There Is No Way To Escape The USPS Upsell

Reader Andy attempted to avoid the Express Mail upsell question at the Post Office and was cruelly ignored.

The US Postal Service insists on mandatory upselling at counter windows.

I brought a package into the USPS office in Port Chester, New York, and stated as clearly as possible, “I would like to send this the cheapest way possible. No upsell please.” There were 14 people behind me, and one open window.

The clerk’s response? “Would you like to send that Express Mail?” I explained that I had just said I didn’t want to do anything other than send it the cheapest way possible. She told me they “have” to ask that.

I completed the transaction and asked to speak to a manager (thereby making sure I didn’t slow own the line). He told me it is “part of the script” and that they are “secret shopped” and “lose points” if they don’t read it.

There are many reasons why the U.S. Postal Service is in trouble. I think forcing people to listen to an upsell effort, when they have preemptively told you they are not interested, thereby slowing down the line for everyone else, is one of them.

We guess that when they say “no exceptions” they mean it. Don’t worry, though, the USPS isn’t supported by tax dollars anymore.