can complain.

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