More Subpoenas For Toyota! This Time It's Steering Rods

Five years ago Toyota had a problem with their steering rods. Now a federal grand jury would like to see records relating to whether or not the company notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the problem in a timely fashion, says the WSJ.

The subpoenas to Toyota’s U.S. subsidiaries on June 29 were issued by a U.S. grand jury in the Southern District in New York. They appear to be tied to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation into whether five years ago Toyota notified the agency of a steering rod defect in a timely fashion, as required by law.

The grand jury probe raises the possibility of criminal liabilities, though Toyota hasn’t been charged.

Toyota said it would cooperate and declined to comment on which vehicles are subject to the investigation.

Toyota Subpoenaed Again by U.S. Grand Jury [WSJ]

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