Hotel Pools That Make Us Want To Weep With Longing

Is it getting hot out there or is it just us? For those trapped in urban jungles with nary a public pool, much less a simple lawn sprinkler, cooling off with water in the summer can seem like an impossibility. So why not torture our overheated senses just a little bit more with a slideshow of amazing hotel pools?

In case you’re thinking of dipping a toe into travel this summer, Budget Travel has compiled a tantalizing array of hotel pools sure to get you in the mood for some cannonballs.

For example: At the saltwater pool at San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrabo, Chile, which is two-thirds of a mile long, you can take out small boats for a sail. BOATS! In a POOL!

Then there’s the two-acre pool deck at the Viceroy Miami, which “features Japanese blueberry trees, swanky chaise lounges and beds, and three types of pools: an 80-person hot tub, a wading pool, and a football-field-size swimming pool.”

So, who’s ready for a swim? Check out all the super swimming options over at Budget Travel.

Amazing Hotel pools [Budget Travel]


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  1. Dustbunny says:

    OMG. That pool in Chile has a beach with heated sand. Heated sand! Not sure I’d want to be anywhere near the Tokyo pool on the 47th floor of the hotel, when a quake hits …

  2. Thyme for an edit button says:

    I want to go on the shark aquarium slide!

    • Venus Blue says:

      That picture made my heart speed up. Stupid claustrophobia.

      • ellemdee says:

        I’m not even claustrophobic,. and I felt it, too.

        • jumpycore says:

          it really isnt that bad. i was there for their grand opening and the slide is just like any other pipe slide except made of a clear material (as opposed to the common blue colored material) with sharks in the take surrounding it.

          it isn’t all that exciting either i don’t get the fuss. all of those other pools are remarkable. the Golden Nugget pool is very small

      • huadpe says:

        If it’s any consolation, it’s photoshopped badly.

        That woman is lit by studio lighting, and there is no diffraction in the water, also the fish and the woman are both in perfect focus, which can’t happen since one is in front of the other. Also if she were holding her hands like that on the slide she’d be badly burned.

        Also water on the slide doesn’t look like that. In fact, water generally (particularly water suitable for fish) does not look like that.

    • EtherealFlame says:

      All I could think of was “shark bait! HooHaHa!!” Thank you Disney and Finding Nemo.

  3. hypochondriac says:

    Seeing these pools makes me wish I was there and could swim

  4. HogwartsProfessor says:

    #6 with the candles looks just like a dream I had once.

    The ones right by the ocean crack me up. It’s like “Let’s build a pool right here, even make it saltwater, so people don’t have to dip their little tootsies in the fish doo water!”

    • Master Medic: Now with more Haldol says:

      Darn tootin!! Why swim in the fish toilet when we can swim in the human pseudo-toilet.

    • El-Brucio says:

      It could be there are water quality issues for the actual beaches due to municipal sewage problems…. or crime/begging issues.

      Or my personal fear, giant man-eating sharks.

      • Fidget says:

        I feel like that comes up briefly in “Life and Debt,” but I might be having source amnesia there. Either way, I’ve seen fenced off beaches in Barcelona that felt like a community pool (swim away from the band-aids!) overlooking the nice water, so it might also be to protect the rest of the beach from tourist-litter. Back home they rope some water off because people have trouble judging how far out they should let their kids swim in ocean water; if they’re used to pools, they usually try to get in way too deep, forgetting about waves/riptides and such.

  5. dreamfish says:

    I care not for swimming pools. They’re decadent.

  6. montusama says:

    These seem a little much for swimming pools. Then again not like I would be in them. I can swim just choose not to.

  7. summeroflove says:

    It is one of my life goals to go here one day………*long, long sigh*

  8. axhandler1 says:

    They missed the Sky Park infinity pool in Singapore. That one looks absolutely ridiculous.

  9. luftmenschPhil says:

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that all but 2 of these pools are outside the U.S. Most US hotel pools are piss-pods in which fitness swimming is virtually impossible. Most Americans equate fitness with rat-maze torture machines and not swimming in large elegant swimming pools.

    • pantheonoutcast says:

      I don’t think it’s a coincidence that only one of these pools is from Oman. Most hotels pools in Oman are filled with the cerebrospinal fluid of aborted pandas in which playing Marco Polo is completely impossible. Most people from Oman equate Marco Polo with being kicked in the shins by someone wearing golf-cleats and not groping blindly. yet jovially in large elegant swimming pools.

      See, I too can make a fucking idiotic, biased statement, based solely on photographs of 12 hotel pools.

      • luftmenschPhil says:

        I’ve been to hotels in all parts of the US and Israel & Europe. I’ve found the US pools to be far inferior – even pools at resorts, like Williamsburg, Atlantic City, etc. However, there are plenty of fitness machines.

        • kmw2 says:

          I find it highly unlikely that you find American hotel pools subpar when compared to European pools. Hint: Most European hotels don’t _have_ pools.

  10. justsomeguy says:

    I’m sure there are a lot of people here who would look down their noses at it, but the pool at the Yacht Club and Beach Club Hotels at Walt Disney World is beautiful. It is the largest sand-bottomed pool in the world. I was really hoping to see it on the list.

  11. LVSinner says:

    The pool in Chile:
    At what point do you stop calling a body of water that big a pool, and just call it a man-made lake?

    • Smashville says:

      I would think a lake doesn’t have a concrete bottom and is fed by a river or a creek.

    • Noir says:

      Until man-made lake equals “uhh, shiny” to soccer moms and people with tons of disposable income. It’s also ilegal to have private beaches here.

  12. sandra_nz says:

    Why does the woman in #11 have two left arms and hands?

  13. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    I think it should be renamed “Pools in hotels that the average joe will never be able to afford.” *SIGH* Some of those are just beautiful. I can dream…..

  14. Robofish says:

    I want to take a sailboat out in a pool.

  15. Robofish says:

    Also, probably no where near as fancy but the Holiday Inn in Townsville Australia has a pool on the roof. The hotel is a giant cylinder. It’s pretty cool though a bit strange to walk through the hallways there.

  16. Rackoff493 says:

    There was a show on the Travel Channel about it.

    The Chile pool is a salt water pool, but these are amazing. Makes my blowup pool look cheap!

  17. Captain Walker says:

    This list is from “Budget Travel”? Where’s the list from “Ridiculously Priced Travel”?

  18. smo0 says:

    Holy crap, the golden nugget one is awesome and that’s here in town! I’m totally booking an offnight!