Blockbuster Won't Refund My Money Because They Screwed Up Yesterday

Even when it was the biggest bully on the playground, Blockbuster Video was never really known for its amazing customer service. And now that the company’s death rattle is growing louder, the idea that “the customer is always right” has apparently become “you’re wrong because yeah, whatever.”

Consumerist reader Chelsea writes in to explain her recent ordeal with the once-great video chain:

My husband and I walked into Blockbuster last Friday, and purchased 3 pre-played movies at their Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale. As we were checking out, the cashier informed my husband which movie would be free. I was surprised, as the movie she named was not the least expensive title, which I assumed would be the free one.

As soon as we arrived home, I looked at the receipt, and found that we had been charged for all 3 movies. It was too late to return to the store that night, so we decided to return the next day.

However, when we went back to try to amend the mistake, the cashier told us that because the transaction had taken place yesterday, she would not return our money.

My husband pointed out that this was clearly a mistake on Blockbuster’s part, and that they were in effect, stealing from him. When he said that, they offered to credit our account with $1.

He refused, stating that even the least expensive title was $5.99. All the while, I stood next to him, thinking “No wonder Blockbuster might not last the rest of the year if this is how they treat customers.”

Finally, the cashier agreed to put another $4 worth of credit on our account. We walked out of the store steamed. I think we’ll be looking into Netflix plans.

Way to go, Blockbuster… Pissing off two of your few remaining customers!

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