10 Stores With Cheap Generic Drugs

Cheap generic drugs are good for when you’re between jobs, between insurance, or if you’ve just got a prescription drug plan that is costing you too much money. You might find, as Wise Bread did, that a generic version of your medication actually causes fewer side effects in addition to being more cost-effective.

You can use Consumer Report’s Best Buy drugs to help you locate some generics that might work for you, and then speak to your doctor about them.

Finally, use the following lists to locate the drugs for the cheapest price.

30-day supply – $4.
90-day supply – $10

30-day supply – $4.
90-day supply – $10

30-day supply – $9.99.
90-day supply – $12.99
Membership: ($20/year individual, $35/year family)

30-day supply – $8.99.
90-day supply – $15.99

30-day supply – $4.
90-day supply – $10

30-day supply – N/A
90-day supply – $9.99
Membership: ($10/year per person)

Free Antibiotics, Pre-Natal Vitamins, and Diabetes Management Supplies

$5-$25 including some non-generics in the women’s health program
Membership: Free

30-day supply – $4
90-day supply – $10

Free Antibiotics

Please keep in mind that in some states these drugs may be priced higher because of local “Unfair Practices Acts” that prohibit so-called predatory pricing, including selling items for “below cost.”

Generic Drug Price Lists For Six Major Pharmacies – Updated [Wise Bread]

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