Burger King Kids' Breakfast No Competition For Cini-minis

Burger King is launching its first kids’ breakfast next week, a $3.38 package that will include an egg-and-cheese sandwich, fry-shaped apple slices, juice and a toy. While BK may be taking some heat for promoting the 410-calorie meal to kids, only parents are likely to be swayed. Burger King’s real kiddie breakfast has long been the Cini-mini, and no right-thinking child will be swayed by fry-shaped apple slices when that’s on the menu. And parents, you can get four Cini-minis for $1.

Burger King hasn’t commented on the nutritional value of the new breakfast (apparently nobody’s asked about the nutrition of Cini-minis), but a spokersperson said the company only plans to advertise healthier items to kids.

Burger King is trying to grab a piece of the $25 billion fast-food breakfast market, which is dominated by McDonald’s. Meanwhile, Ronald isn’t taking the new competition from Le Roi lying down. This winter, a new breakfast item will appear under the arches: oatmeal. Yeah, the kids are really waiting for that one.

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