Georgia Woman Plans To Win Foreclosed House Back With Cornbread

Many people, facing underemployment and foreclosure on their home, would despair. Not reader Bev. She’s determined to win her house back when it’s sold at auction, and is fighting back with… cornbread. Wait, cornbread?

She writes:

This is a backyard view of my home; the first I ever purchased. It’s a ranch with three bedrooms, two-full baths and a two-car garage. I purchased it in April 2006, with excellent credit and very little debt. Fourteen months after purchase, I lost my full-time job. A month later, I was working a permanent part-time job with a high-end furniture retailer. I supplemented my income with savings and by selling nail polish and greeting cards. One year later, the part-time job was cut to four hours with one day’s notice. That was my last day. I had enough and decided to employ myself.

During this time, an investment I made failed and I lost the house. Friends, neighbors and colleagues snickered and became very condescending. I prayed and let them go. Instantly, I felt better. =)

On March 2, 2010, the bank foreclosed. In this highly unpleasant situation, something amazing happened, the Lord blessed me with a creative idea. Suddenly, I had a clear vision of what I needed to do to recover everything: Create a Cornbread Career. Long story short, I did.

Her secret weapon: an e-book of cornbread recipes and her site where she sells the recipe book and her own cornbread mixes. Brilliant idea. Good luck to Bev, and we hope to report back when she wins her house back.

Bev’s Cornbread Café
Woman turns love of corn bread into a career [Athens Banner-Herald]
Woman turns love of corn bread into a career [11 Alive]


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  1. Kimbeegrin says:

    Good luck Bev! I hope you get your house back.

    • Clyde Barrow says:

      Same here and I hope that her business rocks! Make a billion dollars and tell the banks to kiss it hard. God bless to you also!

  2. Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

    ARGH my head is going to explode.

    First I see the above article….then I browse the news and I see THIS article:

    G**DAMMIT….Our politicians are fighting over where they should park their multi-million dollar yachts and whether they should pay taxes on them while most of Middle Class America is on or beyond life support!


    Don’t blame Obama. He has only been around for a year and a half. The people that caused this situation have been around in the halls of our government for decades. We truly live in a country with a completely corrupt and compromised government which has been ruined by greed and special interests.

    I am mad and frustrated. No political party in the US is innocent in this mess. They are all crooks.

    • penuspenuspenus says:

      Mmmm… Cornbread.

    • Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

      And yes, I wish this lady all the best. Truly.

    • RandomHookup says:

      The yacht story isn’t really a political infighting story at all. One of the local papers noticed that Kerry (or in reality, a company controlled by his wife) bought a big yacht which is harbored in RI. If they brought the boat to Mass., they would owe about $500k in taxes to the state. But he hadn’t brought it to Mass. yet and his wife isn’t even a legal resident of Mass (she still lives in PA legally). The boat is docked in RI right now, so there isn’t any Mass. tax liability.

      It’s easy to make him look bad in this case, but he’s no different than any other rich guy who has a choice where to keep his stuff. Rather than look like he is avoiding Mass. taxes, he (and his wife) went ahead and offered to pay the taxes. His wife is the one with all the money anyway (she inherited the Heinz fortune from her husband).

      • TheUncleBob says:

        Yeah, he’s no different than any other rich guy, who exploits loopholes in the tax law to get out of paying taxes. Geesh, guys… cut him some slack.

        • Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

          My point is, why are our so called “public servants” so wealthy while the average person struggles.

          I am being rhetorical BTW.

          • domcolosi says:

            But that makes no sense. John Kerry’s wife is the ketchup queen. That’s why he’s loaded.

            This may come as a surprise, but running for office can be expensive. Quite often those that run are _already_ pretty rich. They don’t get rich in office.

            • evnmorlo says:

              All politicians turn their office into cash one way or another. See Obama whose literary agent suggested he run for president in order to sell more books.

              • RvLeshrac says:

                Holy F*.

                Stupidity is one thing. *TRYING* to be as ill-informed as possible is something entirely different.

                John Kerry *DOES NOT HAVE ANY MONEY TO SPEAK OF*. His *WIFE*, who is *NOT AN ELECTED OFFICIAL*, on the other hand, DOES have a fortune. Theresa Heinz-Kerry has *ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION TO YOU OR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE*.

                And yet she *still* offered to pay the sales tax, just to appease people who *will not be appeased*. If she somehow paid down the entire national debt, the same people would be taking shots at them.

            • Billl says:

              You mean like the Clintons? Office = Power = Money

        • 47ka says:

          And those who are not rich do not take advantage of tax loopholes? Or am I missing something here, because to me anyone who can take advantage of a tax loophole will and probably should.

      • the Persistent Sound of Sensationalism says:

        That article you linked may have been on a “News” site but it reeked of a mudslinging political attack by an opponent. That wasn’t really news at all. Those couple of paragraphs was designed to make people angry.

        There is much corruption in our government and it is only getting worse because of the Citizens United decision early this year.

  3. startertan says:

    Not exactly a mainstream idea but kudos to Bev for doing SOMETHING about it rather than sitting around having a pity party. Good luck Bev, wishing you much success!

  4. GyroMight says:

    What kind of family snickers when one of their own loses a house? I guess not every family back each other up like mine does.

    • Phil Villakeepinitrreal says:

      She just says friends, neightbors, and colleagues. Nothing about family. But yeah, those are still some dick friends.

    • parv says:

      “Friends, neighbors and colleagues snickered” — Bev

      She did not mention family, dear friend. *snicker*

      • GyroMight says:

        Yeah I don’t know how I got family out of that. I think all that caffeine I had this morning has caused my eyes to deceive me.

    • erinpac says:

      Maybe it was more at the investment and self employment?
      Still not nice, but I could see that happening.

    • XTREME TOW says:

      If that’s all they did to her, she should be thankful they did not do worse to her.
      Not everyone has a loving, caring family. Just because you share strands of genetic material with others, does not give you any rights of entitlement from them; nor any legal obligation to them (unless they are your offspring).
      It’s just a fact they are “related” to you.
      Nothing more.
      I own a Toyota. I am not entitled to priviledges from other Toyota owners; I am not obligated to them in any special way.
      It’s just a coincidental fact that I own a Toyota.
      Nothing more. (I trust my Toyota. I know it won’t stab me in the back.)
      Welcome to the real world, kid. It’s not always pretty.

      “Friends are Gods’ way of apologizing for your Family”-George Carlin.

      • Clyde Barrow says:

        Excellent post and the Carlin quote is timeless. I feel like he was speaking about my own family. =)

      • Marshmelly says:

        Its sad that we’ve come to an age where not having a loving, caring, and supportive family is somehow justified as being normal and compared to people owning the same car. Of course some people get stuck with crappy families who couldn’t give a shit about them, but we shouldn’t somehow be “lucky” that the family didn’t do worse.

        That being said, the OP didn’t say anything relating to family anyhow…so for all we know her family does support her.

      • the Persistent Sound of Sensationalism says:

        WTF did your family do to you? “She’s lucky they didn’t do worse.”??!? Family, friends, or not, they should have kept their f-ing mouths shut. In every culture I’m aware of it’s pretty bad form to laugh or gloat over the misfortune of others.

        Yeah, some people have pretty shitty family dynamics, but saying that she’s fortunate they didn’t do worse is setting the bar on the ground.

  5. energynotsaved says:

    I just heard on the news that Georgia is ranked 6th in foreclosures. Our unemployment rate is 10%. I bought my own house in a short sell. Things are rough. I hope she is successful. I’m placing my order.

  6. Bob Lu says:

    I always hope people success when they work hard trying to help themselves first, no matter how “creative” the ideas are. However I can’t help but feel that OP didn’t make many good personal financial decision in the past.

  7. Commenter24 says:

    Clearly Bev isn’t praying enough. If she was, God wouldn’t have let her lose her house.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      God isn’t in the business of saving you from every mistake you make – sometimes people need to learn their lessons and learn to get themselves out of the mess they made.

      • JJ! says:

        I think that was snark in reference to the claim that God sent her the cornbread idea.

        Maybe, or maybe my sarcasm detector is on the fritz.

        • Commenter24 says:

          You win!

          • coren says:

            Ah but there’s that story about the guy trapped in a flood thinking God will save him.

            A raft, row boat and helicopter all offer him a chance out, but nope, God’s gonna save him.

            Then God asks the guy when he dies “why didn’t you take the help I sent you?”

            Considering God would also have been as responsible for the flood as Bev losing the house, well…=P

      • Lameth says:

        “God helps those that help themselves?”

    • SixOfOne says:

      Old Testament God frequently makes his subjects suffer so he can save the day. Clearly, he’s doing his job in this case.

    • coren says:

      Ah but there’s that story about the guy trapped in a flood thinking God will save him.

      A raft, row boat and helicopter all offer him a chance out, but nope, God’s gonna save him.

      Then God asks the guy when he dies “why didn’t you take the help I sent you?”

      Considering God would also have been as responsible for the flood as Bev losing the house, well…=P

      (my comments have been showing up deeply threaded where they shouldn’t lately)

  8. RandomHookup says:

    Doesn’t she know the secret to success isn’t cornbread? It’s pies, dammit, pies.

  9. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    Beans and Cornbread?

    • Clyde Barrow says:

      This is too weird because my ex-roommate’s mom is from Kentucky and so my roommate would fix this beans and corn bread meal. He said it’s a southern meal. I didn’t know what to believe but he loved this stuff and made it every weekend. Now I like both beans and corn bread, but not as a whole meal but as side dishes. lol. Honestly I thought that he was BS’ing about this the whole time.

      • dizzy says:

        I’m from Mississippi and yeah, beans and cornbread? One of my favorite meals! Every time I go to my grandmother’s house, I still ask her to make me beans and cornbread because it doesn’t matter how hard I try mine never comes out like hers.

    • Toffeemama is looking for a few good Otters says:

      Actually, I had that for dinner last night. Red beans ‘n rice, actually, with cornbread on the side. I guess that’s the Cajun version.

      • MamaBug says:

        if you have it on Monday, it’s definately Cajun. Red beans and rice on Mondays is standard in my house, because Mondays (in the way back times) was “wash day”. You’d set the beans to soak in the morning, and by that night they were perfect, and rice is quick. Perfect meal.

        • Toffeemama is looking for a few good Otters says:

          Actually, that is when I made it. I used andoille-style sausage(it’s hard to find real andoille here), and Tony’s. But it tastes the best after a couple of days in the fridge, so I took it over to the in-laws last night. They seemed to really like it, so now maybe they’ll shut up about how I eat “weird stuff”.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

      To those who may have missed my reference: about 1:30 in.

    • dangermike says:

      Beat me to the punch, you magnificent bastard.

  10. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Okay, I would never give money to the yahoo who offered to burn his car to save his house (ain’t gonna happen) or someone who just asked for it, but this lady is trying to actually DO something for herself. And it’s something that could potentially end up being a lucrative business.

    I would be tempted to actually try her recipes or even buy mix. I love cornbread.

  11. Hoss says:

    Beverly seems like a lovely person. But trying to make a living off Jiffy mix recipes? And trying to hold on to a home with a part time job? I urge her to get her priorities in order. She seems particularly susceptible to scams and get rich quick schemes.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      And trying to hold on to a home with a part time job?

      Should she sit around unemployed until she finds full time work? Part-time work is better than nothing and unemployment in Georgia is HIGH.

    • dizzy says:

      I’m just going out on a limb here but I don’t think she stopped looking for full time work when she got a part time job. In fact, she says how she was supplementing her income, that isn’t a sign of someone that doesn’t want to work hard enough.

      Previous commenter was right. Georgia unemployment is very high and at least she isn’t sitting around on her butt twiddling her thumbs and drawing unemployment.

  12. Bativac says:

    I hope she has more success with cornbread than I’ve had with a children’s book. It’s a tough world out there.

  13. ktetch says:

    “Friends, neighbors and colleagues snickered and became very condescending. I prayed and let them go. Instantly, I felt better. =)”
    “In this highly unpleasant situation, something amazing happened, the lord blessed me with a creative idea”

    I’ve lived in Ga for 7 1/2 years. Generally the ones that attibute everything to god, are the ones that snicker and condescend.

    The thinking goes something like this “you weren’t a good Christian, or God wouldn’t have let this happen to you”. They never take responsibility for anything, always blaming it on ‘God’ or fate (but only the good stuff is attributed to God)

    Terry Pratchett made a nice note on this, right at the start of Interesting times.
    “When someone is saved from certain death by a strange concatenation of circumstances, they say that’s a miracle. But of course if someone is killed by a freak chain of events – the oil spilled just there, the safety fence broken just there – that must also be a miracle. Just because it”s not nice doesn’t mean it’s not miraculous”

    • tbax929 says:

      A coworker of mine who works in our Atlanta branch said one of her employees stormed into her office and yelled at her about what happened yesterday with SB 1070. She then demanded my coworker join the Tea Party Movement. I was like, WTF is wrong with people? Who in the world discusses that stuff at work, anyway? I was surprised that happened in a big city like Atlanta, and she told me she wasn’t that surprised.

      • ktetch says:

        Just cos it’s the big city, doesn’t stop there being retards. Just like out here in the sticks of Ga (although with 3 big cities – Atlanta, Macon and Athens) equidistant is it really the sticks?) there are some of us people that have an education and can use rational thought.

        Some days I do despair though.

    • Duke_Newcombe-Making children and adults as fat as pigs says:

      Way to pimp the “dem Crhristiunz iz weerd” agenda.

  14. Mike says:

    It’s a tough economy, and sadly it will likely get worse before it gets better.

    Sadly if you are to do a random poll of 1,000 households, and tally all the people who are unemployed, under-employed, or have given up looking for work, then the unemployment rate is 28%. Interesting article about it:

    • pantheonoutcast says:

      Yes, because when I need a factual, in-depth analysis of the current state of the American economy, I turn to a freelance journalist whose previous columns focused on American Idol album sales, topless dancers, and a Justin Bieber rumor.

      • Mike says:

        Yeah. You’re right. I should have turned to Fox news, a station that features a guy who messes around with hookers while on the phone with the President: Dick Morris

        A convicted criminal that gave weapons to terrorists who only got off due to some high up string pulling:Oliver North

        A known racist who single-handedly ruined the case against OJ because of his shady past:

        Besides all that, the article is citing a study done by a company, TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, the journalist writing the article could have written soft core kitty porn in the past for all I care, it doesn’t mean the company he reported on was bogus.

        • pantheonoutcast says:

          Oliver North and OJ? What, were the Amy Fisher links dead?

          Also, regardless of how the study justifies its numbers, a true 28% unemployment rate is impossible. Ask most people here in the NYC metro area if they consider themselves “underemployed” and they will say yes, (myself included). There is a constant, ongoing search for a higher paying job with better benefits – according to TMI, they consider these people, and others with unsatisfying jobs, “unemployed”. They are clearly not.

          Nor are part-time workers who might be caring for a child “unemployed.” If I decide to work a 6 hour shift instead of an 8 hour shift so that I may be home in time to care for my kid, while my spouse is working a full-time job with benefits, TMI would, according to their study, consider me “unemployed” for the sake of its numbers. Again, I am clearly not unemployed.

          The study seems highly, highly suspect.

          • Mike says:

            None of your arguments dispute the research, you just simply said TOE MAE TOE instead of TOE MAH TOE. Your example of a working parent is weak, it is nothing more than anecdotal conjecture that in no way implies the study is flawed.

            Not to mention that there are numerous independent analysts that have shown that the government statistics are flawed.

            Far too many people drop of the unemployment radar for us to take the stats at face value. Unless you are claiming that the Government always provides perfect stats? If you are satisfied with Government stats in this case good for you, but sorry I think the evidence points us in a different direction.

            • pantheonoutcast says:

              From the article:

              “TMI’s survey does not discriminate between who might be looking for a job (which
              could be individuals who are part-time employed, temporary workers, or underemployed)…”

              So, in other words, anyone that is dissatisfied with their current career and is actively looking for a better job, people who subjectively feel as though they are not making as much money as they are worth, people who take part time jobs to supplement their income (for myriad reasons, since you were so quick to discount the “working mothers” example), and even young people who take a summer job before college, are, according to the authors of this study, “unemployed.”

              They’re not.

              For the record, I do not believe government statistics, I do not watch Fox News, and, in the same vein, I do not blindly believe one particular study without them fully disclosing the wording of the survey questions. For instance, did they call a household and ask, “Does anyone in your household currently hold a part-time job”? Or did they say, “Is there anyone in your household whose only means of financial support come from a part-time job.”

              Big difference. Huge difference. If they had called half the teachers I know, and asked them the first iteration of that question, they’d get a positive answer – many many NYC teachers take summer jobs to supplement their income. But they’re not unemployed. But, if that’s the way TMI phrased their question, they’d be considered “unemployed” and be considered part of that 28%.

              See what I’m getting at?

              • Mike says:

                OK, so what in your estimation is the correct percentage of unemployment figures? And how did you arrive at said number?

                • pantheonoutcast says:

                  I haven’t the foggiest notion. The Gov’t says 9.X%, these guys say 28% – I’m sure the truth is situated somewhere in between. Most likely it is the (number of people actually laid off from a full time job that was the primary source of household income) + (people who have been actively searching for a full-time job which would provide the primary source of household income, but cannot find one).

                  A 21 year old kid with a newly-minted BA degree in Fine Arts working at the Gap is not “unemployed.”

                  A 30 year old woman who works 20 hours a week at a part time gig because she wishes to provide a responsible upbringing for her children is not “unemployed.”

                  A 35 year old man who dislikes his current mind-numbing, soul-crushing job and is searching for a replacement career is not “unemployed.”

                  A 40 year old woman who spent 15 years as a freelance consultant and has to undercut her fees in order to compete with a younger, less expensive generation is not “unemployed.”

                  A 19 year old single mother who lives at home and is on the dole while studying for her GED is not “unemployed.”

                  An 18 year old post-high school student who wishes to spend his last summer before college playing X-Box all day is not “unemployed.”

                  A 35 year old teacher who took a part time job tutoring to pay for his motorcycle (that’s me), but found his hours reduced because of budget cuts is not “unemployed.”

                  Yet according to this study, all of these people would be counted as “unemployed.” They’re not. It’s a flawed study.

                  • Mike says:

                    So you think the number is “truth is situated somewhere in between” 9.6% or 28%.

                    Good, glad you scientifically cleared that up with your anecdotal and hypothetical conjecture.

  15. misterfweem says:

    Can you tell me where Cornbread is . . .TURKEY!

  16. jiarby says:

    After all the mini violins, song and dance, we cut to the chase:
    “During this time, an investment I made failed and I lost the house”

    Did she take a second mortgage and give the dough to some loser starting a Zrii business?

    THAT might be the reason for familial snickering!

  17. pantheonoutcast says:

    Well, given the Lord’s proven track record of protecting the financial interests, health, welfare, safety, and general well-being of his followers, I’m sure that cornbread idea will work out just fine.

    • womynist says:


    • says:

      The ignorance of some is astounding. Rather than admire the work ethic of this woman, her drive to succeed, or humility in regards to her actions, you decide to attack her religious beliefs.

      This woman could have been laying on her couch complaining about how the government needed to save her from those evil banks and how her unemployment check wasn’t nearly enough to cover her 500-channel cable bill. Instead, she worked hard and made something of her time.

      Whether giving the glory to Mohammad, or Jesus, or Charles Darwin, this woman sought to simply humble herself in the process and should have an opportunity to do that without being harassed.

      Wouldn’t you enjoy the same?


  18. rpm773 says:

    So there’s more to cornbread than the recipe printed on every cannister or box of cornmeal?

    I know, I know…buy the book.

    • JulesNoctambule says:

      There is a trick to delicious cornbread — heat the oiled pan until it’s smoking hot before you add the batter. Crispy crust every time!

      (Disclaimer: May not apply to sugar-containing Northern corncake version.)

      • MamaBug says:


      • caradrake says:

        And it’s GOT to be in a cast iron skillet that’s been seasoned for years (or better, decades). And grease the pan with a dallop of bacon grease.

        Oh man, I want some cornbread now….

        • rpm773 says:

          Actually, my above comment notwithstanding, I do this. Preheated cast iron and bacon grease.

          Works with homemade buttermilk biscuits, too.

  19. chaesar says:

    somebody put her in touch with Chris Rock:

    “cornbread, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that”

  20. jiubreyn says:

    Gotta admire her tenacity, that’s amazing! Go Bev Go! /cheers

  21. mox says:

    The Lord didn’t bless you with a creative idea hon. You came up with that one all on your own. So own it. Start your new venture with the very clear notion that this was your idea, and that you will sink or swim based on them.

  22. smo0 says:

    Good luck!!! I will be purchasing said book. I am for this cause. +1

  23. yzerman says:

    I have to wish her good luck. If her book is a nice price say $5-10 bucks ill donate to her just because she at least is trying..

  24. common_sense84 says:

    What is with all the god stuff? Is this a joke post? I hope she is not being serious.

  25. RobHoliday says:

    “the Lord blessed me with a creative idea”

    Yes… All thanks to the ever present invisible sky wizard. I guess the Lord condemned you first when you lost your investment?

  26. aleck says:

    Is this really a consumerist article or a plug for Bev’s web site?

    What was the investment she made that failed? I think this fact needs more elaboration before we all rush to save Bev.

  27. Memtex784 says:

    50 years ago big companies showed off their craftsmanship and made quality products. Now its all about profit and employees being treated like stocks. Good luck Bev!

  28. sharky says:

    I did a Google search for “cornbread recipe” and received over half a million results. Why do I need this random woman’s book? I appreciate that she’s not just sitting on her backside complaining about her house being “lost”. But this woman needs to spend a little time reading websites like this one. It’s just a hunch, but I’m guessing that she found herself in a desperate situation and got taken advantage of by some type of get rich quick scam. Take your pick. Her “friends, neighbors and colleagues snickered and became very condescending.” probably because they tried to stop her from making the costly mistake and then grew tired of her sales pitches to buy her products. Why does this woman need to own a 3 bedroom home anyway? good luck to her anyway.