DirecTV Installed My Dish On Wrong Roof, Wants $50 To Do Job Correctly

Chris says DirectTV inexplicably attached his dish to the building next door. When the neighbor took the device down, Chris asked DirecTV to re-install it — this time on the correct structure — but the company is balking.

He writes:

This leads us to several weeks ago when I was told by my management company my dish had been removed and was in their possession because it had been installed on the roof of the neighboring building, whose management company discovered it in the process of having some maintenance performed and was naturally upset at the situation. Let me repeat that for emphasis, my satellite dish, unbeknownst to me and certainly not under my instruction or authorization, had been incorrectly installed on the roof of the building next door. To paint the picture we’re talking about two four-story condo buildings roughly 6’ apart, whether or not the two roofs come together at any point I do not know, I have never ventured up there.

I informed DirecTV customer service of this issue, in response to which they were very apologetic and offered to have the dish reinstalled correctly at no cost to me, credited my account for the charge and set up the appointment. Unfortunately I was unable to retrieve the dish from my management company and was forced to cancel the appointment. When canceling I explained the situation, again received apologies and understanding and was told to call and reschedule as soon as I had the dish.

Just over a week later I called to simply reschedule that appointment, the customer service rep agreed to have the reinstall performed at no charge and was attempting to set up an appointment time for me. Unfortunately because the issue had resulted in my repeated calls to customer service, I was told the policy was for the issue to be transferred to a “case specialist” who would handle this issue from here.

Herein lies the problem, the case specialist and supervisor I spoke with both refused to have my dish reinstalled at no charge, saying that was company policy and the various customer service reps who had agreed to do so and credited my account had done so in error and they were unwilling to do the same. Effectively the options I was given were pay $50 to have the dish put back up (which given the circumstances I refuse to do), or I’m SOL.

Do you have any advice for Chris on how to make the company treat him more directly?


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  1. DigitalShawn says:

    Cancel. Use a local cable company and enjoy the money you save.

    • kc2idf says:

      Spoken like someone who hasn’t done his homework.

      Satellite (from either provider) generally costs about half of what cable does for equivalent packages. I know this because I did my homework and got price quotes.

      • domcolosi says:

        You’re right, in most cases, but if Chris (OP) isn’t willing to do that, he doesn’t have much of a bargaining chip. He’s got to be willing to either switch to cable or switch to Dish Network. One involves higher monthly fees, and one involves high initial investment.

        I think if he threatened to switch to cable, they might start to listen. He’ll probably get a deal on cable for 6 or 12 months to make the price comparable. After a month, he can call DTV back and ask if they’re willing to re-install for free in order to get his business back.

        • JediJohn82 says:

          I agree. Go with Dish…it is far better and cheaper than Direct TV and there are no expensive setup charges; plus the DVR works in two rooms at once!

      • DigitalShawn says:

        Excuse me?

        After having Directv for 5years, I found a price from local that was 1/2 what I paid for Directv. You obviously haven’t a clue what your speaking on. Great, its awesome deal for you, but having a lower price for the same channels is better for me.

      • DigitalShawn says:

        After think about your logic KC, I decided to crunch some numbers.

        With Directv, we needed 4 recievers in order to watch on units in the house.
        With cable, we only need one box, the rest connect via straight coax.

        With Directv, we had no bundle providing internet or phone.
        With cable, both these items are bundled into our monthly bill.

        With Directv, we paid close to $200 a month for the Premier Package.
        With cable, we pay a little over $100 each month, including phone and internet.

        Now, tell me, who hasn’t done their homework?

        • stebu says:

          You seem to be assuming that everyone is just like you.

          Thankfully, that is not the case.

          • DigitalShawn says:

            So by relating my own experience, I am assuming everyone is like me?

            Please do tell where I make that assumption. I was told that I didn’t do my homework before making my statement of cancelling Directv, when in fact I did exactly that, and listed my pro’s and con’s.

          • Captaffy says:

            He likes ICP. All signs point to idiot.

            • DigitalShawn says:

              Hmmm, I assume that you are talking about my avatar. It represents my employer, and yes, I very much am into ICP, our whole business model is one that is of success. I am very proud of my affiliation, thank you.

              As far as your close minded judgement call, well that only shows your own idiocies.

              Nice hat by the way, troll on.

        • Southern says:

          Which cable package do you have? Because at that price, I seriously doubt it’s the “Premier” package. I have JUST “Basic Digital Cable” with Comcast (Tier 1, Channels 1-100 on the guide, only about 30 of them worth have a darn).. No Premium Channels, but I do have the DVR (extra *$15* a month!) and Cable Internet — NOT PHONE — and my bill runs ~$135 a month.

          • DigitalShawn says:

            We do not have Comcast here, I have Buckeye Cable which is a local company. If you look them up, you will see my VIP bundle, altho my is a bit customized than what they show.

            The “Premier” package I referred to was with Directv.

        • JamieSueAustin says:

          Not that it matters, but Cincinnati Bell rolled out FIOPS here and now I get all the channels I had on the upper tier of Dish plus wicked fast internet for less than $100. It’s good stuff. I dropped the HD channels, though, cause I think they look funny (my own odd ball quirk).

          OP should escalate to the next level of management, failing that ECCB, and if that doesn’t work out shop around for another service. Cable may be a one horse show in most places, but satellite usually isn’t. There may be another provider more desperate to have you as a customer.

    • Blackadar says:

      Shawn, don’t be an idiot. Prices for cable are at a local level and while cable may be cheaper in your neck of the woods, it’s certainly not like that everywhere. Personally, I saved 40% going to satellite TV versus cable TV.

      • DigitalShawn says:

        I do not understand the personal attacks. My local level is Toledo, Ohio. Hardly some small neck in the woods.

        The question at hand was what should the OP do. In my own opinion, he should cancel, the same I would tell anyone getting the run around such as he.

        Note, I never resorted to calling you, or anyone else in this thread a name. Try not to be so judgmental when expressing your own opinion.

        • alienmindtrick says:

          That’s how it is on this site, Shawn: If you present an issue or idea counter to ANYONE ELSE’S then the ad hominem attacks begin. It’s why I so rarely come on here anymore.

          • DigitalShawn says:

            I agree with your statement, it reminds me of the comment section on, which seems to attract the less fortunate in IQ’s. A trend, if you will, of assholes with computers.

            • Twonkey says:

              Still, the asshole with a computer has a point. It’s not always good to assume that what’s true in your neck of the woods is going to be true somewhere else. If your advice is largely dependent on region, it’s best to hold on to it instead of posting it and risking the wrath of the more uncouth Consumerist members. :D

              • DigitalShawn says:

                I see, so we all should put ourselves in whomever’s shoes, and get all fantasy? Please, I spoke on my experience, my opinion on what OP do, and now I should shut up in fear of the idiocies on this site?

                The problem is people are not happy, and bring that unhappiness to the internet, because misery loves company, and those people do not feel content in life unless they mock/argue/bully other people. Simple fact is had this all been real life, majority of these people would shut their mouths and not say anything at all. Personally, I do not care about these lonely souls who only goal is to make the world a worse place, it is a shame, but ultimately, karma will balance it out.

            • Rectilinear Propagation says:

              it reminds me of the comment section on


              I hope we’re not *that* bad.

          • Major Annoyance says:

            Actually, The main reason I come here is to see the thread jacking and rabbit chasing and off topic responses. ;)

        • Blackadar says:


          If you’re going to be insulted by “don’t be an idiot”, is that way —–>

          Just because you managed to save money in Toledo, Ohio (the 73rd largest TV market in the USA) does not necessarily translate into the options that the OP has. You could suggest that the OP check into competitive options, but saying that “use a local cable company and enjoy the money you save” comes across as inane (at best). Duh.

          Frankly, your experience is probably atypical, since you do live in a decent sized market but have a smaller provider. I checked the prices on Buckeye Cable and they’re pretty awesome. The $168 Digital Ultra Premium package would be about $300 in my top 20 market. Consider yourself lucky.

          • says:

            Another chapter from “How To Win Friends and Influence People” right here folks!

          • DigitalShawn says:

            I am lucky, never said I wasn’t. i find it hard to believe that Buckeye Cable is the last of local providers giving way to these bigger companies. This is news to me. Again, OP never clearly states where he is located, so all I can relate is my experience.

            The fact that i am getting a good deal makes me an idiot? Maybe look in a mirror and take a look inside, because while I may come off as an idiot, you are coming off as an asshole. The fact that you mention “” tells me maybe you should watch shows that aren’t made for children.

            • LostTurntable says:

              You live in Toledo? I was trapped there for 22 years. After you leave you’ll realize how horrible Buckeye is.

              • DigitalShawn says:

                Actually I am not from here, only lived here around 6 years now. I enjoy Buckeye Cable over Comcast that I used in Detroit. And the first 4 years was with Directv here in Toledo, in which I enjoy Buckeye over as well. So I guess I don’t understand what you mean.

    • JoeTheDragon says:

      Not for comcast chicagoland digital preferred costs about the same as Directv with HD DVR with out the HD or the DVR thats about $16 more and to add a box it’s $8 per tv or $16 per HD DVR.

      also want fox moive channel get the sports pack.

      want speed channel get the sports pack (parts of the area others it’s in starter)

      the channel lineup is a big mess they just dumped stuff all over 100-300

    • lukesdad says:

      Save money with cable? On what planet is this possible?

    • HoJu says:

      I think the issue here (after reading this thread) is the fact that you refer to “Local cable” as though local cable exists in most places. You’re incredibly lucky to be serviced by Buckeye Cable as opposed to Comcast or Time Warner or some other gigantic conglomerate hell bent on taking all of your money.
      Rest assured, though. Buckeye Cable will soon become one of them. It’s not going to last.

      • DigitalShawn says:

        No, I don’t think Buckeye isn’t going anywhere. They have the entire city’s infrastructure in place already, no other company is going to be able to roll out service in Toledo unless they buy out Buckeye-Cablesystem, which is highly unlikely. They have been here for years, before there was Time-Warner or Comcast. I am positive they will not be going anywhere soon.

        • HoJu says:

          You can only hope.

          • DigitalShawn says:

            Like I said, I’m sure they have been offered major money in the form of a takeover, they haven’t yet. The Block family owns Buckeye Cable, and many other media outlets here including the only newspaper in a 60 mile span. They have a capital going on here, and while not right, but they are very affordable when coming to cable/internet/phone service. They have a similar situation in Pittsburgh.

            I don’t necessarily hope they don’t go out of business, have worked their tech support they do excel in customer support, but I don’t plan on living here long enough to care.

        • Yorick says:

          I said the same thing, until the local company was bought by Adelphia and then Adelphia was bought by Time Warner.

    • TimothyT says:

      Every place I’ve ever lived cable was more expensive and inferior to DirecTV. You sir may be in one of the markets that has a reasonable cable provider who does not consistently rape its customers in a monopolized and unsympathetic manner.

  2. Murph1908 says:

    Drop them. Fight the early termination fee for failure to meet their side of the agreement. Advise that if they send you to collections, you will exercise your rights under the Fair Credit Act and file a lawsuit.

    • TuxthePenguin says:

      Call them back and say “Since you refused to complete the acts required of you under the terms of our contract, I am hereby nullifying the contract. Thank you.”

      • IThinkThereforeIAm says:

        Yeah, because it usually works out so well with these customer friendly companies…


    • Griking says:

      So easily said. Who the hell wants to go through the hassle of filing a lawsuit?

      • Murph1908 says:

        Worked for me. I didn’t have to go through the hassle of the actual lawsuit. After sending my letter about how they did not meet their obligation, they dropped the termination fee and sent ME a check for my prorated final month.

  3. eirrom says:

    Two words…DISH NETWORK!

    • Audi_addict says:

      Pffft, two words: DISH SUCKS!

      EVERY Dish customer I’ve talked to balks at losing signal in adverse weather. I’ve had no such problems with DirecTV.

      • kc2idf says:

        Funny. I was talking to a DirecTV customer the other day who said she has that problem. I don’t have it with Dish.

      • My Head Hurts says:

        I have never had any problems with Dish. Now my friends that use DTV, they have plenty of service issues.

      • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

        Just put an umbrella over your dish.

        (actually, don’t. My kid nephew suggested this when he overheard the adults talking about it. It was mega cute.)

      • Jeff-er-ee says:

        I’ve had Dish for almost 3 years, ever since we upgraded to HD because DirecTV wouldn’t give me (a 10 year customer) the same deal that they’d give a new customer. The only problem I’ve had was an HDD die in the DVR, and Dish replaced the DVR at no cost within 2 days.

        I’ll never give DirecTV the time of day.

      • macruadhi says:

        I’ve been a Dish Network customer for nearly ten years, I’ve never had a problem with reception due to weather. However, a friend has Direct and his reception was screwed up by a 10 mph wind.

      • golddog says:

        Signal loss w/both companies depends on both latitude and longitude in relation to the broadcasting satellite and the quality of the “point” of the dish install. If the signal strength meter was only 65/100 on a sunny day, a couple of clouds are likely to interrupt Judge Judy.

    • xmarc says:

      I’ve had both Dish and Direct TV. Get DISH period. Bonus, their DVR is leaps better.

    • TimothyT says:

      LOL, Ford v. Chevy….

  4. unchainedmuse says:

    This ought to be a no-brainer. They put it on the wrong roof, for crying out loud! They should be fixing this and giving you some sort of account credit for your inconvenience, in my opinion!

  5. tresser says:

    DTV”s channel 101 is re-airing season 1 of The Wire, starting this sunday.

    sorry you’ll miss out on seeing it.

  6. savdavid says:

    Simple… call them and calmly explain. They will fix it for free. This is exactly what happened to my next door neighbor when they installed the dish on my home.

    • Dover says:

      Sounds like that’s what he did and they agreed at first and then reneged when he needed to reschedule. He should call back and ask again; perhaps tell them it’s a new issue, since it seems that multiple calls for the same problem get routed to another tier which isn’t as helpful.

    • pop top says:

      Did you even bother reading the article? He’s called them multiple times.

    • Difdi says:

      Learn to read before commenting. You look less stupid that way.

  7. jml999 says:

    EECB?? I watched my DirecTV tech like a hawk when I had my install done (after reading about all the installs gone wrong a la fios, etc.) and it was done exactly how I wanted it. Watching the install in the first place (as I would assume you’d notice if they were mounting it to the wrong building) would be the best advice I could offer, not much help here I’m afraid…

  8. Thyme for an edit button says:

    It’s absurd that they want you to pay for their mistake.

    I’d suggest an Executive E-mail Carpet Bomb. Follow Consumerist’s steps for writing an EECB and you may get results.

  9. apple420 says:

    Where was he when the dish was installed? How long did he have service before the management company took it down? (“management company discovered it in the process of having some maintenance performed”)
    It sounds like it could have been there for a while, though the summary isn’t clear. I don’t blame DirecTV 100% for this situation if he didn’t alert them to this matter sooner.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Exactly how was he supposed to know? Exactly why is it his responsibility to ensure they know which building to install a dish on? Exactly why couldn’t the install tech read an address on a building?

      I DO blame DirectTV 100% for this.

    • kc2idf says:

      Is the roof visible from the ground?

    • Difdi says:

      How often do you look at the roof of your (assuming you rent) apartment? If the dish were installed towards the middle, rather than the edge, have you EVER seen the center of a roof you don’t need to maintain?

    • regis-s says:

      If DirectTV expects customers to check and make sure their own technicians don’t install the dish on the roof of the wrong building they should put it in the contract.

    • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

      Ultimately, I think you’re correct. In virtually every instance, when you hire a contractor (whether it be for TV, windows, plumber, electrician), you sign the invoice where you affirm that the work was completed in a satisfactory manner.

      DirecTV should pay because it’s the right thing to do; however, if the OP signed off on the work stating he was happy with the installation, then they’re likely under no obligation to help.

  10. milad32 says:

    DirecTV installers are a joke. They guy that came to install mine walked in my newly purchased house that had brand new carpet with his muddy (not just a little muddy) boots and proceeded to driil numerous holes in my walls and just cover them up with yellow faceplates (walls and other faceplates are white) until he figured out I have firebreakers in my walls so he couldn’t fish the wires down.

    He also tricked me into signing his paper saying if I don’t sign it then he can’t have someone else out to install it properly when in reality he just wouldn’t get paid without my signature (even though he didn’t do his job).

    After multiple calls and tracking down the contracted installation company, they sent out the “master installer” who gave me his cell # and said he was going to take care of everything. 2 weeks go by and I try to call him and his number is disconnected. FML and FDTV

  11. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    Following The Onion’s initiative of bringing news from the future, I bring a Consumerist headline from the future:

    DishDirecTV Technician Installs Service, Transponder Actually A Head Of Lettuce

  12. Stella says:

    When I moved (about nine months after initially starting service with DirectTV), DirectTV installed a new satellite dish. Inexplicably, taking the old dish down and reinstalling it or just plain removing it for future use (it was, after all, their property) would have cost me extra. Since I didn’t want to pay for them to retrieve their own property (they didn’t seem all that concerned about it) and since I didn’t want to get charged by my landlord for not removing it when I vacated the unit, I listed it under the “free stuff” section of Craigslist and someone came by and was quite happy to remove it and take it away.

    Also filed under “inexplicable” was the fact that the DirectTV dish installer was not only happy to provide me with a brand new dish for free, but took down the old DishTV satellite that was up on the roof of the new place for no extra charge.

    • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

      I wonder if it was because he was stealing DIsh programming. B)

    • LastError says:

      There are two main reasons they wanted to give you a new dish:

      1) they are standardizing on a new dish design aimed at supporting the MPEG-4 HDTV signals. The older dishes cannot support that either at all for the old dishes or as well for some of the interim dishes. The latest dish is theoretically the best one. At some point, it will even be required as the older DTV gear is slowly obsoleted. Old dish = junk. Old receivers = well on the way to junk.

      2) When you take advantage of the “free” movers program at DTV, you are usually enrolled in a new 2-year contract on the spot, even if you were previously not under contract. This is the price of “free” you know. DTV is really big on locking everyone into contracts and will do so for mundane things like a simple service call to fix a broken dish. You really need to watch out for this. Seriously.

      Why didn’t they care about the old dish? Again, two reasons:

      1) It’s basically of no value. In the quantity that DirecTV buys them, a single dish costs very little and an old one has already been amortized and written off. Even disconnected, it remains as visual advertising to everyone who might see it. Some of them have nice big logos. The dish remains behind even if there is nobody in the house. It’s like a miniature billboard.

      2) If someone new moves in, they might see the dish on their own roof and want service too. After all, the house is essentially prewired for DirecTV at this point so why bother with cable TV? What they have to do next, usually, is call in and setup an install. The installer will often replace the dish with the current model (not always), and of course lock in the new customer with a new 2-year contract.

      Leaving the dish behind is WELL worth it for DirecTV even if it does not eventually result in a new account. It costs them nothing to try and the dish has no value so not a concern.

      • JamieSueAustin says:

        I had directTV and Dish at different points…. The installer that installed my DirectTV was the same one who moved it two years later. Another two years later he was the same one who installed my Dish. When he installed Dish he told me a story about reinstalling Direct TV at my old place a couple weeks after I disconnected it. Apparently, those things do get cycled quite a bit.

  13. NarcolepticGirl says:

    DirecTV has apparently screwed up so many installations at our townhouse complex, that management requires DirecTV subscribers to put down a damage deposit.

  14. Hi_Hello says:

    Why was it his responsbility to get the dish from the management company?

    I say cancel the service, let them get their own dish. once they get their dish, and your account is cleared, and if you want directv, call them back and sign up all over again.

    • LastError says:

      They mention being a subscriber for only nine months. Since DTV almost exclusively issues two-year contracts these days, the customer probably has 15 more months to go, or pay a big cancellation fee.

      That cost is probably a lot more than the hassle factor.

  15. Link_Shinigami says:

    People you’re missing the best part of this, as per policy he has to pay to fix their mistake. That means this happens enough they actually made a policy for this. I’d exec carpet bomb them over this actually, but that’s just me, lol

    • XTC46 says:

      THats not true. The policy being quoted is one for relocating a dish thats already installed. This would be perfectly reasonable to charge for.

  16. brotheryang says:

    Chris i feel for you. i had the guy who did mine point my dish at the woods that get very full during the summer. bet is to do like me and just install is properly yourself.

  17. JuanHunt says:

    Swear out arrest warrant for installer for trespass and damaging private property.

    Get cable service.

    Live long and prosper.

    • Ouze says:

      He won’t have jurisdiction to do so, since he doesn’t own the building next door.

      Additionally, if he DID own the building next door, he still would not be able to have the arrested since the local utility companies will have an easement.

      Finally, even if he DID own the building next door, and they somehow did not have a public utility easement for the property, every police station in this country would laugh him out of the station when trying to swear such a complaint. They’d tell him it’s a civil matter.

      • JuanHunt says:

        DirecTV is not a public utility and is granted no easements.

        I guess I should have specified that yes, the owners of the damaged building would be the party that has to get the warrant, and since they appear to be miffed, they might even do it, it given the opportunity.

        In my jurisdiction, I can got straight to a warrant magistrate and swear out a warrant, without the need of disturbing the laughter of the Police. But, you are correct in that to get compensation for the damages to the property, a civil case will most likely be necessary, meaning the cost of the suit will be greater than the potential judgment. Handcuffs are better at motivating people than civil suits.

  18. Sword_Chucks says:

    This could be just the start. I wish more people didn’t put up with the crap that some companies put you through.

    ]Just drop them, go with another solution; itunes or cable.

  19. Big Mama Pain says:

    I wonder if the case specialist was just as confused as I was initially-I understood that these were all condos in the same complex, so at first I didn’t even understand what the big deal was to have the dish on a different building in the same complex. Going back, I read that it was managed by someone different. Did they maybe think he was just being fussy about where the dish was installed and didn’t understand that it was on someone else’s property? I’ve done tele-CSR before, and case notes when you get shifted from one person to the next can be spotty and unclear. It just doesn’t make any sense to charge someone to fix your own screw up, so I’m sure it’s just a mix up.

    • Link_Shinigami says:

      No it’s pretty clear they have it in policy that you pay for their mistakes. They’ve removed liability for incompetence and are holding you accountable.

      Actually, is it even legal to hold someone else accountable for your mistakes in situations like this? Otherwise imagine the crimes businesses could get away with. Hell, BP could make a policy saying they aren’t responsible for the oil leak and mess and that the property owners around the spill have to clean it up. An extreme I know, but I just realized the deep end of anti-liable policies.

  20. Zagro says:

    He i had to call them out 3 times just to get them to ziptie the cables to the bottem of the traler they just left them on the ground.
    after i spifickly asked them to do a good job and told them to use the wire hangers around the outside of the building. ok outer edge just under.

    It’s a nice place only about 3 years old and the guy treated us like white trash in his method of installing the set.

    note i was doing an upgrade to the latest and grated in HD DVR’s in 2 rooms and HD tuners in the other 2 rooms linked to the dvr’s so you can watch them.
    And what do we find under the traler (old install wiere left dangling cut riped puled loos form it’s prier instaled locals on the ground.
    And new cable astruned all over the place nothing tied up nothing secured in any way.

    now we live in the country / farmland we have a kennel And we get the acashonal raccoon wandering around.

    Pulling down the skirt not putting it back leavingb wieres on the gorund is no way to install

  21. smonkey says:

    Wait they have a company policy for installing on the wrong roof?

    That’s like Jiffy lube saying it has a company policy for not putting oil back in your engine…

  22. Linda says:

    so what if he accidentally pays his bill to DirecTV’s next door neighbor. Whoops!

  23. jefeloco says:

    I admit that I did not read through every comment so I don’t know if this has been brought up yet…

    How long did he have the service with the dish installed on the wrong roof? I could see sending a guy out if it was installed within the last couple of weeks-months, but if the management company was doing irregular maintenance and found it after a year (or more) of it being there I’m not sure who is liable to pay for it.

  24. MrsLopsided says:

    Bail. If they treat new customers like this just wait ’til you are in their hooks and committed.

  25. MarkSweat says:

    Just try calling back a few times. When I speak to a less-than-helpful customer service rep at DirecTV, I don’t argue. Just hang up and get someone who can help. They DO work there.

  26. Retired Again says:

    WELL … I was going to go DISH but sounds too much like comcast service.

  27. sendmoney2me says:

    call Dish Network

  28. jimstoic says:

    Something doesn’t add up. How did the installer get the cable from the roof of building X into the unit in building Y without determining the dish was on the wrong roof?

  29. Amnesiac85 says:

    Buy a PS3, Wii, or 360 and stream Netflix.

  30. edrebber says:

    Tell they representative you will stop paying your bill until the dish is isntalled correctly at no cost to you.

  31. DeadWriter says:

    I have no idea what market you are in, but if there are local TV stations, this is the kind of thing that that they would do a blurb on, if it was a slow news day. I not saying that this will make things better, but it might. I know that my local station is regularly looking for coherent timely stories to pad the nightly news.

    In our market, the local stations have little love for cable and satellite network providers.

    My suggestion, is go to your local news stations website, follow the directions for submitting a story, and then write a simple and short narrative that includes consequences that connect your story to others in the community.

  32. Starfury says:

    We dumped Comcast/Tivo years ago and we’re saving about $25 a month plus we get 3x the channels and a better picture. I’ve never had any issues with Dish, even when we had the roof redone on the house they put the antenna up again for free.

  33. DigitalShawn says:

    You are correct, it’s a damn shame.

  34. Worstdaysinceyesterday says:

    I had a similar issue. I explained – several times – that the installation was not to spec and it needed to be moved. They firmly stated they would not waive the $50 fee and stated that it actually costs them more than that but they only pass along ‘some’ of the charges. I explained I think they should bear the full charges since it was their mistake, to no avail. Only when I threatened to cancel, got transferred to another rep did they offer to discount my bill $10 per month for 6 mos, but I still had to pay the fee. Whatever…I accepted their deal as my time has value too. I did tell the rep how displeased I was with this policy and that they do not have a lifelong customer as a result. At the next opportunity, I chose a different tv option.

  35. jimmyhl says:

    I don’t know why the OP thinks he’s SOL if they won’t do the job correctly. Let DirecTV be SOL. EECB them; they won’t pony up, drop the service. If they won’t waive your ETF, charge it back or sue them in Small Claims as a contract case.

  36. sopmodm14 says:


  37. Scuba Steve says:

    1. EECB -> You’ve gone through normal channels, find the executives and speak with them. Tell them how upset and disappointed you are with the service you’ve recieved, and politely ask to have them schedule a tech at no cost to you.

    If that doesn’t work:

    2. Call the local news team, Give them names and numbers of the people you spoke with. Shame DirectTV and all involved. This is ridiculous and you shouldn’t have had to put up with it.

    If that doesn’t work:

    3. Cancel the service.

  38. Shinsei says:

    Personally, I’d like to see the rest of the original e-mail to Consumerist. This is very clearly truncated and doesn’t contain all of the back story from the OP.

  39. TheRhombus says:

    DirecTV is one of the worst when it comes to customer service and installation. Further, their supervisors are not helpful in the least. Forgot them and go with cable.

  40. damageddude says:

    Cancel, press charges and sue/go to small claims court. You paid for a dish to be installed on your roof. It wasn’t through no fault of your own. Therefor the company took your money and didn’t provide you with what you paid for, instead giving it to a third party. Depending on the threshold in your jurisdiction that might rise up to felony theft against DirectTV (not your fault they gave your goods to your neighbor, nor is it your neighbor’s fault for getting rid of some garbage someone illegally placed on his roof). Then go to small claims to get a judgment against DirectTV for your money. I suspect they will pony up at the filing of criminal charges.

  41. Clyde Barrow says:

    Well this is a great story and it cements my decision for not ordering service from DirectTV of which I was thinking of doing.

  42. bumblefoot2004 says:

    Tell DirectTV you are going to complain on and I had an issue with Wells Fargo and they would not do what I asked. I told them I was going to complain on above websites. That did the trick. Complain to the Better Business Bureau if necessary. That should get their attention. Remember, they have ads touting they have the best customer service.

  43. drburk says:

    I’m confused. How did the Management Company know the dish was on the wrong unit? In many places you have to send in a notice when placing a dish but I’ve never met a maintenance worker that actually know who had dish and who didn’t. So, I speculate that the dish was on a separate building and there was 6 foot of cable strung between the buildings. I’m also surprised that in a condo community you can place a dish on community property like a roof usually they are on the ground in little farms or on balconies. Either way something seems fishy about the story, did the dish installer just tap into the neighbors dish for the feed and pocket the dish he should have installed?
    Either way Dish seems to have made a mistake and should fix it especially after the said it would be free a few times. If I were the OP I’d try and get a real story on the situation. Check your serial number on the equipment and see if it is really yours.

  44. theholyfx says:

    As a CCR for DTV, I would just like to point out at the time of installation you sign a legal contract saying that all parts of the install were done to your complete and total satisfaction and that the dish and all wiring was installed in locations that you agreed were okay.

    So the person in question signed an agreement saying it was okay, why should DTV have to pay to come and move it because the person was wrong?

  45. BillyDeeCT says:

    Sadly, the vast majority of these installers are third party people who are either unlicensed, untrained or worse! I have a friend who is a professional satellite installer for the broadcast industry and I had him install all my DirecTV dishes without problem. The only problem I ever experienced was when I lived in an apartment and my neighbor got Dish Network, The Dish installer took the secondary wires off my Direct dish to use for my neighbor as they were too lazy to run wires. These guys had an unmarked van and refused to give me any identification. Had I known what I know now I would have called the cops. They ended up coming back and repairing their “damage” and according to Dish they were fired. I would never have one of the ordinary schlubs install a dish for me ever again!

    I would do an EECB and even contact your state’s department of public utility control or the agency responsible for regulating them in your area. After hearing how DirecTV charges existing customers $10/month extra for HiDef and new customers get it for free I’m ready to cancel these crooks.

  46. HDTVTECH says:

    Been there done that. They were supposed to move my service across the hall to another apartment “at no charge” until I called to schedule it. Then they wanted $100. I b*tched and moaned and the best I could get was “we’ll waive the $10 hi-def fee for 12 months”. I said ” I’ll see your waive and run the cable myself !”
    That’s what I ended up doing. And learned something about Direct TV:

  47. NDaBoonies says:

    Directv has some training issues in some of their customer service call centers. If you don’t get what you need call back.

    I had a situation where we installed a dish on a pole outside of our camper so that we could bring our receiver with us and watch satellite while there. The first rep heard the word camper and went off on a tangent about special “RV Installers” His boss was not much better and continued on the RV line. I told her patiently the only involvement of the RV was that it was the container for the receiver. It could have been a tin roofed shack or a mansion.

    We were looking to confirm the settings for our area. So after she objected to my explanation and hung up I called them again. This time I got a rep with a clue who was more than happy to give me the numbers I needed.

  48. Lightning Strikes says:

    Anybody who has ever had, and then switched away, from DirectTV knows why this company will NEVER get another chance at my television watching needs. They charged my card $200 and kept it for SIX WEEKS! Until they got their “crappy” equipment back. I don’t trust them and would never use them again. DishTV is my solution currently. So far, so good with them…

  49. stuny says:

    Swap condos with the dude next door.

  50. IvansMom says:

    I had a similar problem with DishNetwork in 2006. I had a townhouse and about 6-9 months before we sold it, we switched to Dishnetwork. I didn’t know that they had put the dish on my neighbor’s roof. After we sold our home and moved out of state, I got a letter from my HOA saying that I had 10 days to remove the dish from the neighbor’s roof or pay a fine. Super. I called Dishnetwork and talked to a few CSRs who all basically said I could pay them $99 to remove it. I really didn’t have a choice so I paid it. I will never, ever get a satellite again. Eff the neighbors who waited so long to complain and eff DirectTv.

  51. shepd says:

    The neighbour should be suing DTV. Having a dish installed on a roof is just asking for leaks. When I was a satellite installer I would only do that as a last option, and only after informing the owner of the issues (Even using the “proper” install kits weren’t really going to perfectly prevent water entry, perhaps an actual roofer could figure out a way to do it properly, but I can tell you satellite installers can’t/won’t).

  52. JonBoy470 says:

    To me the achilles heel of satellite is that they have no viable high speed Internet offering (And no, DSL doesn’t count). Thus I am forced to un-bundle my services, getting Internet from one company, and TV from another. I pay full boat for all services, erasing any cost savings from getting the dish.

  53. JonBoy470 says:

    I could see charging the OP for new equipment, as he no longer possesses the satellite dish he intends to have re-installed. The fact that the management company removed, and apparently disposed of his dish sucks, but it’s not DirecTV’s fault, per se. That said, the dish was removed because it was installed on the wrong roof by a DirecTV installer so, to me, the smart move, from a customer-service standpoint, is to eat the $50 to get your paying customer back on-line.

    Perhaps this time the OP should watch the installer do his thing. Make sure the dish gets installed on his roof this time, and not the neighbor’s roof.

  54. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    Should they really be trying to screw over customers before their service gets started?

    EECB but the OP should really consider alternatives to having satellite or cable TV if this is how they’re going to act before you even have your TV.

  55. rinehj says:

    Just call the retention department, explain the issue and they should take care of it. I had a similar issue when they installed my dish. They did not put enough concreat in the base. After 2 weeks and 2 storms, it was loose and I was loosing my signal. I called in explained the issue. They first told me it would be a $50 charge. I balked at that and talked to a super. They came out and fixed it at no charge.

  56. Blious says:

    Much like when DirecTV came to install my dish and did so poorly so it wasnt working and when I asked them to come fix it, they wanted to charge me. I threatened to quit DirecTV and they then came and fixed it

    Absolutely ridiculous