Like Being Single? That'll Be $388,059, Please

According to a British price comparison website, the cost of being single from 22-75 (in the UK) is £254,082 or $388,059. The extra expense comes from having to carry mortgage, holiday costs, insurance premiums and utility bills alone — do they not have roommates in the UK?

The study suggests that there is a need for more cost-effective options for single people, such as hotels that charge by the person rather than by the room, and houses that are smaller and easier to maintain.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at, said: “Increasingly we are seeing evidence that to enjoy a good quality of life in Britain, a household needs two incomes.

“Those who live alone face a range of disadvantages including meeting household bills single handed and having to pay a surcharge on holidays.”

The vacation stuff is especially irksome, even if you are in a relationship. Sometimes you just want to get away on your own, ya know?

Cost of being single: £254,082 [Telegraph]

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