Screw The Heat; Sears Wants To Sell You Christmas Crap Now

While we were surprised last week that Macy’s is already hyping up Santa’s impending arrival, they’ve got nothing on Sears, which has already gotten up full Christmas-themed displays, just in time for Labor Day.

Consumerist reader Graeme was doing some shopping at the Sears in Chestertown, MO, yesterday when he spotted this display of scarf-wearing bears (stuffed dolls; not actual bears) along with ornaments and merchandise from Disney and holiday film fave A Christmas Story. (Full pic below)

So if the summer heat has got you wishing for more wintry weather, you can always head over to Sears to get in the yuletide mindset.



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  1. qbubbles says:

    Has no one ever heard of “Christmas in July”?

    That being said, I totally cant wait for winter. Or Fall. Or anything less than 95 degree heat w/ 80% humidity.

    • blogger X says:

      I will NEVER b*tch about having to shovel 40 inches of snow again!!!

    • thrashanddestroy says:

      Here, here! Christmas in July is nothing new, certainly not anything to get your panties in a twist over. Its been happening for decades, will continue to do so, and not even the combined efforts of the intraweb’s bloggers and finest complainers alike can stop that.

      Christmas creep is annoying, sure…in May, Jun or August. July gets an automatic pass, only because of the aforementioned. Is it a stupid marketing ploy? Hell yeah it is. Still, don’t act like you’ve never heard of it.

      Let me run over to Best Buy, take a quick picture of random Christmas movies and start crying “Christmas creep, Christmas creep!” I’ll let you guys know how it goes after I’m forcibly removed.

    • TouchMyMonkey says:

      Christmas in July is a regular sale that used the juxtaposition of winter snow and summer heat as a theme. Sears is starting the Christmas shopping season early. There is a difference.

  2. Dallas_shopper says:

    Ugh, it’s not even August yet.

    You can’t even use the “crafter” excuse, this crap just plugs into the wall.

  3. stebu says:

    “just in time for Labor Day”???

    It seems like Consumerist is using its own date inflation technology.

  4. JRules says:

    I don’t see the problem with Christmas Creep. If they want to take up valuable floor space with Christmas items in July, more power to them. Obviously research has shown that people will buy it otherwise it wouldn’t be out.

    • cryptique says:

      I think research has shown that no one is buying anything now, and this is a desperate gambit to address that situation.

  5. ExtraCelestial says:

    There is a Christmas store at Tyson’s Corner mall in VA. I don’t know if they just sell Christmas stuff all year (??). but they had a sign in the window yesterday that stated Thanksgiving supplies would be available in August. I was so confused.

  6. Chaosium says:

    The sooner they sell you Christmas Crap you don’t need, the more Crap you don’t need they can sell you in the winter when your pocketbook is replenished! Insidious.

  7. ThyGoddess says:

    I for one appreciate Sears’s efforts to drive away the evils of summer and bring back the joys of snow.

  8. Bativac says:

    Are retail sales bad enough that they have to resort to this?

    Eventually, this will reset itself. The “Christmas Creep” will creep back into April, then March, and eventually NEXT year’s Christmas stuff will come out in December of THIS year, and we’ll skip a whole year, and then it will start over.

  9. blinky says:

    People must buy it. I don’t usually buy christmas stuff until Christmas eve.

  10. tiz says:


    • dolemite says:

      Halloween: The best of all holidays. Candy, corny decorations, dressing up, old scary movies on most tv stations. I actually take Halloween off from work most years just so I can enjoy it fully.

  11. NarcolepticGirl says:

    Look, as a million people have commented over the years – people are buying it. That’s why they put it out. Also, some places put out crafts so people/businesses can get a head start.
    Big deal.

    About an hour from here is Gatlinburg – they have about 8 Christmas stores and a Christmas Inn that are year round and usually crowded with old people and crafters.

    If some Christmas ornaments and cards are the biggest thing bothering you while in retail stores, than you’re lucky. I think the parents using the massive plastic car carts for kids (blocking the aisles), the employees gossiping loudly, expired foods, the sugar ants on the shelves, kids screaming and knocking shit over, etc. are 90 times more annoying than some christmas cards.

    • Dallas_shopper says:

      I will concede that what you described is more annoying. However, Christmas is also pretty fucking annoying for those of us who aren’t Christian or who aren’t even religious in any way shape or form. We have it shoved down our throats for at least an entire month per year and that’s more than enough for me, thanks.

      I’ll just come right out and say it: I HATE Christmas. Not only is it pervasive and constant and unrelenting from November onwards, it’s also based purely on consumption and materialism. It’s a fucking stupid holiday and I wish it would die. That’s just my opinion. YMMV. Happy Hanukah.

      • CalicoGal says:

        You’re my hero.

        I HATE Christmas, for all the above-mentioned reasons.
        Bite me, Santa. You too, baby Jesus.

  12. dpeters11 says:

    Seems normal to me. I bought my Christmas lights for 2010 in April, and bought more Christmas stuff on July 1. In some cases, it’s the best pricing of the year.

  13. TouchMyMonkey says:

    I’ve already gotten email from Sears’ bedfellow K-Mart along the same lines. Meanwhile, the world’s largest retailer is selling lawn furniture and gas grills, as God intended.

  14. dreamfish says:

    Remember: the earlier Christmas comes, the earlier the ‘war on Christmas’ starts.

    • TouchMyMonkey says:

      God, I hope not. I’m still working on the operations order for the 2010 offensive. Operation Santa Cruise.

  15. andyross says:

    Also saw it at the Sears in Schaumburg, IL on Sunday. Just a small area like you see in the picture.

  16. brianisthegreatest says:

    Too soon! I hate when I see stuff go up right after halloween.

  17. Outrun1986 says:

    I am suspecting they don’t have anything else to fill the area. Its been hot here, and a lot of stores are cleaned out of bathing suits, beach towels and other summer accessories. Rather than leave empty space, they choose to put out the next wave of seasonal merchandise.

    I haven’t seen this in my Sears, but they do have the fall and winter clothes out in most stores, probably because they are out of summer inventory due to it actually selling this time. Last season was REALLY cold where I live for summertime, it rarely broke 80, and the summer merchandise did not sell. This year, its been much hotter, with many 90 degree+ days and very few days below 80, so it only makes sense that in hotter weather, they are going to sell out of summer items faster. Especially since basically no one bought any summer stuff last year since it was too cold.

  18. Invader Zim says:

    ughhhh, christ only goes away for three months and then it rears it head once again. Its like the energizer bunny of holidays.

  19. Groanan says:

    Isn’t this just a ploy from communist China to get us used to seeing red twelve months a year?
    I for one will boycotting Christmas until a senate committee can investigate this possible usurpation of traditional American values.

  20. ErnestPayne says:

    Sears? I remember them.

  21. czarrie says:

    Damn, and here I thought we were crazy for setting our Halloween candy four weeks from now (Mid-August). God, Sears, slow down a bit and utilize that sales space for something that makes sense right now, like back to school merchandise or SOMETHING.