One-Stop Shopping For Beer Pong

Gibson snapped this photo at an Oregon Quality Food Center that seems to indicate the aisle stocker did some time at frat parties. He wishes he’d noticed the display before he went out of his way to buy ping pong balls.

He writes:

Strategic product placement…. this is from my suburban Portland QFC (Kroger) – ironically, when shopping for Beer Pong balls last month I went all the way to Target because it didn’t occur to me to look in the beer aisle at the grocery store.

Beer pong players, where do you stock up on the equipment for your athletic endeavors?


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  1. jo3lr0ck5 says:

    Mel Gibson?

    • Venus Blue says:

      Clearly not, or there would be attatched audio of him ranting about whores and rose gardens.

    • hills says:

      Ha, I suppose my tip could have been more specific – I am a 30+ year old married chick who prefers Beer Die over Beer Pong any day….. but I was playing recently to relive some college glory days.

  2. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    This is pretty standard procedure in most grocery chains now.

    • axhandler1 says:

      Yep. Although when I was in college the little liquor store by campus took it a step further and started selling individual ping pong balls for a buck each. Pricey, but when you need beer pong balls at four in the morning, and there was nowhere else selling them, it seemed fair.

    • mewyn dyner says:

      I’ve had to have seen this for 5 years now at various grocery store liquor isles and at liquor stores. Makes sense to put things that people commonly buy together.

  3. Smashville says:

    I don’t see cups. You mean I still have to go to another aisle?


  4. Platypi {Redacted} says:

    I highly doubt those are competition certified balls. You would need to special order from an internet supplier to ensure that you receive the highest quality balls to plop into your cups. Cheap Chinese knockoffs are made of old drywall, and will release sulphur compounds into your tasty beer.

    • ktetch says:

      Since when have the kind of people that play beer pong, even owned ‘tasty beer’. Usually it’s some cheap american mass-market pseudo-beer, like budweiser.

      • craptastico says:

        very few people in this world are as annoying as the beer snob. worse than foodies. worse than hipsters.

        • Platypi {Redacted} says:

          On par with wine snobs though. Actually, the wine snobs are worse. “Oh, that bottle only cost $30, I only drink wine reviewed by Wine Snob quarterly, and my CHEAPEST bottle starts at $50.”

          Perhaps I should have put quotation marks around Tasty Beer. The beer snobs could have left it alone.

          • Farleyboy007 says:

            Typically wine snobs can’t tell the difference between the $70 bottle, and the $20 bottle, often preferring the cheaper one. beer snobs are the worst though, if i’m planning on drinking outside on a hot day, or being out at the bars for any significant amount of time, the last thing i want is a heavy beer or their smug faces

        • bhr says:


      • KTXL says:

        So I’m trying to figure out if you either (1) have never played beer pong because you don’t use craft beer, or (2) if you use craft beer for beer pong.

        After that I’m gonna figure out which one of those is dumber.

      • dark_15 says:

        Budweiser? That was always too expensive for serious beer pongers. Try “Natural Light” or “Bud Ice” as the beer of choice. And call me a beer snob, but those are terrible tasting beers!

        • meske says:

          Mmmmm…. Milwaukee’s Best…. aka… the BEAST! Still my swill of choice when not drinking something with actual taste.

      • Ransome says:

        maybe for undergrads, at gradstudent level competition we used craft microbrews and had single malt scotch in the wash cups

    • farker says:

      Bud Light for getting drunk, Shiner Bock, Blue Moon, Yuengling, random IPAs at craft breweries for enjoying a couple tasty brews.

      There’s no sense being a beer snob (“I NEVER drink XYZ!”), you just have to choose the right beer for the right application!

  5. stevekuze says:

    I live in PA… i have two trips, Target and Beer distributor

    • nrich239 says:

      Not anymore. My local beer distributor had a beer pong kit next to the register. 20 cups, 10 red & 10 blue and 2 pong balls.

  6. c!tizen says:

    I noticed a Wal-Mart in my area doing something similar, they stock the KY Jelly right next to the bank.

  7. diasdiem says:

    I’ve seen that at my local Kroger too. Nice product placement.

  8. pixiegirl says:

    At my jewel the have actual beer pong kits. It comes with cups and balls the only thing missing is the beer.

    • Nic715 says:

      I got one of those from Spencers…I liked it cuz it came with plastic racks for the balls, which is great for when we want to play on the boat….the ups don’t tip over when waves come through!

    • Raekwon says:

      Sports Authority and other places stock the kits too. They call it party pong lol!

  9. Nic715 says:

    I was more surprised (amazed?) by this when I saw it:

    *shrugs* Start’em young, I guess….great for hand/eye coordination!! ;)

  10. Brie says:

    >Beer pong players, where do you stock up on the equipment for your athletic endeavors?

    Cartoon Network. They had one of those call-and-order spots featuring tweens bouncing ping-pong balls into blue soda cups. Trick shots down the hallway and everything. Definitely a “wait, what?” moment in parenting life.

  11. bdgbill says:

    I have seen all kinds of Beer Pong kits popping up in convenience stores lately. I was in Reno a couple of months ago and saw the setup for the “Beer Pong World Championships”.

    • VnlaThndr775 says:

      Thanks for visiting! Hope you left some money at one of our casinos!

      On a somewhat-on-topic note, there’s an Ace Hardware here in town located next to a high school. I took a friend there to get some items to build a beer bong. He found a funnel, but he needed some tubing cut by one of the store employees. The employee saw the funnel and asked us if we were making a beer bong. We answered “Yes”, and next thing you know she’s taking us up and down the aisles, grabbing all the exact parts we needed to build a beer bong. Something told me that she had done this a few dozen times before…

  12. bhr says:

    Nothing will beat, for me, the Sheetz near my college selling “Tabletop game” kits, which included 20 plastic cups and 3 ping pong balls

  13. agent211 says:

    In Massachusetts, I can buy neither beer nor ping pong balls in my local supermarket. FML.

  14. blogger X says:

    “i am champion at beer pong allen iverson hakeem olajuwon”

    Probably the best header for a post I’ve ever seen.

  15. j_benj says:

    The Joe Canal’s liquor warehouse near me in NJ has ping pong balls near the cases of warm beer too.

  16. nuke3ae says:

    Ebay, 100-200 at a time.

  17. dulcinea47 says:

    Wow. For once, instead of being annoyed at some of Kansas’s stupid liquor laws, i am glad that liquor stores here can *only* sell liquor- no mixers, no cigarettes, and definitely no ping pong balls.

  18. smo0 says:

    I’ll be 29 tomorrow… and I’ve never played beer pong in my life.

    • axhandler1 says:

      Put it on your list.

      • smo0 says:

        I honestly don’t know how to play – I saw it once and kept seeing the ball hit the floor… I think I dry heaved when the dude used it again – “splash cup” or no… that’s just disgusting.

        • axhandler1 says:

          Haha, well it is definitely not the cleanest game. If you worry about germs and dirt in your beer, than yeah, you probably wouldn’t enjoy it.

        • eigenvector says:

          There are two methods for dealing with the ball hitting the floor
          1 Rinse it in a cup of water specifically for that purpose (for what good it will do)
          2 Use cups of water instead of cups of beer for playing so that when someone makes the ball into your cup, you remove that cup of water, but drink clean beer from another cup waiting on the side of the table.

  19. gqcarrick says:

    This is new? Pretty standard here in NY. At Wegmans and all grocery stores.

  20. KTXL says:

    Pizza joints and beer stores in my old college town have gone a step further. They sell ping pong balls with their business stamped on them right next to the register.

  21. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    Quarters is a superior game, both in unusual skill required (bouncing quarters, as opposed to everyone-knows-how ping pong balls) and marks on the table as proof of proficiency.

  22. abberz3589 says:

    The Publix in Tally does this too. The solo cups, ping pong balls and beer are all next to each other. The Jell-O shot cups can be found close by.

  23. KTXL says:

    Pizza joints and beer stores in my old college town have gone a step further. They sell ping pong balls with their business stamped on them right next to the register.

  24. TehQ says:

    A few of the stores that I shop at have done this. One actually had glass mugs and ping pong balls right next to each other.

  25. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    When I worked at Foodtown, I kept trying to convince our non-foods guy that due to our proximity to Seaside Park, NJ, and the fact we were open 24/7, we should buy ping pong balls for people playing beer pong. He refused to believe me that people would come in at 1-2am looking for ping pong balls. I said he could charge $2.00 a pack, and they would sell, but he never listened.

  26. the Persistent Sound of Sensationalism says:

    I still don’t understand why frat boys need ways to get drunk faster. I also don’t understand why any college campus allows fraternities and sororities of any kind.

  27. bonzombiekitty says:

    Using Rogue for beer pong? BLASPHEMY!

  28. dangerp says:

    My friend decided that for her graduation party last year she wanted beer pong. Neither of us had ever played, nor bought the accessories for beer pong. We were still pondering where we would have to go to get ping pong balls when we turned into the beer aisle at the supermarket. And there, right above the PBR, it was…

    Pong balls.

    I thought it was genious then, and I still do.

  29. teke367 says:

    The Walgreens by me actually keep the ping pong balls behind the counter, next to the tabacco. No sure if they think its a “naughty product” or if that just meant young kids were shoplifting them a lot.

  30. montusama says:

    I’m looking at the pic and I don’t see any “crap” beers there. I see Rogue Shakespeare Stout. By “crap” beer I mean keystone, bud, etc. Who plays beer pong with “good” beer?

    • varro says:

      If that QFC is like the other Kroger stores, including Fred Meyer, the beer aisle goes – micro and import bombers, micro and import 6 and 12-packs, domestic beer, cheap domestic beer (Hamm’s, PBR, Busch, Natural Light), non-alcoholic beer.

      The balls are likely to attract people going into the beer aisle, where they’ll see the micros (like Rogue) first.

  31. Kibit says:

    Now you can buy Beer Pong Kits, they have them at liquor stores and even at some sporting goods stores. They were seriously a plastic bag with red plastic Solo brand cups and ping pong balls.

  32. Big Mama Pain says:

    This is about the only 5 second rule I won’t overlook-drinking beer that has had a ping pong ball that has fallen to the floor of a disgusting garage floor over and over in it….the response I get from people when I point that out? “We rinse it off every time!” (Yep, in the same cup of water with grass clippings and roach droppings floating in it from all the other rinses) And I hate cheap beer.

  33. Garbanzo says:

    I noticed ping pong balls in the beer aisle at the grocery store and it mystified me. This thread still doesn’t clear anything up for me. I still can’t fathom the connection between beer and ping pong, although now at least I know that it has something to do with frat boys.

  34. thewildboo says:

    I recently spotted “mini cups” next to the jello in my Stop & Shop.

  35. JeremieNX says:

    I wonder which QFC this is at…. I get all my beer from the one up the block from me as they have the cheapest beer in town.

  36. Plasmafox says:

    My local Trig’s in central wisconsin also has ping pong balls right outside the liquor department.