Everyone experiences some form of anxiety at home, at work, or wherever. Sometimes anxiety can become so overwhelming that it can deeply affect your life. But, there are some ways to keep your anxiety at bay. The editors from ShopSmart suggest five easy ways to do this, including meditation and writing down your feelings. [Consumer Reports Health]


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  1. jpmoney says:

    The article is mostly fluff, but means well and has some common-sense suggestions. You probably already know all of them if you have severe anxiety, and theres a 20% change you haven’t heard of one these if you only know someone who does. I thought it was from Reader’s Digest at first.

    My wife has anxiety issues and I still at times find it hard to help her. There is no logic to it at times which can make it really frustrating. I don’t want drugs to be the answer, but logic meets a brick wall when someone is getting into an anxious spiral.