Enterprise Tells Me My Rental Will Cost $38, Charges Me $129

Andrew rented a car from Enterprise, which told him online it would charge $37.71 for a one-day rental. When he showed up at the branch, Enterprise said he’d have to pay more than three times that amount because he wouldn’t be allowed to drop his car off until two days later.

He writes:

I recently rented a car from enterprise online via their online reservation service. I was told that the rental would cost $37.71 for the day. When I got to the branch, the whole story changed and my price was changed to $129.11. They claimed that I could not drop it off on a Saturday and that I would need to pay for three days, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I needed to drop the car on Saturday since my flight out was leaving.

I could have refused the rental, however I would have a difficult time renting a car elsewhere without a ride. They wouldn’t even honor my daily rate in my online reservation.

I tried to speak to the assistant manager, manager, and a phone rep and nothing could be done other than refusing their terms set forth once I got there and paying a cancellation fee.

What would you have done in Andrew’s situation? It’s easy to say you would refuse the rental and take your chances elsewhere, but it seemed he didn’t have much wiggle room.

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