Wells Fargo Finally Stops Objecting To My Marriage

Jennifer wrote earlier this month about Wells Fargo’s inability to come to terms with the fact that she is a married woman who changed her last name. Maybe the bank had a thing for her and couldn’t deal with her not being single anymore. Whatever the case, Wells Fargo finally corrected her name on the accounts.

She writes:

A couple days after reading the comments on the post, I called WellsFargo, determined to try once more. One more chance. The customer service rep who took my call carefully checked the name on all my accounts, at my request, and told me that she believed the problem to be a simple spelling error. She put me on hold to check with her supervisor, and when she came back, she said that her supervisor agreed, that yes, this issue was in the category of spelling error. Fixing a spelling error would simply require a form. She filled out paperwork to make the correction, and had my card reported as damaged to get a new one sent to me. She further went on to recommend to me that I get my debit card customized as it was very similar in color to the credit card. I had kept my cool through this whole conversation (I was a bit in shock… someone who actually seemed to WANT to help me… who would have guessed?), and I sincerely thanked her at the end. I was still anticipating that the new card that arrived in the mail would have the wrong name, but I decided to wait and see.

I was contacted by Wells Fargo during this interval in regards to the article, and when the card arrived WITH THE CORRECT NAME, I sent a response to them letting them know that while I am still irritated with how long this process took, and the obstacles on the way, that it was thanks to that particular customer rep that I was still their customer. They sent a response back asking if I could give them her full name so they could be sure she would be recognized. I let them know that I have never known a customer rep to give out their last name. I hope they do find her and reward her.

So, I am still a customer of Wells Fargo. And my new card is blue and kinda sparkly in addition to actually having my name on it. I guess that is good.

The blue, kinda sparkly card seems to have made the ordeal all worthwhile. Jealous?

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