Applebee's Gives Customer Steak Tartare Burger To Go

At most chain restaurants, you take a risk when you ask for a burger cooked anything other than well-done. Not necessarily because of bacteria — though there is that — but because there’s a huge chance you’ll end up with a pile of raw hamburger like Andrew did.

He had popped into his local Applebee’s to get a to-go burger, which he ordered cooked medium. Alas, when he got home, he found that it had been cooked medium raw. If you’re into horror films, Andrew captured the grisly result on the video below.

Not wanting to waste the gas to take his cook-it-yourself burger back to Applebee’s, he contacted the restaurant over the phone and will be compensated with a gift certificate.

Says Andrew:

I’m not sure the gift certificate was the smart option to go for as it will be taking a chance with their food again. I was too grossed out at the time to think straight but I will probably call back today and just see about a refund.