Hotel Pools That Make Us Want To Weep With Longing

Is it getting hot out there or is it just us? For those trapped in urban jungles with nary a public pool, much less a simple lawn sprinkler, cooling off with water in the summer can seem like an impossibility. So why not torture our overheated senses just a little bit more with a slideshow of amazing hotel pools?

In case you’re thinking of dipping a toe into travel this summer, Budget Travel has compiled a tantalizing array of hotel pools sure to get you in the mood for some cannonballs.

For example: At the saltwater pool at San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrabo, Chile, which is two-thirds of a mile long, you can take out small boats for a sail. BOATS! In a POOL!

Then there’s the two-acre pool deck at the Viceroy Miami, which “features Japanese blueberry trees, swanky chaise lounges and beds, and three types of pools: an 80-person hot tub, a wading pool, and a football-field-size swimming pool.”

So, who’s ready for a swim? Check out all the super swimming options over at Budget Travel.

Amazing Hotel pools [Budget Travel]

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